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  1. Another Debate!!
  2. Alcohol and b/f ~ would you?
  3. "Another case of Joe being Joe."
  4. For those concerned about the economy if McCain wins...
  5. Palin cooperates with people she can fire...
  6. CNN Poll: GOP takes brunt of blame for the economy
  7. Most economists are democrats
  8. Blue States vs. Red States
  9. Food Storage/Emergency Prepardness
  10. I'm no mathematician, but...
  11. Obama, Not McCain Shows Steady Hand During Crisis
  12. Congress's part in our country?
  13. Evangelical leader smacks McCain for lack of 'Principle'
  14. McCain Camp Criticism Rife with Errors
  15. HSLF/HSUS Endorses 1st Presidential Candidate Ever
  16. Nat'l Assoc of Police Organizations Endorses Obama
  17. Speech Palin would have given at the Iran Protest
  18. Feminists against Palin - shame on you
  19. Dave Ramsey on Obama's tax plan
  20. Suspect Nabbed in Palin E-mail Hack
  21. Early voting starts today...
  22. Science Debate
  23. i was told i couldent nurse in disneyland
  24. Bailout May Include Foreign Banks
  25. Just an Update
  26. Congress Lies Low To Avoid Bailout Blame
  27. FACTCHECK.ORG - Obama's Social Security Whopper
  28. A quick giggle but not 100% finished product...
  29. Nursing rooms
  30. Bridge to nowhere
  31. Canada's Prime Minister sells it's military to the US.
  32. Are you a registered Rep. or Dem.?
  33. Obama will not win because he's Black
  34. Rangel: I Didn't Mean To Call Palin 'Disabled'
  35. 'Blacks Against Obama’ Interrupt Campaign Rally
  36. New Al Qaeda Tape Surfaces
  37. Pelosi, Kerry May Share Investor Pain as AIG Stakes Evaporate
  38. Does Palin know what office she is running for?
  39. Who Am I?
  40. ignore
  41. McCain coming under fire for once
  42. Poll: Who's at fault for the financial crisis
  43. comparing candidates
  44. Leaving town
  45. Chat like a Pirate Day - ARGH
  46. Electoral College maps
  47. Obama: Who Advises
  48. Taxing the Rich how far do we go?
  49. Palin's husband refuses to testify!
  50. Which Candidate do you feel would help repair the economy?
  51. Obama on McCain's Ad tying him to Raines
  52. Joining a church or religious org fr a discount
  53. From the Fact Check Desk: Obama's New Spanish Language TV Ad Es Erróneo
  54. Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act
  55. If You Like Michigan's Economy, You'll Love Obama's
  56. Obama Previews Wall Street Plan
  57. I'm out.
  58. Palin's e-mail account hacked.
  59. My time today
  60. Open Chat Thread
  61. Progressive Playground Posters...
  62. For the Cube Rats...
  63. Where they are today... 9/18
  64. McCain suggests Spain might be one of America's Enemies
  65. Question about the bail outs
  66. General Discussion subforum
  67. DUH!
  68. All Tied Up
  69. Media Blackout - Ike Pictures
  70. Palin’s E-Mail Account Hacked, Published on Web Site
  71. What do you think
  72. Net Neutrality
  73. What would you do....
  74. where to find
  75. For those against Windfall Profits tax
  76. "...about the war..." thread
  77. Top Clinton Fundraiser Backs McCain
  78. Let's see it!
  79. The Real Culprits In This Meltdown
  80. EXCERPTS: Charlie Gibson Interviews Sarah Palin (September 11, 2008)
  81. New Studies Report Wide Disparity in Health Care Plans
  82. Obama 2min ad on Economy
  83. why won't mccain sign the GI bill ?
