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  1. Laws on dog ownership
  2. Do you think circumcision can make sex bad for the woman?
  3. Trek Or Wars?
  4. "Eww! Gross!"
  5. Co-Sleeping Ads
  6. Target
  7. Halloween Prank: Funny or Cruel?
  8. In what situations do you think a woman should NOT have a child?
  9. Fired For Reporting Child Porn?
  10. The Duggars are pregnant again with #20
  11. Is the term Caucasian relevant and accurate?
  12. Childbirth as art?
  13. Offensive Photo?
  14. Could flirting boost a marriage?
  15. Daylight Saving Time
  16. Taking Husband's Last Name
  17. Should this judge be disbarred
  18. Groom Sues Photographer ~ Demands New Wedding
  19. Polar opposite sex ed laws...
  20. Shoplifting Safeway Mom
  21. "Racially Insensitive" Costumes
  22. The personhood ammendment. *update*
  23. Making In-Home daycares a union
  24. What is disabled?
  25. S/O of making the decision to have (more) kids
  26. Sex Ed: How Much Is Too Much?
  27. Piercing GUNS
  28. Healthcare at Wal-mart
  29. At what point - Move to Medicate Kids
  30. Murder, yay or nay?
  31. Dumping Criminals at the Border
  32. 56 Exotic animals let out of cages.
  33. Waste free lunches.
  34. Hormone Blocking Therapy for Pre-teen
  35. Robert Downey Jr asks for forgiveness for Mel Gibson
  36. Making the decision to have (more) kids
  37. Will an insanity plea fly here?
  38. Fibromyalgia
  39. Dwarf Tossing
  40. Public Schools & Dress Codes - for parents??
  41. MJ autopsy photo
  42. Inmates As Firefighters
  43. "Losing your child is punishment enough"?
  44. Decriminalizing Domestic Abuse
  45. Jesusween
  46. Kind of personal debate - Lilys friend
  47. Your town/city/country and how it's portrayed in creative Media....
  48. Halloween pumpkins
  49. living "off the grid"
  50. temporary marriage licenses
  51. Single Gender Education
  52. Being fired over a Facebook posting griping about work
  53. California Bill will allow minors to seek STD Prevention
  54. Last Meals
  55. WDYT: tax credit for homeschooling
  56. Anti-Vax Parents Now Facing Their Kids' Removal From School
  57. Waste of time and money?
  58. Kids Asked to Pay to Potty
  59. "Scared Straight"-type programs
  60. Extreme Couponing...
  61. Traditions: What do you do?
  62. Jurassic Park comes true: How scientists are bringing dinosaurs back to life
  63. Topless Women
  64. Is the concept of "jobs" outdated?
  65. Remake Of Point Break
  66. Gender vs Sex
  67. Jailing poor/unemployed parents for failure to pay child support
  68. Not allowing certain extracurricular activities
  69. What would you have done?
  70. Memories
  71. Due Dates
  72. Humble Apology?
  73. Buying a toy meant for an older child, but modifying it for a younger one
  74. choosing foreclosure
  75. Welfare Cut off
  76. Police sergeant gets caught in lie that resulted in his own shooting
  77. should restaurants be allowed to accept food stamps?
