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  1. Dog Kills Stray Cat
  2. Friendship ender
  3. How can I make her feel safe and comfortable?
  4. Painful decision
  5. Became A Certified Dog Lover By Chance
  6. Dog and Baby
  7. Chihuahua with attitude!
  8. Tiny Tracking Device for my New Cat
  9. Getting a monitor for my cat and son
  10. How to keep dogs from destroying yard?
  11. i hate my pets
  12. Any recommendation for pet deshedding brush?
  13. Pet Simulator Games
  14. Newbie here!
  15. Dog ideas for someone allergic
  16. new here!
  17. Introducing myself
  18. Any Exotics Out there?
  19. Doggie troubles
  20. My puppy isnt eating:/
  21. My cat bites
  22. DH hates my cats
  23. My family got a new doggy!!
  24. Check in!!!
  25. pets and christmas/holidays
  26. Hello there!!
  27. Just saw this board!
  28. indoor/outdoor cat to be an indoor cat only
  29. What to do with my moms animals!!!??? HELP!
  30. Choice of dogs with kids
  31. Anybody have chickens???
  32. Please help me fix my baby's leg!!
  33. Any Tips for Introducing Baby to Dog?
  34. New Here :)
  35. Advice for Cat getting neutered
  36. Best way to Train a Cat
  37. Stray Kittens
  38. Pet Insurance?
  39. Introducing myself
  40. Wait for me mummy
  41. Get cat urine out?
  42. Crazy stalker cat!
  43. I Know I am not apart of this board but wanted to share!
  44. Cat stopped using the litterbox
  45. Adjusting cat behavior
  46. Benek Cat is joining the song :)
  47. Santa Pictures
  48. Dog's sudden chewing habit...any tips?
  49. Hello!!
  50. Dogs gnawing at paws...
  51. Has anyone tried the thundershirt for storm anxiety?
  52. Cat allergy advice ?
  53. Digging?
  54. Looking for a host for this board.
  55. Keep your pet safe and yourself when you let it go out
  56. Tips should know before do dog’s veterinarian
  57. Letting a cat outdoors
  58. Give your dog a additional protection
  59. Pet also love clean home environment
  60. How French bulldog have the special characters
  61. Do you have good advice?
  62. My wonderful encounter with the cat
  63. Several major errors for dog travel outdoor
  64. Terrified - I'm only at 8 weeks and beloved dog just jumped on my groin.
  65. When you walk with your dog, do you use the leash?
  66. Little tips for you warm home
  67. What was your first pet?
  68. Howdy from your new Host!
  69. Shaving the hair or not?
  70. Please welcome Dhartanya as your new host!
  71. Hello, all
  72. Why do you keep dogs?
  73. Dog clothes is necessary or not?
  74. Intro.
  75. Flea prevention
  76. Lastly, the other furry or non furry critters
  77. Those feathered friends!
  78. I wanna meet the kitties!
  79. Let's see your dogs
  80. Quick hello :)
  81. Why does our cat sleep with only me and not Brendan?
  82. Dog Parks?
  83. Our Cat is home
  84. How is a vet supposed to get a free catch urine ?
  85. Mr.Blackie is pooping out of his litterbox again and hiding while he does it
  86. Cat Owners
  87. Please do not ever use Hartz flea products - they kill!!
  88. Pet Pics!
  89. Looking for a host for this board.
  90. Please sign this petition!!!!
  91. Are my dogs going to howl?
  92. I know this is crazy, but just wondering!!???
  93. Need advice: Should we get rid of the cat?
  94. Questions on allergy reactions
  95. Dreams...
  96. Fred
  97. Litter box cleaning for cats
  98. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!North Carolina ban to kill numerous breeds
  99. baby bunnies - please help!
  100. dandruff
  101. I'm so worried about my new cat...
  102. Do you clip your own pets?
  103. heart broken
  104. Never posted in here before but I have a serious issue
  105. New here with a question
  106. New Puppy!
  107. need advice asap!!
  108. ticks me off..
  109. Dog Dry Food Question???
  110. Had some non furry babies at my house!
  111. Any other raw feeders?
  112. I feel awful
  113. Need more help with dog
  114. chickens, ducks and goats?
