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  1. Wonderful Wednesday
  2. Moody Monday
  3. Do your children know
  4. Weekend plans?
  5. So why are people just viewing
  6. Three for Thursday
  7. QOTD
  8. ~~~~***Roll Call***~~~~
  10. Word Association Game
  11. Possible Cohost?
  12. Great Website for Free Worksheets
  13. Please welcome mom of child w/ SOD
  14. Any other parents?
  15. How does this affect your other children?
  16. Anyone have a similar problem come up?
  17. Do you like
  18. AlisonHeathersMama
  19. I hate to do this but I think it is the right thing to do
  20. Oral-Motor Apraxia and ADHD
  21. Do you cook breakfast before school normally or does everyone just have cereal?
  22. Do you have your kids halloween costumes yet?
  23. Do you feel less stressed or more stressed about when your child learns to read
  24. Do you ever make your own worksheets for your kids to do?
  25. Does your child's learning disability affect his/her social life?
  26. For the younger kids, do they like doing cut and paste projects or coloring?
  27. Are you more patient with your learning disabled child?
  28. Math Questions
  29. How do you deal with people that donít believe in learning disabilities?
  30. Do you want your child to learn a foreign language?
  31. Reading programs that are good for learning disabled children?
  32. How much after school activities do your kids do?
  33. How much time do you spend helping your child with school work?
  34. Two new subforums!
  35. Making plans for next week!
  36. Special Ed Advocates
  37. Following directions?
  38. Do your children like learning about current events?
  39. Auditory, visual or something else?
  40. How involved is your dh in your child's education?
  41. Emotions
  42. Does your child have trouble staying organized?
  43. Had a great mini-vacation!
  44. Does this sound like dyslexia to you?
  45. Special Needs Busing
  46. QOTD
  47. Has your special needs kid
  48. Baby signing?
  49. Did your kids have early intervention?
  50. Special needs classes?
  51. QOTD
  52. Getting their homework done?
  53. Cooperation and group learning?
  54. Do your kids get distracted easily?
  55. Does your child like learning?
  56. Sorry I am not feeling well today
  57. QOTD
  58. Has the school year started yet?
  59. I just wanted to say thanks!!
  60. Musically inclined?
  61. Self help skills?
  62. Manic Monday!
  63. Hobbies?
  64. QOTD
  65. If you were to buy your child a magazine subscription?
  66. Creative writing
  67. Online games for learning
  68. ATTENTION LURKERS! Come on in!
  69. Going to college?
  70. QOTD
  71. Do learning disabilities run in your family?
  72. Does it take your child longer to complete assignments?
  73. Discipline and special needs
  74. How do you deal with stubborness?
  75. Criticism?
  76. How do you stay motivated to work with your kids?
  77. QOTD
  78. Late bloomers
  79. Vocabulary?
  80. What did you do this weekend?
  81. Homework Struggles
  82. QOTD
  83. Do your kids have career plans?
  84. Test taking?
  85. Have you ever used a tutor?
  86. Anyone have a Freshmen highschooler?
  87. dbltrbl audioblox question
  88. Were you a reader?
  89. QOTD
  90. Making learning fun
  91. Welcome lblackst
  92. Summer vacations!
  93. Teachers?
  94. Do you set goals for your kids?
  96. QOTD
  97. Has your child's struggles made you a better mom?
  98. Memorizing?
  99. Your child's self esteem?
  100. learning numbers
  101. Patty...
  102. Not feeling so well today.
  103. Is your pediatrician helpful?
  104. Who gives you the most support?
  105. Sleep & schoolwork?
  106. QOTD
  107. If I only knew then what I know now
  108. What-cha want Wednesday
  109. Judy (dbltrbl)
  110. Hey Teresa!!!!
  111. Tuesday Tadas!!
  112. Are your kids creative?
  113. QOTD
  114. If you were given $1000 to spend on something educational
  115. When do your kids return to school?
  116. Making progress!
  117. Recruting new members for this board!!!!
  118. Clean or slobby?
  119. Writing or Reading?
  120. TV Time
  121. QOTD
  122. ♥~♥~♥Monday Roll Call ♥~♥~♥
  123. Homeschooling moms- Have you made any plans for next week?
  124. Welcome to the Learning Disabilities & Special Education board!
  125. Ideas- I am going to try to do an economics project with my kids
  126. birth and LD
  127. Weekend plans?
  128. Friday Frustrations!
  129. Do you hear a lot of "I can'ts"
  130. Gifted but also learning disabled?
  131. Summer services
  132. How many kids do you have with LD or special needs?
  133. Distinguishing sounds in words?
  134. Just curious, were any of your kids preemies?
  135. Any special needs kids on the board?
  136. What child is your child strongest in?
  137. Handwriting?
  138. ABC song
  139. Days of the week song!
  140. What other boards do you post on at JM?
  142. Talking?
  143. Renaming this board
  144. Let's get this board moving ladies!!!!
  145. Do you feel isolated?
  146. I have decided to start posting here
  147. Anyway to "early detect" a learning disability?
  148. What does your child struggle with most?
  149. When did you notice a problem?
  150. My intro
  151. Do you have a child w/a learning disability?
  152. Dyslexia resources?
  153. My intro