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sugary~snails January 1st, 2011 12:51 PM

Anthony's Birth story X-posted
Anthony Victor James
December 28th 2010
9 pounds 3 oz
21.5 inches long

At 4:00pm I started to feel a little more uncomfortable then usual, not contracting..just very bloated..no position was comfortable.
We were planning on going out to my inlaws for our christmas celebration, as we were sick on the 26th and 27th with the flu.
My friend from two floors up came down with the flu that day, so at 4:00pm I had my DH run upstairs to grab her 13 month old son so she could nap. I cancelled Christmas with my inlaws again on the basis of extreme discomfort and my friend needing assistance. When William arrived both babies went nuts trying to pull down the christmas tree. I locked them in the gated playroom (directly beside living room, and completely visible to DH and I) and I started taking down the tree. I had planned on taking it down anyways, the babies just gave me incentive. I moved the baby swing into the trees place and decided it was time to make babies supper. I noticed some stronger BH..but I shrugged it off as being just BH. as I was cooking I noticed that they were about 6 minutes apart..not extremely painful..but rhythmic. Again, I decided this was just some strong BH. It was about 5:30 by this point. DH told me to call the midwife and just give her a heads up. I was insistant that it was nothing..these couldnt be real..I was walking and talking through them..they took my breath away..but nothing like Labour with Sophia.
The midwive didnt answer..so I went back to cooking. By this point I had overcooked the meat slightly..so I alerted my friend upstairs about what was going on..apologized..and let her know I might be sending William back home with dinner in a tupperware if the contractions pick up. By 5:45 I decided this could be it..they were still laughable as contractions though. I called my mom and asked if she could take sophia IF this was it....she sent my sister a text at dinner to stop by and grab Sophia on her way home.
By 6PM my midwife had called me and told me she was on route..she would be here in about 15 minutes...I felt REALLY bad because she had left a movie..for what I was sure was nothing. My contractions were now 6-9 minutes apart at this point.
DH brought William home, and I set Sophia up to eat while I packed her overnight bag. The midwife arrived at 6:15 and my sister at 6:20. I was still in denial lol. I so badly wanted to cry saying good bye to Sophia..I was feeling guilty that I was sending her away..and she had no idea what was going on.
ok so fast forward to 6:30..midwife said that they were regular..very palapable..but she wanted to wait to check me..monitor the consistancy..she was pretty sure at this point that this was it.
6:45 I send DH out to get diapers because we had none. My second midwife arrived with Coffee for the first.
my contractions at this point had gone to about 3 minutes apart but still hardly what I considered to be labour.
I was still able to walk and talk..the midwife was positive ths was it. She wanted to wait for DH to get back from Zellers with the diapers just incase the interal broke my water and the baby came with it.
** my active labour with Sophia was 90 minutes..I dialate REALLY fast**

My midwife declared active labout at 6:20 when Sophia left and my contractions hit 3 minutes apart.

fast forward to 7:30 DH is finally home..he stopped at mcdonalds thinking we had lots of time..not even believing it was time.
I had my mentos finally (major life saver) and the midwife decided to do the internal. I had a posterior cervix AGAIN..she had to pull it forward to get a good check..and OH MY GOD! that was worse the the contractions..she declared that I was 8. After an hour and a half of early labour and a hour of active. (though honestly I was probably fairly dialated when the process started)
She said baby would be here in an hour. I went to the bathroom to sit o nthe toilet and help him descend as he was station 0.
Contractions still very light at this point..I was talkimng through them..not walking. The midwives were readying the bedroom for the birth.
Dh was popping mentos in my mouth..and we were both texting between contractions lol.
at 8:30 my body started pushing..I waddled to the bedroom..still not in the kind of pain one would expect..the midwife checked I was full with an anterior lip.AGAIN..she moved it over his head and had me push..he started crowing almost immediately. It was one LONG contraction..I didnt get a break between pushed. I pushed four times and he was born at 8:37pm. the cord was very loosely wrapped around his neck.
I pushed on my back again..In hindsight I probably could have delivered him faster in another position I just didnt want to move once I had started pushing..I wasnt even holding my legs lol.
He was put on my chest..and immedialtely peed all down my side.
The midwife rubbed him to get him breathing..he didnt want to open his eyes..but he was letting out many little wimpers. I thought he seemed tiny. The midwives said he was easily an eight pounder. My placenta was delivered about 5 minutes after him..they cut the cord after it was delivered..a lotus birth?
His cord was apparently really fat..but his placenta was alot smaller then sophias..which is funny because at the same gestation she was almost two pounds smaller then he was.
His hats didnt even fit him
He spent 45 minutes doing some skin to skin with me, and about 15 of those breastfeeding. He was much easier to latch then Sophia was.
I had a very small post partum hemmorage..I got an extra shot of pitocin in my thigh mixed with argot?..I lost 3 cups, they like to see 2. At the 45 minute mark I decided that I needed to get up..I wasnt comfortable anymore..and I was dying to know his weight. They weighed him in at 9 pounds 3 oz!! Could you imagine him going to 40 weeks?????
Thank god 38 weeks seems to be as far as I carry babies..lol.
I had a shower and went immediately back to breastfeeding my little sweetie.
The midwives stayed until 10 and then left with very strict instructions on temperature monitoring as I was kind of cold, and so was he. My hemmorage had stopped before I showered...but I was again warned about it starting again and to call 911 and skip the paging. Thankfully it did not start again..and within 30 minutes of them leaving Anthony and I had left the bottom of the 'safe' zone for temperature.
My inlaws came to visit and then we went to bed as a family...missing Sophia of course.

total active labour was just over two hours..and I guess the early stuff was about an hour an a half...REALLY fast

oh and I had absolutely no tears or skid marks

marialena January 1st, 2011 07:56 PM

Re: Anthony's Birth story X-posted
I love it! Thanks for sharing :)

Martha83 January 2nd, 2011 07:41 AM

Re: Anthony's Birth story X-posted

Mom of 4 Js January 2nd, 2011 12:39 PM

Re: Anthony's Birth story X-posted
Wow!! Congratulations!!!!! WTG!!!

Twinkle January 2nd, 2011 06:21 PM

Re: Anthony's Birth story X-posted
Love it!

lulu2 January 6th, 2011 04:16 PM

Re: Anthony's Birth story X-posted
Thanks for sharing. very nice!

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