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  1. Curfews
  2. Is it just me or........
  3. Invitation
  4. Keeping 14 year old back one year?
  5. Happy 4th everyone!!
  6. Hi, I'm a stepmum of a teen!
  7. Vacations?
  8. Adam did it!
  9. Single mum and teenage boy
  10. Can it be August already?
  11. Hi everyone
  12. The results came in today!
  13. Hello everyone!!!!!
  14. New Here
  15. Report Cards
  16. new pics of my brats and me lol
  17. just me atm
  18. Has everyone's kids finished school for the year?
  19. A few pics
  20. I'm home!
  21. Got Questions? Have Answers?
  22. new here
  23. Bear with me ladies...
  24. Birth Control Question
  25. New here
  27. So I changed my siggy for a few days
  28. Sharing our happy news..........
  29. Graduation
  30. Denise
  31. Look what James got
  32. concerns about myspace
  33. MINE!!!
  34. YAY!!
  35. Come and Requst a Siggy
  36. How am I gonna get through another one?
  37. Recent pictures......
  38. Grrr! Ex husband's Girfriend's Daughter!
  39. Prom pics
  40. Teenage Daughter & Boyfriend
  41. new pics of my kids
  42. Won't be around much this weekend.
  43. What would YOU think
  44. New to this board
  45. Did you allow .......
  46. Divorced parents.....
  47. should I worry
  48. Got Questions?
  49. sick kiddo
  50. I need advice badly...
  51. I'm so hurt .... read with extreme caution
  52. HAPPY....
  53. guilty feeling over kids and estranged dad
  54. Hey Ladies. . .
  55. Moms of teens...
  56. Gotta love my inlaws
  57. just a song that describes me at this moment
  58. I get amused at times too
  59. I get so down sometimes
  60. Feeling kinda sad
  61. possible ADHD and my kiddo
  62. The nerve of some kids!
  63. Please keep Half_Dozen and her familyin your prayers
  64. Check it out ladies!
  65. Rachel
  66. How do I follow through with my threat now?
  67. HTML changes
  68. Sorry I disappeared for a few days
  69. Maybe next time he will believe me. Confrontation.
  70. Lazy Sunday
  71. raising 2 kids
  72. Topic.....Death
  73. Last day of school?
  74. Lisa
  75. Mothers of Teenage GIRLS....
  76. Back up and running!
  77. ADHD testing
  78. Worrying.........
  79. My computer is so screwed!
  80. Do your kids.......
  81. 5 Ways to connect with your teenager
  82. Check your siggies, Ladies
  83. National Honor Society
  84. Well, I had to lose it, but I think he might have gotten the point......
  85. whatever
  86. If you have more then one child.......
  87. How was your......
  88. It's happened to me now....grrrrr
  89. missy got confirmed today!
  90. My Baby Girl
  91. Happy Easter
  92. Hello!!!!
  93. Another Sick Child!
  94. Jewellery Craft Projects for kids
  95. Are you making up Easter.........
  96. Internet Predator link
  97. My DD Thinks She's Sneaky.....
  98. So here's the latest drama.....
  99. I could just hurt him!
  100. someone we don't know has added missy to their IM
  101. Are your kids.........
  102. New to Just Mommies
  103. The Ups And Downs Of Having A Preteen Or Teen?
  104. She's the Man
  105. check out my new babies ... not what you think LOL
  106. come on CONFESSION time!
  107. little people are funny when they want to be big lol
  108. proud of my daugher - she's a good girl!
  109. *Jess*
  110. Germs, Germs ... go away!
  111. Need advice
  112. Beach Pics
  113. I'm feeling a bit better ... thanks
  114. What's for lunch????
  115. New to this forum!
  116. dunno just dunno
  117. Online Safety Tips for Teens
  118. My Sarah is sick...
  119. I'm blue hopping mad again!
  120. MAY I ?
  121. life or death
  122. teen pregnancy
  123. Softball Schedule
  124. Weekend Plans?
  125. Been MIA
  126. de-stress-itizing
  127. Messy Rooms?
  128. So angry right now!!!
  129. introducing myself
  130. emoticons
  131. Are your teens driving?
  132. today is a brand new day peoples!