  84. First Dude interview...
  85. Town Hall meetings...
  86. Where Are They Today?
  87. Fed's $85B loan rescues Insurer (AIG)
  88. Schwarzenegger to Veto Budget and Other Bills
  89. House Adopts Plan to Ease Offshore Drilling Ban
  90. Some Seek Agency to Buy Bad Debt as Long-Term Answer
  91. Congress Says DHS Oversaw $15 Billion in Failed Contractsb
  92. If a Business is too big to fail...
  93. A great example of what we can expect
  94. Can we please for one and for all agree
  95. another oped piece
  96. Why Cheap Oil is also a problem now...
  97. Strongest/Weakest
  98. McCain & Obama Tax Proposals
  99. The "mothering" Instinct
  100. Obama Ad: Equal Pay for Women
  101. Debate Issue #1
  102. Breaking: Palin won't meet with Trooper-Gate investigators
  103. Records show McCain more bipartisan
  104. Barack Obama's big blunder
  105. Bad voter applications found
  106. Barack Obama Embellishes His Resume
  107. Conspiracy Theories
  108. Campaignin'
  109. Chatty Cathy
  110. Debates on the issues
  111. Obama & McCain Comment on Financial Crisis
  112. Quit Doling Out that Bad Economy Line
  113. Bush's Overseas Policies Begin to Mirror Obama's
  114. Fema Messed up Again (Ike)
  115. Merrill in Merger Talk with Bank of America
  116. John McCain and computers...
  117. An argument against Obama's tax plan
  118. ABC Misrepresents Palin Quote in ‘Holy War’ Question
  119. Alaskan Women Speak Up (updated)
  120. OMG
  121. Obama Smashes Fundraising Goal
  122. ENOUGH!!
  123. If the world could vote?
  124. NYT: Investigative Journalism
  125. Endorsements
  126. Democrats: GOP Should Support Drilling Compromise
  127. Check This Out.
  129. Anti-Palin Protestors receive threats
  130. Disc-Obama
  131. Why McCain is going negative, so often
  132. SNL Tonight
  133. Moving myself back into the undecided group....
  134. Adolecent mothers-Our new TV show!!
  135. Serving a Cause Greater Than Self Interest
  136. Obama requesting Red Cross Donations
  137. Charlie Gibson and "The Bush Doctrine"
  138. OT: Hurricane Ike
  139. McCain Tax Increases
  140. Yo Gabba Gabba
  141. How sensitive do you need to be?
  142. Charitable giving
  143. Hannity & Palin next week
  144. Drill Baby, Drill
  145. Dirty Tricks in Ohio?
  146. The Biden sex tape!
  147. Election quotables
  148. Spinoff.... your health decisions
  149. Please explain something to me
  150. I'll be out this AM
  151. Negative campaign ads
  152. So what did you think of Palin's interview?
  153. Palin Links 9/11 to Iraq, A View Discarded by Bush
  154. Getting the best deal...
  155. Live From New York
  156. Was 9/11 an Inside Job?
  157. Mother of all polls!
  158. Being tied to one party
  159. Have you been to NY
  160. Phil Gramm
  161. What do you think will happen in the interview tonight?
  162. Do you think voting for a Third party is a waste of a vote?
  163. Seven Years Ago Today I Was...
  164. REMEMBER - A call for peace on today a day of hallowed rememberance.
  165. Does your opinion on spanking children.......
  166. False Internet claims and rumors fly about McCain's running mate.
  167. Voting
  168. Palin Energizing Women From All Walks of Life
  169. What to call the children
  170. Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote
  171. How did you become what you are?
  172. Have you changed your mind?
  173. Skin bleaching?
  174. Privacy....Innocent until proven guilty?
  175. Oh, Come On Already...
  176. What's your opinion on Fannie/Freddie
  177. Budget Deficit to hit $407B in 2008
  178. FYI
  179. Good for a laugh...
  180. Enlighten me. I need honesty here people....
  181. British PM, Gordon Brown's Endorsement
  182. Royal Dutch Shell agrees to $4B deal with Iraq
  183. SO: Charter Schools
  184. OT: Costumes?
  185. Overuse of Ultrasounds.
  186. Lights, Camera, Action.
  187. Maverick?
  188. What if Dh doesnt' support BF?
  189. Palin Earmarks
  190. Double Post
  191. Kind of OT: Google to archive 244 years of newspaper articles online
  192. Are you and your DH/SO
  193. McCain plans new Palin rollout
  194. McCain, Obama contend for commander in chief
  195. Obama Ad: No Maverick
  196. School Vouchers
  197. McCain's Bounce Gives Him 5pt lead
  198. Obama: Recession could delay rescinding tax cuts
  199. Palin Flubs Basic Fact on Economy
  200. Obama's oil claims don't add up
  201. Obama slips on TV: 'My Muslim faith'
  202. Question
  203. Re-Creating Creation?
  204. Please welcome kittycat
  205. Olberman and Matthews dropped as anchors
  206. W. What do you think?
  207. Rachel Maddow Show
  208. Obama on Olbermann Tonight
  209. Obama on Palin and more
  210. Palin thinks child safety seats are 'petty' for short rides?
  211. Lawsuit to Ask That Cheney's Papers Be Made Public
  212. US Outsourcing Drug Research to India
  213. NIP after the age of one?
  214. Delivery Method Affects Brain Response to Baby’s Cry
  215. Ever been told your vote doesn't count?
  216. Who should I vote for?
  217. Different Spin. What don't you agree with your candidate on?
  218. Native Son by Richard Wright
  219. Will your canidate solve the the healthcare crisis?
  220. a BIT OF FUN.
  221. 3rd subforum
  222. Electoral Votes
  223. What does each VP bring....
  224. A funny NICE youtube video about Sarah Palin's family
  225. Prior Drug Use
  226. Windfall tax and Drilling
  227. Oprah
  228. Conservatives...on healthcare
  229. T. Boone Pickens
  230. Why I'm voting for Obama
  231. The "First Dude" of Alaska speaks
  232. Regulators Shutter Silver State Bank
  233. Feds planning to Seize Fannie & Freddie
  234. Jack Cafferty's Wifes passes away
  235. Just received this
  236. Reminder ladies
  237. Are you KIDDING ME?
  238. Forum Opinions
  239. Big Thumbs Up
  240. Healthcare. Let's break it down
  241. McCain TV ratings beat Obama in Preliminary Numbers
  243. Senate Schedule for Fall
  244. Another Bridge to Somewhere
  245. Reminder about the subforums
  246. Last night and today
  247. Something I noticed...be specific...
  248. What do you like about the other side?
  249. News just reported that Palin is going to whisked back to AK
  250. Getting to know you.