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  1. Bridal Shower Invitations
  2. Perez Hilton facing possible child porn charges?
  3. when is stopping non custodial visitation okay?
  4. children and daycare
  5. Ban on gay blood donors upheld
  6. Fashion Crimes
  7. Morbidity and Mortality conferences
  8. Should convicted felons be required to disclose their criminal history...
  9. Should convicted felons have their right to vote restored?
  10. Intentionally getting pregnant, when you have a child under a year old.
  11. Should we get rid of trial by jury?
  12. Darth Vader has Borderline Personality
  13. Ontario Spends $1.1Billion on G8 and G20 Summit
  14. Wedding Showers
  15. Babies/kids at funerals
  16. 13 yr old girl says the c word on Today show
  17. Benefit Concert PLanned for lesbian teen
  18. Explaining the death of a pet to children
  19. Female sports and lack of airtime
  20. Sailing around the world
  21. commenting on children's physical appearance
  22. Stuffed Animals
  23. Halting the Ban
  24. Whale Wars
  25. Warning label on the Constitution?
  26. Children's Princess Books
  27. Babies at a baby shower?
  28. Gifts for Weddings
  29. PeTA
  30. Expectant Mother Parking Spots
  31. Richard Scarry books
  32. feeding the birds
  33. Celebrity status = legal priviledge
  34. FBI pays murder suspect
  35. Mothers who constantly complain about their kids
  36. Teacher fired for pre-marital sex
  37. Mosque at Ground Zero?
  38. Tiger dogs
  39. Saudi clerics advocate adult "breastfeeding"
  40. Boobie Beanie?
  41. Brides being "given away"
  42. Vaccine required to go to college
  43. Gerber Good Start Formula Commerical
  44. Kids of lesbians have fewer behavioral problems, study suggests
  45. Dogs And Children?
  46. Animals
  47. Bull Fighting
  48. Rodeo And Circus
  49. Ear Cropping And Tail Docking
  50. Horse Slaughter
  51. PMU Mares And Foals
  52. Horse And Dog Tracks
  53. Boycotting BP
  54. Human-animal hybrids
  55. Which animals wouldn't you eat?
  56. Annual Labor Day pigeon shoot
  57. Criminal charges for forgetting a child in the car and it results in death
  58. Remember our "Elmo in Grouchland" discussion?
  59. Pink Brain / Blue Brain
  60. Breastfeeding in Public
  61. Saudi Clerics advocate adult bfing
  62. Israel again..
  63. spin off: Telling dh your friend's secrets
  64. Wwhhaaatt???
  65. Rape and Kristen Stewart: I Made an Enormous Mistake"
  66. Teens and Abusive relationships
  67. Changing Spellings Of English Words
  68. BF'ing mommies - do your children's dietary preferences match your own?
  69. Casinos and Jackpot errors
  70. Marriage - weekly theme
  71. The *Right* Age For Marriage
  72. Should you tell your partner everything?
  73. Vegetarianism v. the Atkins Diet
  74. Does baby signing really help your children to learn to talk any faster?
  75. Cloth diapers vs. disposables
  76. Should the government just get out of the business of marriage altogether?
  77. Opting for C Section so you don't "ruin" your vagina?
  78. Check out the latest Huggies innovation
  79. weekly theme: Marriage
  80. Should Pre-Marital Counseling be a mandatory requirement?
  81. Is it ever acceptable to spy on your spouse?
  82. Kids of sperm donors
  83. High divorce rate for autism families debunked
  84. Have we outgrown marriage?
  85. another shopping cart topic
  86. Donating Organs to Family/Friends
  87. Should marriage be a pre-condition for adoption?
  88. Arranged Marriages
  89. .
  90. Pets sleeping in kids' rooms
  91. Vaccine for the common cold
  92. Impact of hormones on supply, health of baby
  93. New contraception guidelines could undermine breastfeeding mothers
  94. going to Barnes and Noble just to sit there and read the books
  95. Gary Coleman dies
  96. Girl to sue over facial tattoos
  97. Would you file suit?
  98. Who should pay?
  99. Smoking Toddler...
  100. Financial toll of breast cancer decried
  101. Disgusting
  102. fast food places where you fill up your own drink
  103. hand sanitizer
  104. New York midwives lose right to deliver babies at home
  105. Birds and the Bees/Facts of Life
  106. Spin off: making DH change his last name
  107. Woman fell asleep on plane, sueing because no one woke her up
  108. Pre-packaged/processed "health foods"
  109. Should Washington, D.C. get a voting member of Congress?
  110. tanning beds
  111. bottled water
  112. Sexting - child porn?
  113. Should the Red Cross be giving training and aid to the Taliban?
  114. Adult Cartoons and Small Children
  115. Marriage question: Is she obligated to stay?
  116. Changing your name legally
  117. Six Flags Employee turns away inked customer
  118. Would you allow your child to go to a school that uses corporal punishment?
  119. How much would you spend on a pet?
  120. senior pranks
  121. giving your young kids sips of alcohol
  122. Crystal or Lee?
  123. Kids & pet allergies
  124. BP oil leak
  125. UK doctor who linked autism to vaccines banned from practice in Britain
  126. Facebook shares personal info. with advertisers
  127. Nature Deficit Disorder
  128. the SAT's
  129. Your dad is a rapist
  130. Which is MORE important for kids- Arts or Sports?
  131. Home methods for inducing labour
  132. The WHO Says Measles Is Coming Back
  133. Watching bfing is like avoiding staring at the sun
  134. Posers
  135. if you know someones DH/SO/BF is cheating...
