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booboobunny June 27th, 2011 11:14 AM

Homebirth November 2008
p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } I first decided on a homebirth when i was about 6 weeks pregnant after hearing a few woman on this forum talk about it. I also gave it some thought because i wanted to experience a water-birth (labor & deliver in the water) and the only way to do that in my area was to have a homebirth. I didn't really bring it up with my husband until i was about 5 months along because i needed to gather all my research and information. I had to be prepared for all his questions and concerns. I started by making him watch the documentary "The business of being born". Though my husband isn't nearly as interested in this kind of stuff he sat and watched the whole documentary. I was utterly shocked at his reaction to the movie. He told me that he was willing to do the homebirth but he wanted to meet the midwives and ask them questions. At this point i still was seeing my midwife who only delivered at the local hospital. I never told her my plans of the homebirth because i was scared she wouldn't approve my plan and drop me as her patient. When i started having difficulties in finding a midwife in my area i thought about going the unassisted route which my husband was totally against. I had it all figured out but i couldn't deal with the repercussions if my plan didn't work. I got a lot information and support from JM, Meetup.com, and Mothering forums.
i finally found a midwife but she was too far away from me and we really couldn't work out the money issue. I wanted a midwife who would be able to take my insurance instead of me paying out of pocket. It wasn't feasible for me to pay $1500 within a few weeks time. There were some other issues with her as well (her availability & her method of doing things) that made me come to a conclusion that this wasn't going to work. One big issue was that she was in the process of moving and she had mentioned the possibility of me delivering in her home which was quite distance away. I wanted a homebirth so that I could be in my home. I didn't think that was feasible (traveling not knowing how my labor would be and she seemed unreliable being that she was not returning my calls) because I wanted this to be perfect and even though I wanted this homebirth really bad I wasn't willingly to settle. I didn't want it to become a situation where I'd hire someone and we'd have disagreements while I was in labor. She gave me a number to a certified professional midwife that was only 20 minutes away from me.

I called her and we talked for about an hour. At this point i was 26 weeks and wanted to get this ball rolling because i had already started purchasing birthing supplies. My new midwife worked along side a certified nurse midwife. This was a good thing because she was able to take my insurance. When i was 27 weeks i saw my regular midwife for the last time and requested my medical records. Her nurse asked me if was going to have a home-birth and i reluctantly told her. She was so psyched for me and told me that if i needed anything to give them a call. I was comfortable with my decision because I had all the testing done, ultrasounds, and no other concerns with my pregnancy. I met with my new midwives when I was about 28 weeks a long. We met at the midwife's home that was closest to me. The meeting was about a hour long. My husband asked all the questions because I already talked with them in length on the phone & through email. I did have a concern about the pain because I had labored with my daughter for 21 hours. We also discussed the concern about whether we should have my daughter home or be cared for by her grandparents during the birth. I was really praying that I would labor during the night (while she was sleep) or in the early morning (while she was at daycare).When we left he was excited and had no concerns about going through with this.

I think the weird thing about for me was how often I saw them. At my stage of pregnancy my regular midwife would start seeing me every 2 weeks. I only saw these midwife's 2x before my son was born. My midwife explained to me that I had a normal pregnancy and there was no need for me to be seen every 2 weeks. She told me to monitor fetal movement, watch out for any fluid retention, and anything else out the norm. I liked that approach. It made me feel like I should trust my body and motherly instinct. As the weeks passed on I continued school full-time and prepared for the arrival of my son. As the time got closer my mom and I started disagreeing about when she would arrive down here for the birth. Her birthday was November 18 and she had plans already. My due date was December 2 and I had my daughter at 38 weeks and started feeling that this baby would be early as well. I discussed this with my midwife my midwife but she brushed it off saying that even though she knew I had my daughter at 38 weeks every pregnancy is different.