  78. Freedom of Religion BS in Tennessee
  79. Pets in Stores
  80. Handcuffing children with special needs?
  81. Casey Anthony
  82. Is this punishment ever appropiate???
  83. OT: Snarky Housewife
  84. Deaf in the military?
  85. US pastor calls for national registry for atheists…
  86. CA Scholarships for Undocumented Students?
  87. What do you think about this t-shirt?
  88. Dignity In Death
  89. Hospital Mandates Employees Get Flu Vax Or Be Fired
  90. No SS Benefits For Girl Conceived Via IVF After Her Father's Death
  91. What do you expect when something is free?
  92. But, They're "Only" Fish, And It's Not My Job
  93. Your Perception Of ADHD?
  94. spanking an infant
  95. I feel really betrayed
  96. prisoners in the path of the hurricane
  97. TV and Toddlers
  98. Prescription Side Effects
  99. CIO spinoff
  100. Maggie goes on a diet
  101. nevermind
  102. Swearing around your child/ren? Children using swears?
  103. Wearing Jewelry to an Interview
  104. Should The US Have A Prime Minister Instead Of A Prez?
  105. Shackled While In Labor
  106. Parents sue over racy photos of underage daughter
  107. Ability Grouping
  108. Strikers collecting unemployment benefits
  109. How old is too old
  110. Smoking parents = Smoking children?
  111. Peanut Bans in Daycares and Schools
  112. Scott Plead Guilty for Accusers Sake
  113. Tobacco Peeps Suing The FDA
  114. Other parents punishing your children
  115. ok heres a twisted one
  116. Public Schools
  117. Is It Ok To Lie To Your Kids?
  118. Topics on Message Boards and Police - Warning - Graphic Story Trigger/Sexual Abuse
  119. Do people take FB too seriously?
  120. Who should pay?
  121. Bert And Ernie
  122. forced sterilization
  123. Curfew to Curb Crime
  124. The Crib Life
  125. Cocktail Party Play Dates
  126. Breast Milk Baby
  127. Boy who was stuffed in oven: Don't jail my dad
  128. Luring "deadbeat dads" to police with promise of football tickets
  129. Adopting your own children
  130. How soon is too soon? (baby registry)
  131. Two men sue crash victim they saved
  132. Hustler offers Casey Anthony a job
  133. Medical FICO scores
  134. San Francisco's circumcision initiative
  135. Planned Parenthood Being Defunded
  136. Telling little girls they are pretty
  137. Make Felons A Protected Class
  138. Unemployeed Need Not Apply
  139. Watching Your SO/DH Business
  140. New
  141. Reunification of children in foster care with their parents after abuse/neglect, etc.
  142. Shared school supplies
  143. When is it OK to lie?
  144. No school until city pays up
  145. Pitt-Jolie 3 year olds at Harry Potter - too young?
  146. Have Playgrounds Become Too Safe for Kids?
  147. Grieving Mother Faces 36 Months In Jail For Jaywalking After Son Is Killed By Hit-And
  148. Copyrighting your appearance
  149. Extended Nursing. Really Extended.
  150. Should Birth Control Be Free?
  151. Should Smoking In Public Be Banned?
  152. Woman arrested for groping TSA agent
  153. Sex Offender Awarded Custody of 3 year old daughter.
  154. 2nd death in less than a week, coincidence?
  155. Astrological signs
  156. Should fast food places be allowed to serve alcohol?
  157. Casey Anthony Appealing 4 Convitions
  158. kids busted for lemonade stand
  159. murderer or tragic accident?
  160. Mom Convicted of Vehicular Homicide.....
  161. Child rape suspect allowed to watch child porn in jail
  162. Do you think there is ANY good reason to....
  163. Should parent lose custody...
  164. mom arrested after leaving infant, 7YO alone in car
  165. Mom arrested for disorderly conduct in airport
  166. Restaurant bans kids under 6
  167. Netflix - ***??!!
  168. Bigamy legal?
  169. Why "Cayless' Law" Is A Bad Idea
  170. South California?
  171. Lying about age (spin off)
  172. Kind of a spinoff....
  173. what would you think/do
  174. Do you think this is damaging to a child?
  175. Yellowstone Grizzly
  176. Duty to report?
  177. Who is at "fault?"
  178. Cheating Teachers
  179. Invitation Etiquette
  180. "Sued for tampon-rape"
  181. More excessive teen punishment?
  182. New trend in tattooing
  183. Charities
  184. No outside food or drink
  185. Casey Anthony Verdict Watch
  186. Do we have the right to be naked in public?
  187. PETA Going Too Far?
  188. Republicans are more patriotic
  189. media attention on child death cases
  190. Bananas, grapes, produce... Oh my!
  191. An Email From The Future (Maybe? lol) MiL.
  192. Homosexual (Lesbian/Gay) Child..WWYD?
  193. What is crying it out?
  194. Fetal Homicide Laws (mentions abortion, but is NOT an abortion debate)
  195. Women accused of spraying deputies with breastmilk
  196. 50 dangerous things you should let your kids do
  197. "Because I don't like it"...
  198. I must be crazy...
  199. "You're going to..." vs "Can you?"...
  200. Coed Schools
  201. Man rants about BFing on a flight
  202. Child porn
  203. Subsidized Daycare
  204. Fate
  205. Do stories like this help or hinder the push for universal health care
  206. Boy suspended from school for wearing dress
  207. Opposite sex children in public restrooms
  208. Children, issues, and how we deal with them
  209. Thesis Topic
  210. Tori Spelling in accident
  211. Cows in China Churn out "Human Breastmilk"
  212. Yet another wedding related debate
  213. Spanking
  214. Getting married in a church and baptizing your children…
  215. Check Points (NAD)
  216. incident at the airport
  217. Off topic, but I don't care! Do you play..
  218. Would you sell (or buy) breastmilk?
  219. Our youth are screwed if they have parents like this one:
  220. Tracy Morgan
  221. Have you seen this comic?
  222. Sarah Palin Emails
  223. Breastfeeding is Overrated?
  224. Sister Wives
  225. Child support
  226. What would you do.. surgery (spin off)
  227. 5 Year Charged with Murder?
  228. Kids come first vs mom comes first
  229. Anthony Weiner Scandal
  230. Iran's lady footballers
  231. Processed meats at school
  232. asking for it?
  233. Bragging Rights!! (OT)
  234. SWAT team called in over deafulted student loans
  235. The Consequence of Unnatural Selection: 160 Million Missing Girls
  236. freedom of speech, or harassment?
  237. Drug testing for welfare
  238. Media Bias
  239. summer time play
  240. Shoes on or off in the house?
  241. Big Foot
  242. A lighter one...ONE perfect person for everyone?
  243. Do you put so much into your kids that you have nothing left in your marriage?
  244. Cursive - should it still be taught?
  245. the Hygiene Hypothesis
  246. What would you do???
  247. Banned vs Suspended
  248. Is College A Waste Of Time?
  249. Is Internet access a basic human right?
  250. Food Pyramid replaced with Food Plate