  136. Do doctor over prescribe Antibiotics
  137. Changes to Textbooks from Texas Board- PDF inside
  138. Kilts banned at graduation
  139. Take Our Children to the Park... & Leave Them There Day?
  140. Please welcome brui77 as your new co-host!
  141. Pig virus contaminates Rotovirus vaxes
  142. "Going Green"- Enviro Friendly or a scam?
  143. constructive criticism
  144. The problem with breastfeeding - interview with James Akre
  145. Ordinance banning saggy pants
  146. Commenting on physical appearance
  147. Should we demand a change or be more responsible?
  148. PPD in Dads?
  149. Charitable or Exploitation?
  150. Nursing at school not protected?
  151. abusing the abuser
  152. Vitamin D supplements
  153. lady handed money instead of food at taco bell drive through
  154. Life for teens is cruel and unusual punishment?
  155. Laundry Debate
  156. the ethicality of paying your taxes
  157. Toronto woman sues Rogers after her affair is exposed
  158. Friends and religion
  159. Supreme Court rules sex offenders held indefinitely
  160. Twelve steps to recovering jesus
  161. Bad person?
  162. male teachers
  163. Waldorf based schools?
  164. Doctors dismissing clients for 'inappropriate behavior'
  165. Inspiration or Glamorization?
  166. Tween condom
  167. Another Shopping Cart issue
  168. ABC News-WWYD-Not a debate, just FYI
  169. Investigation with possible charges pending
  170. Should doctors not give the choice to females?
  171. Would you patronize a buisness
  172. Dysphoric Milk Ejection reflex...
  173. Inappropriate or okay?
  174. Perception on OBs and MWs
  175. How would you feel if a dr told you that you couldn't breastfeed?
  176. Security Guards
  177. kate gosselin-kate plus 8
  178. Diets
  179. the pill affecting male fertility?
  180. induced lactation
  181. Squatting Rights?
  182. Star wars
  183. Adults Ordering From The Kid's Menu
  184. Finders Keepers?
  185. Kids shouldn't want for anything?
  186. Low paying degrees
  187. Dancing/kids
  188. Are mothers expendable?
  189. terrorists and the second amendment
  190. Fish as centrepieces
  191. Missionaries
  192. Anyone Karaoke?
  193. Violence in Kid Movies
  194. Mental health and children (spin off discovery health show)
  195. Kids/Avatar
  196. Cyber-bullying?
  197. Woman trying to sell newborn for $6000
  198. Sunblock
  199. Pets in cars
  200. Stamp Out Hunger food drive-- Not a debate
  201. Soda for a 4 month old?
  202. Would you let someone else co-sleep with your baby?
  203. Another t-shirt thread
  204. What do you do RE: facebook
  205. Phoenix Suns to wear 'Los Suns' jersey
  206. I Knew Full Body Scanners Were A Bad Idea...
  207. Transracial Adoptions.
  208. Looking for a co-host for this board.
  209. "I do think this whole online social media thing is a huge experiment on our children
  210. Black only school field trip?
  211. Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees
  212. Principal Denies Teen Date to Prom off Hearsay
  213. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  214. bottle feeding and co-sleeping
  215. Profanity
  216. In regards to birthmom and adoption
  217. Grandma slaps mouthy 18 year old granddaughter and goes to jail
  218. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world
  219. Teen tased at Philly game
  220. Your thoughts-Speaking of Porn and Sex
  221. Happy Meals
  222. Is it Ok To" Discipline" Someone Elses Child
  223. Cord Blood and the Gov't
  224. Chat??
  225. Canada may revive minimum pot sentences
  226. Principal to parents: Take kids off Facebook
  227. Used toys
  228. Where Won't You Nurse?
  229. Cosmetic Surgery For The Mentally Handicapped.
  230. Retard and freedom of speech
  231. stupid
  232. inappropriate toys?
  233. Bail and first degree murder cases
  234. Leaving kids alone in the car
  235. ** Recall Alert**
  236. You suspect your neighbour is dealing drugs...
  237. Incestous Love
  238. S/O Love
  239. Continued: Things about Japanese kinder garten that have stunned a Chinese mom
  240. Things about Japanese kinder garten [preschool?] that have stunned a Chinese mom
  241. Animals In Jail
  242. Fresh Or Frozen?
  243. Teachers with accents
  244. Macaroni And Cheese
  245. BF kids are healthier
  246. Masturbation = Cheating?!?!?!
  247. The oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico...
  248. Identifying your vehicle as own by a woman
  249. Email I got about Illegal Immigration
  250. Would you vaccinate if you were traveling

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