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  1. Animal Hoarding=Animal Abuse?
  2. Suing your spouse
  3. Parents want a 1st grader expelled
  4. new astrilogical signs
  5. Dire Straits banned in Canada
  6. Why Breastfeeding is Overrated
  7. "my beautiful mommy"
  8. Closely Spaced Siblings and Autism
  9. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
  10. What do you think? Is this video cute, funny, or disgusting?
  11. Are humans meant to be monogamous?
  12. drowning unwanted pets are cruel?
  13. Proclaiming your love via Facebook status
  14. Looking for two co-hosts for this board.
  15. Overweight Children
  16. Study linking vaccine to autism... fraud?
  17. Authority over kids
  18. Birds falling from the sky, and fish floating dead in the river....
  19. S/O of several ongoing "prove yourself" threads
  20. Stepping down as host
  21. Having a nanny sleep train your baby
  22. New Topic on Abortion subforum
  23. Puffing laws
  24. Would you have agreed to a c-section in this particular situation
  25. Come on over....
  26. Is recycling a waste of time?
  27. sex selection
  28. Donating Sperm/Eggs
  29. Being "lady-like" S/O used gifts thread
  30. Crazy Home Remedies
  31. No Fear: Is this a blessing or a curse?
  32. Mall cops and men wearing female clothing
  33. Spin-off from Used Gifts - Regifting
  34. Mariah Carey pregnant with twins ...
  35. Drop Side Cribs
  36. It takes a village to raise a child
  37. Suicide attempt while pregnant = attempted murder?
  38. Containment
  39. Doll that gives birth, complete with placenta
  40. The Kids Table
  41. Using the less fortunate for testing purposes
  42. Equal respect for all sexualities?
  43. Health Canada urges against sharing breast milk
  44. The Chili Debate
  45. No life saving care under 24 weeks gestation
  46. I need help responding to an outside debate. - Immigration
  47. Taking an infant horseback riding
  48. controlling the baggy pants problem
  49. The power of prayer
  50. Internet Regulation
  51. "Used" Christmas Presents
  52. What is the point of 'raising awareness'?
  53. WikiLeaks/Julian Assange
  54. Grandparents on the boards
  55. interesting...