  133. Telephone bill??????
  134. At What Age Did You Let Your Kids Walk To School Alone?
  135. kid and a pdoc????
  136. Do you like saving money?
  137. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!! an angry teen and an angry mom!!!
  138. ok so here's the 411
  139. How to talk to your child about sex
  140. HollyF
  141. grrr @ Sabrina
  142. Mums from the U.K.!
  143. Poem My Mom Sent Me
  144. Wondering if I should also post here?
  145. safe teen sites?
  146. comforts????
  147. Acne
  148. Half Dozen
  149. Very Frustrated.....
  150. Prayers needed...
  151. "Dusting"
  152. Rotten night
  153. Cap & Gown pictures
  154. ooh ooh ooh!!!!
  155. In your opinion...
  156. X-post... remorse
  157. Things you do as a family
  158. maybe you girls can help
  159. New to this Forum
  160. Hello Girls!
  161. Rachel
  162. Freaky Friday
  163. What you doing this weekend?
  164. My son
  165. AWWWW Hormonal Girls!!!
  166. Here I am
  167. Rescue me!
  168. I think I'm a mom with esp
  169. How can I help her?
  170. Kids and peer pressure - how parents can help
  172. a sincere thank you
  173. Easter celebration question
  174. Come on over & check out the Crafts board
  175. Preparing for the empty nest
  176. So melencholly today
  177. OMG Two teenagers were arrested yesterday at school
  178. am I being just overprotective?
  179. Pre-teen daughter and recess....
  180. Teachings kids about the dangers of Smoking
  181. Missy's 13 today
  182. Sleep away camp??
  183. What would you do?
  184. Teen Girls
  185. Need advice
  186. He starts off so strong.....
  187. Introducing Myself
  188. Issue dh thinks is not a issue and I think it is
  189. Question For Moms Of Girls.....
  190. anyone from the uk
  191. Out all night with boyfriend
  192. Need help dh and I don't agree not sure what to do
  193. Would you tolerate this from your kids this kind of mouth
  194. OMG
  195. I don't know what is up with thiis. Son and the sick again
  196. Question for rawisner
  197. Friends visiting?
  198. ~*~ Photo Assignment ~*~
  199. My son still making stupid mistakes. You'd think he learned when the feds took his computer
  200. Debs in TX
  201. update on my teen daughter
  202. Issues with my daughter
  203. Ordered the cap & gown today
  204. Financial Responsibility
  205. Leaving them home alone?
  206. I locked my 17 yr old out of the house...please
  207. Do you still do birthday parties?
  208. Not sure how to handle this sort of touchy issue
  209. I never realized
  210. Hello :)
  211. Anyone here dealing with ADHD?
  212. Need info on summer programs for high schoolers to study in a foreign country
  213. Wooo hoooo!
  214. Had issues to discuss with the counselor but never did
  215. Got issues that need to be worked out. Well I am bringing them up to our sons counselor this week
  216. How many times do I have to tell them?
  217. Are your kids part of a youth group?
  218. Anyone know where I can find the lingo teens use when text messaging each other
  219. I'm not sure if I should have a child..
  220. Tammy
  221. Do you have more than one teen?
  222. Hello!!!
  223. Where do they learn that attiude it's not from us his parents
  224. What age for MAKEUP?
  225. Come Request a siggy
  226. Anyone else have a senior this year?
  227. I am so sad
  228. Back to school
  229. Happy New Year Ladies!
  230. Now he violated the rules of the house. Not sure what discipline to take now
  231. Computer came back as they said but something bothered me
  232. What are your kids doing for New Years?
  233. When are your kids going.......
  234. Merry Christmas!
  235. Some news on our son and the computer issues
  236. When can they sit up front w/airbags
  237. single or in a new relationship?
  238. Problems with the computer and our son
  239. New here - Mom of a 10 yr old girl
  240. Oh, Tammy
  241. The school work and low grades issue is starting again
  242. My daughter has crazy sleeping habits.
  243. What are your kids up to this week?
  244. Do you enjoy ...
  245. Do your kids.........
  246. Do you have your house decorated?
  247. I don't know what to buy my son for christmas
  248. Is this lazy or what? Also he is fussy with meals we eat.
  249. How long have you been a member of JM?
  250. I feel so much better