On November 14th on a Friday I started experiencing braxton hicks contractions after hubby and I DTD (tmi I know lol). I experienced braxton hicks until the following morning. I knew that this baby was coming soon ! My mom came that Sunday. She cooked, cleaned, and helped me with my daughter. The next day which was Monday all I did was eat & sleep. My mom said “ I don't think your going to make it to the end of the week”. We were sort of was banking on that because I still had a few things I needed to do. Early Tuesday morning I was full of energy. I did laundry and got my daughter ready. I even did something different with my daughter, I sent her to daycare with underwear. My hubby and I really wanted her to be potty trained before the baby got here. So Tuesday (November 18) was a test run to see how all the training was coming along. My mom was shocked at my energy because just the day before I could barely get off the couch.

My husband went to drop my daughter off to daycare. When he walked back in the door at home I was finishing up my breakfast. As soon as I got up to put my dishes away I felt a cramp in my stomach. It didn't really feel like contractions. So I sat back down and these cramps weren't going away. I then crawled down on the floor and was on all fours. I started doing some rocking motions. Then I crawled into the living room. My husband was with me trying to provide some comfort. We cuddled and talked for awhile but after a half hour the pain was becoming unbearable. I began to get hot and irritated so he then asked if wanted to take a shower. I agreed to see if this would ease the pain. I stayed in the shower for 2 minutes and decided it was not working. I began to feel as if I had to go the bathroom and pressure. It felt like I needed to urinate but couldn't. When I did try I lost my mucus plug. This had been going on for about an hour.

I told my husband that I was in labor, we should call the midwife. I called my midwife and she could just tell by voice that this might be the real thing. My husband for some reason didn't believe I was in labor but called his family any way. My midwife arrived in about 20 minutes. She monitored my contractions and asked if she could check to see how much I was dilated. I agreed for the check. She said “ your 7 centimeter and your having a bloody show”. My crazy husband asked if she go to work or stay home. He had to be at work by 3pm. She laughed and said “this baby will be here before you leave”. I labored awhile by just kneeling on the edge of the couch while soft music played in the background. My midwife talked with me and encouraged through the contractions. I think the most amazing thing that she told me was not to tense up while I was having a contraction. She told me to relax and visualize the baby making its way down. And when I started doing that the contractions increased but labor was progressing very fast. My midwife then asked If I wanted to labor in the tub. I agreed and we (my mom & midwife) headed to the bathroom. I was in so much pain that I totally stripped down, I didn't want anything on my skin. I'm not normally so bold but I just lose all inhibition when I'm in labor lol.
We sent my husband out to the walmart to get the last minutes supplies and if I would've known what he was doing while he was there, I wouldn't have lol. We sent my husband out to get some blank dvd's for our cam corder and the hose connection for the pool. A few weeks after the birth I found out that on his venture he got distracted in the toy car section ! While I was in the tub of the warm water my mom rubbed my back and my midwife still softly talked to me and ran hot water over me. I actually sang through every contraction, it helped me not tense up. After about 30 minutes I was ready to get out. The pool wasn't ready yet and husband hadn't returned from walmart. My mom called to tell him to hurry up. I headed to the bed. I wanted to take a nap for a few minutes but my midwife said that I didn't have time for that this baby was coming fast. When I got on the bed I was on my hands and knees. I began to feel the urge to push. This urge was different than with my hospital birth with the epidural. When I had the epidural I had to be told when to push. This time the urge to push was extremely strong. My hold body tensed and barred down, I couldn't control it if I wanted to. It was so bad that I almost felt like something had taken possession of my body. Then the grunting and yelling came. I didn't care if the neighbors heard or not.
I remember during my first meeting with the midwives when we addressed whether or not my daughter should be present in the house during the birth. They said that it might be a little stress-ful if she heard me yell or scream during labor. I actually disagreed because during my last labor I didn't make any noise and felt in control the whole time. I'm glad my daughter wasn't present for the birth because I made some sounds that I will never be able to replicate even If tried to lol. These were some primal sounds that I've never heard even in movie labors. My midwife sang me a traditional song that kind of calmed down. She told me that when I screamed I needed to keep my chin down and push. I don't remember why. My husband came back looking surprised that everything was going fast. He still had it in his mind that this labor was going to be long just like my daughters.
He setup the video camera. And my mom was using a big canning pot to boil water for the birthing pool because there was a concern that we would run out of hot water before it was filled. When she came up stairs, she nervously wanted to confirm with the midwife that this baby was coming soon lol. She also was there during my daughters birth and she just thought this labor was going to long. During the pushing phase things got a little blurry. I do remember refusing to do the water birth because i didn't feel it would help with the pain. But I stayed on my hands and knees the whole time. My second midwife (cnm) came running in and I heard her loudly say how “awesome” I was pushing and doing such a great job. My husband made sure the camcorder was setup at the right angle. My mom was on the left side of the bed. My cnm was on the right side providing me with cold water. My cpm midwife was at the bottom of the bed watching and monitoring me. She did break my water, which I was up in the air about doing. I heard about babies being born in the caul and was sort of interested in that. But when she said it might speed up the birth, I happily agreed. When the baby starting getting close my CPM was positioned at the bottom of the bed and she instructed my husband to come over. She wanted him to be apart of the process. She had him rub lavender oil down there during the crowning. The midwife told him to feel as the baby was crowning and he felt the baby get closer and closer. He was just blown away.