  56. Encouraging Independence
  57. Michael Moore
  58. Which opinion has changed the most since joining JM?
  59. "taking" other peoples baby names
  60. "Asian Kiss" - Glee
  61. DNA tests
  62. Are the freedoms of one more important than the safety of the whole?
  63. Offensive and inappropriate baby shirt or funny?
  64. Do boobie hats help or hurt normalizing breastfeeding?
  65. Picky eaters=eating disorder?
  66. Dealing with unwanted gifts.
  67. Gripe Water
  68. S/O---Who Would You BE?
  69. Should you tell someone if you used human breast milk in a receipe?
  70. Jacob Or Edward?
  71. Gay Vultures Forced Into Straight Relationships
  72. Unassisted Birth
  73. "Parenting" Laws
  74. Single moms and married moms:Who has it easier?
  75. If you have a bad experience with a restuarant do you give a bad review?
  76. Taking your SO's feelings/wishes into consideration
  77. TSA
  78. What constitutes as 'trying' to get pregnant?
  79. Erase bad memories forever
  80. What is a right...
  81. Shoes (fluffy debate)
  82. facebook status's
  83. It's the most wonderful time of the year
  84. Mommy wars - re: number of children, spacing, twins, etc
  85. You were bad,so you're NOT getting Christmas!
  86. Confrontation
  87. adoption debate- lying to the birth mom
  88. S/O: What is acceptable punishment?
  89. Pregnant unwedded teachers
  90. Are cold showers abusive when used for punishment?
  91. Trolls
  92. Get up outta my biz-nass
  93. Do engagement rings really matter?
  94. Obsession (personal debate)
  95. Bailing your teens out of jail
  96. Leaving your kids in the car
  97. Patenting life
  98. Animal/Human hybrids
  99. Calling the cops on your kids
  100. Facebook made me cheat?
  101. How old is too old
  102. So who is the hotter Prince?
  103. Scientology...hoax or valid religion?
  104. Is the belief in God delusional?
  105. Delete
  106. All debaters, please read.
  107. Sheets
  108. Alternative words for genitals
  109. Comforting/nursing children - removing them from car seat in a moving vehicle
  110. VBACs
  111. forgiveness or lack of it
  112. Do you become the choices you make?
  113. Benefits/fundraisers
  114. If you witness abuse, do you step in?
  115. Inducing prior to due date
  116. Three year freeze on military pay
  117. Censorship?
  118. People going into forums with an agenda
  119. Using graphic labels to deter smokers
  120. Innocent fun or invasion of privacy?
  121. Using a straightening iron/curling iron/hair rollers on a toddler
  122. S/O Formula on TV, magazines, billboards, etc
  123. Locks/barricades on children's rooms
  124. no such thing as self-less
  125. Cookies?
  126. Sperm Donors
  127. Modern day slavery?
  128. Education: Whose responsibility is it?
  129. S/O Teen Sex: Scare tactics used as prevention
  130. Jail time for missing parent teacher conferences?
  131. Breastfeeding tickers
  132. Teen Sex
  133. Destiny
  134. Can a resurgent China rise peacefully?
  135. Please welcome Tersh as your new co-host!
  136. Astrology.
  137. Video Games
  138. Large vs Small families
  139. Would you let your son dress like a girl?
  140. S/O on Finding Yourself
  141. Finding Yourself
  142. No life is worth more than another.
  143. Being sent to bed with no dinner
  144. Lips or cheek?
  145. Nope, I'm NOT voting today
  146. Once a cheater always a cheater?
  147. Nursing covers
  148. Waterbirth natural/unnatural
  149. Protecting your child
  150. Sexy halloween costumes
  151. Vacationing without your spouse
  152. Women superior to men?
  153. Giving animals people names
  154. Trick or Treating with a newborn baby?
  155. Showing graphic movies to children as a teaching tool
  156. False positive drug test lead to newborn being taken away.
  157. Should children be sued?
  158. Soap in the mouth as punishment
  159. intervention- obesity
  160. too fat for tv?
  161. Can a mistress save a marriage?
  162. Enhanced pat-downs vs. full body scans at airports
  163. State suggest dropping off disabled adult children at homeless shelters
  164. Waxing
  165. Estrangement from parents.
  166. How many?
  167. Clint McCance. Why isn't he fired yet?
  168. WDYT: Promoting cancer awareness
  169. Are you a dog person?
  170. Breed Specific Legislation
  171. Do you have relationships with your ex's?
  172. Baby in dumpster
  173. File Sharing..
  174. Obligation
  175. Is it time to life restrictions with Cuba
  176. What is a "debate"
  177. Legalizing drugs
  178. UCLA Cuts Off Admission to Islamic Studies
  179. Make believe
  180. Taking Advantage of the Vulnerable
  181. As it's kind of the season
  182. Male teacher at daycare
  183. U.S. charity offers British drug addicts 200 pounds to be sterilized
  184. My S/O is "letting me" do.....
  185. Unschooling?
  186. Lamaze, Hypnobabies, Bradley Method
  187. Come here, Fido...
  188. Should first responders be allowed cell phones while on duty?
  189. Glee stars in sexy photos
  190. No Halloween For You!
  191. 11 year old boy steals TWO cars in one week
  192. Aawww, Young Love
  193. Iran And Venezuela--Something To Worry About?
  194. Is this an issue for Congress?
  195. Should he be charged the same as if he molested a human?
  196. Fluff Debate: High Maintenance Woman
  197. What would you do in this situation?
  198. PennDOT bills accident victim for property damage
  199. Why the cops hate you?
  200. Fckh8
  201. Boy kicked out of cab for not being able to produce fare
  202. What shoudl be done?
  203. Assistance vs. Working
  204. A Mug of Terror Soup?
  205. Reproducing: Right or privilege?
  206. Letting kids win
  207. Will this work?
  208. Mortgage Forclosure Mess
  209. Former U.S. Surgeon General Supports Legalizing Marijuana
  210. Honor or money?
  211. Looking for a co-host for this board.
  212. Stepping Down
  213. Thoughts?
  214. Woman Suffering Asthma Attack Denied Inhaler at Pharmacy
  215. What do you think of this?
  216. Scientists suggest Cancer 100% ManMade
  217. Is rape possible in marriage?
  218. Should you have to learn the language?
  219. One of rapper Plies's mixtape songs (Why Yall Hate Us So Much?)
  220. Drinking while pregnant
  221. Transgender Athletes
  222. Glee
  223. Surrogates (The movie)
  224. What makes the happy meal so happy?
  225. Should the Bush tax cuts be extended?
  226. What would you have done?
  227. Born the wrong gender
  228. Born the wrong gender
  229. Man shoots dog on leash held by a child-no charge.
  230. Hush Puppies
  231. Coexist, Or Diversity.
  232. Columbus Day, holiday worth celebrating or cruel reminder of a tyrant?
  233. Too Much TV Psychologically Harms Kids: Study
  234. Extreme Justin Bieber hate.
  235. Foodstamps and Pet Food
  236. Neighbor taunts dying 7year old girl
  237. 1 Ohio school, 4 bullied teens dead by own hand
  238. Are diabetic needles a weapon
  239. High Court Struggles With Military Funerals Case
  240. Cooking with semen!
  241. Is pot a big deal?
  242. Churches and Tax Exempt Status.
  243. boy expelled for toy gun
  244. Sleeping when your kids are not
  245. No Pay, No Spray?
  246. What does being a virgin mean?
  247. Suicide
  248. Kinda O/T - more of a rant. Daycare gave my baby raisins
  249. Should they sue - ME kept boy's brain in jar
  250. Attention Lurkers and Old Members!