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  1. Lotus Birth - - Familiar? Done it??
  2. Information on Childbirth
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  4. "Babies' First Bacteria Depend on Birthing Method"
  5. 1855 Midwife's Herb Garden Plan
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  7. Why labor is good for babies
  8. Acupuncture in Pregnancy
  9. Free breathing exercises for child birth
  10. "ACOG on VBAC: In Their Own Words"
  11. Post Partum Care for mom
  12. "Big Baby"
  13. A cord of three strands
  14. Autism and labor interventions
  15. Gestational Diabetes
  16. Vit D & pregnancy/birth
  17. Self hypnois for pregnancy and birth
  18. Chiropractic care in pregnancy & birth outcomes
  19. Cesarean Section
  20. Interactive guide to interventions in the hospital
  21. Birth Plans
  22. Different types of NCB childbirth methods/classes
  23. The Hormonal Blueprint of Labor
  24. routine newborn procedures
  25. Breech Babies
  26. Labor Drugs Hinder Breastfeeding Efforts
  27. Quick reference guide for labor interventions
  28. positions for labor
  29. Stages of Labor
  30. the cascade of interventions
  31. video- reducing infant mortality
  32. "Pit to Distress"
  33. Natural Remedies during pregnancy
  34. Pain in Labor
  35. Emotional Preparation for Childbirth/ fear
  36. Birth Centers
  37. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  38. Choosing a Caregiver
  39. Choosing your place of birth
  40. Consent for Anesthesia: do you know what you're signing?
  41. Video of baby moving through the pelvis
  42. Group B Strep info
  43. Websites on Natural Childbirth
  44. Cord Around Baby's Neck Really Dangerous?
  45. The Lie of the EDD- Why Your Due Date Isn't When You Think
  46. Some articles on ultrasound safety
  47. Hospitals and Obstetricians Provide Questionable Standard Care
  48. Circumcision
  49. At your Cervix
  50. The Mommy Uprising
  51. United Nations and Midwives
  52. Is Uterine Rupture a Good Arguement
  53. Midwifery Model of Care vs. Medical Model of Care
  54. Your Doula
  55. Your Homebirth
  56. Your Hospital Tour
  57. Your BirthCenter Tour
  58. A Few Excerpts In Favor of Homebirth
  59. Medical Induction Of Labor
  60. New Technologies do Not Increase safety and Reliability
  61. Study on the Reliability of the APGAR
  62. Nutrition - Iron
  63. Cytotec Information
  64. Study suggests that maternal diet during pregnancy
  65. Reasons not to Smoke During Pregnancy
  66. Infant Eczema, Antidepressant hazards, diabetes
  67. In childbirth, The new makes way for the old
  68. Magnesium Sulfate Article
  69. Subject: Munchausen obstetrics
  70. Calcium Benefits in Pregnancy and Postpartum
  71. Flu Vaccine
  72. Risk of Pulmonary Hypertension in Newborns
  73. When medical reality doesn't match the spin
  74. New Moms and Newborns Need Privacy
  75. Natural Labor Inducers
  76. The Case For Midwifery
  77. How Childbirth Went Industrial