My midwife wanted me to stop pushing so fast to allow the stretching process so that we could avoid tears. I did it but It took some effort. When the baby crowned it was a strong burning sensation and I just wanted him out. And I gave it one last strong push and his head popped out. My midwife told me that the look on my husband's face was priceless. After the head came out I don't remember pushing. The baby just wiggled out but my husband said he shot out.My husband caught him. I turned around after a few seconds to hold my baby. I was speechless as I gave him a look over. His eyes were trying open and he had a head full of hair. He was just so quiet my daughter came out yelling. I felt like I was in love again. I think I tried to nurse but he wasn't interested. After awhile the umbilical cord was cut by husband and I delivered the placenta. I can't remember what happened first but I do know they allowed some time before cutting the cord. He was weighed, we put on his outfit, and I took a shower. My midwives helped me do everything (shower, dress, laundry, clean up, and even wanted to run to the store to get me food). I don't know how but I couldn't find any large of enough pads and my midwife suggested that I use a size 1 diaper the first few days and that was awesome. I had no tearing. The baby was 8 pounds and 3 ounces and 20.5 inches long. The midwives didn't do much as far as handling the baby. I went to go sit with my husband on the couch while he held our son. He made phone calls and took pictures. My mom just sat with amazement. A few minutes after having the baby my mom asked what I wanted to eat and I replied that I wanted a chicken breast salad with avocado. That quickly changed to Wendy's. Now they tease me because after giving birth to my daughter the first thing I ate was a burger and the same thing happened with my son. I was excited after the birth that and figured i must have released endorphins because I had non-stop energy. Everyone kept telling me to sit down and relax. The day after the baby was born I went up to my college and ran errands. People kept asking me if I had the baby and I said yes, I had him yesterday and they were flabbergasted that I was out moving around. I even went shopping at walmart. The next day, I could barely make it out of the bed ! My midwife came when the baby was a day old and when he was a week old. She did the necessary paperwork (birth certificate, addressed any questions, addressed any concerns, checked my weight, looked over the baby) the day after he was born. My son had his first doctors visit at 2 weeks. His pediatrician was impressed about my homebirth and very supportive of my decision to breastfeed and not circumcise my son. I had my 8 week check up at my midwives house. I breastfed my son until he was 20 months without any complications. I loved my homebirth and I pray I'm able to do it again. I almost can't picture having another baby at the hospital. What I will say though having a hospital birth really made me appreciate the homebirth. I'm glad that I had the hospital experience first.
The only thing i would change is i probably should have gotten everything ready sooner and just worry about getting the basics. My midwife gave me a very simple list of supplies i need for my hombirth but i'm such a perfectionist i went and bought things that i didn't even need and forget to get the simple things. Next time i want to hire someone or ask my family to help get everything ready (organize my home, cleaning, laundry etc.). And i probably will get in the water next time lol.
Good luck to anyone considering a homebirth !!!

i wanted to add that my labor was about 4 hours long

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