  115. Question about male dog ?
  116. My Cat is FREAKING OUT
  117. Who does your pet more likely to be by ?
  118. Neighbor who does not pick up after her dog!
  119. Puppies are Two Weeks Old
  120. Homemade Treats
  121. Humane Society
  122. Cat questions ?
  123. Introducing Pet Fears
  124. Anyone got cute pictures of their dogs and babies?
  125. how to move a crate
  126. I need help Potty Training!
  127. Need help..
  128. Cat pee?
  129. new to this board. So my dog decided she wanted to take a walk by herself last night.
  130. Traveling with pets!
  131. Hip dysplasia- Need advice
  132. Need Cat Advice
  133. Please sign
  134. When is a good time to get a new dog?
  135. Dog tails...
  136. Really need pet advice
  137. Annual check up
  138. I just saw this board today! how cool
  139. Advice from mommies who have introduced dog to baby
  140. its been a while but had to share this video
  141. my friends dog (please read and help)
  142. Recently back on JM and have a puppy question.
  143. In serious need of some help.
  144. HELP! Puppy avoids male of the house. A little desperate. LONG!
  145. My Putsy cat :(
  146. Funny Stories
  147. New Year's Eve and pets
  148. NEED HELP! about my kitten!
  149. My dog has it out for my sofa cushions...
  150. Another Question relating to our pomeranian
  151. Helping my mom - have a few ?s
  152. Pyometra
  153. My dog is acting WEIRD
  154. Question for those with cats.
  155. Heated Water Bottle
  156. New Here:)
  157. Dog Spaying
  158. New Addition to the Lynn Family (pics)
  159. Our senior girl is gone
  160. An article from our local news...
  161. Saying good bye
  162. Happy Thanksgiving!
  163. A question about crate training and food.
  164. Dog advice
  165. lizzards?
  166. those with cats
  167. how do your dogs....
  168. what is...
  169. pathetic dog...
  170. Update on Bob
  171. Got Guinea Pigs?
  172. Picky Eaters?
  173. What kind of bowls do you use to feed your pets?
  174. Skin Scraping?
  175. Cat Litter...need opinions.
  176. how do your kids...
  177. anyone with a horse?
  178. Dogs...
  179. Who has fish??
  180. Random Cat & Dog Questions.
  181. hello all!!
  182. Let me introduce you to my crew.
  183. Cat with allergy issues....UPDATE 7/29
  184. Stray cat bit me and I am pregnant
  185. Hello!
  186. we are deciding on getting a pet possibly...
  187. Gunky eyes
  188. Getting rid of Fleas on a cat.
  189. I am raising orphan puppies...any advice??
  190. Osteosarcoma?
  191. Lurker with doggie questions
  192. Love his cat but. . .
  193. My new body guard?
  194. I'd like you to meet...
  195. Halloween costumes
  196. Check in
  197. Im a kitten momma
  198. Hello!!
  199. Okay I lied.. One more!
  200. Do you think it's fair...
  201. One more question..
  202. New Kitty
  203. How?
  204. Floor cleaners that are safe for pets
  205. How many
  206. soon to be mobile baby and two dogs
  207. Cat food (for crystals)
  208. Litter Box Training an older cat?
  209. Lurker with dog behavior questions?
  210. Hi Mommies!
  211. The reason I will ALWAYS have bunnies...
  212. Rabbit Hopping
  213. Hello strangers...
  214. flea dips?
  215. Any horse lovers out there?
  216. Introducing Dottie the Great Dane
  217. The Lizard King
  218. ??? Dogs in Heat
  219. No Dogs Allowed in the House
  220. ladies i need your help :( sad story
  221. Trigger Words
  222. Hello All!
  223. Sleepy time!
  224. Bonded pair?
  225. The Circus
  226. Name that mix
  227. Birthday
  228. Deaf Dogs
  229. Moms new dog!
  230. Going out of state to rescue
  231. My cat won't close his mouth
  232. Names
  233. If I catch it, can I keep it?
  234. Feral cats
  235. Hello Everyone!!
  236. Who's to blame?
  237. Hey everyone!
  238. Dog Seizures- I need help ASAP please!!!
  239. Cat history
  240. Some pictures
  241. I have returned, with lost of pictures!
  242. Happy 4th of July
  243. Need an opinion
  244. Popping in with a cat bloody urine/UTI question!
  245. Hoping someone will see this before tomorrow afternoon...
  246. New here!!!~
  247. I love my cat but.... and also how can get her ready for baby?
  248. 3 new family members :) the furry kind
  249. Protect your pets from fire
  250. Toenail fell out?