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lovemama February 11th, 2011 08:00 AM

Quinn Olivia Born at Home Jan.13th, 2011 (x posted)
I had an appointment with my midwife the morning of the 12th. I was 4 cm and 60% effaced. I asked her to try to get things going. I had a bit of show after the exam but no contractions so I thought to myself... I must not be ready yet. I was really trying to enjoy the last few days of being pregnant, as this was 99.9% most likely our last.

I went to Costco with DD#3 and started to have some contractions, but I just figured they were just BH. We purchased Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I got home and took dd#3 to dance and continued to have some contractions. They were here there and everywhere, no pattern.

That evening we had a family dance off and let me tell you... Mama took home the crown. I did about 10 songs full out!!! It was great. Off to bed we went..........

Woke at 4:15 to use the bathroom. After I layed back down I started contracting every 2 min... I knew this was it. I layed in bed for about 10 contractions. I should have gotten up but didn't until "gush" happened. I woke DH and said my water is breaking! He sprang into action and threw me a towel. DD#1 was in bed with us and she was very excited!

I called my MW right away, as DD#3 was born 5 minutes after my water broke. My contractions were strong but I could still talk through them so I figured we had some time. We got the bed all set up and then had some breakfast.

Our MWs came over and I asked to be checked. I was a super stretchy 5cm and fully effaced. Woo hoo... we were getting close. I walked around our mainfloor, spent time with DD#1 and DH talking and them I couldn't do that anymore. I parked myself in the living room and leaned over the exercise ball during contractions and drank Vitamin Water in between and chatted with our MWs.

I started to feel pushy around 7am. They "suggested" I head upstairs. I made it to the top landing and then stayed there for what seemed like a few minutes... DH said it was longer and they were concerned I was going to push the baby out on the stairs. They gently coaxed me to the bed where I leaned on the ball some more and then decided it was time to push. DD#2 and #3 were up by then and were stoked to meet their new little sibling. I pushed for about 25 minutes. Relaxing in between contractions and letting my body do most of the work.

I have a mirror at the end of our bed so I asked them to slide it over so I could see where we were at. Wow, was that motivating. I saw the head and that was that I pushed. She sat on my perineum for a bit, I had trouble getting her out. I had never experienced that before. I was an intense feeling. At 7:37am Quinn Olivia was born, surrounded by her sisters and daddy! It was amazing. I helped her out and brought her up on my chest. She made a couple of little cries and then just stared up at me. I was in love all over again.

The MWs were amazing. It was like they weren't even there. They could tell when I needed guidance and when I was fine alone. We banked her cord blood so they were focused on that while we had Quinn on my chest and bonded as a family. We weighed her after an hour or so.....

9 lbs 12oz. 21.5 inches long and a 14.5 inch head----- no wonder she took her time coming out!!

I had a few stiches while she nursed and DH fed the girls their breakfast.

It was an amazing birth, the best one for me by far. I feel so blessed to have 4 beautiful girls and to have experienced a home birth.

Thanks for reading......


Twinkle February 11th, 2011 01:53 PM

Re: Quinn Olivia Born at Home Jan.13th, 2011 (x posted)
What a lovely birth story!!! Congrats on your little girl!

lrowe70 February 11th, 2011 09:16 PM

Re: Quinn Olivia Born at Home Jan.13th, 2011 (x posted)
congrats to you!

navywifey2003 February 11th, 2011 09:48 PM

Re: Quinn Olivia Born at Home Jan.13th, 2011 (x posted)
Congrats to you hun! That is an amazing birth story!

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