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EmilyRenee September 1st, 2011 08:18 PM

Our Beautiful Homebirth (long)
Sorry this is so long. I wanted to save it to read throughout the years so I didn't hold back lol.

I’ve always been a pretty laid back person, but when I found out un-expectedly that I was pregnant… well to be honest…I cried. Hayley was only 6 months old and was still a bit colicky, and I had just started a babysitting job in my home. Ben wasn’t sure he wanted a third child and I was afraid he might be a little upset. Of course he told me it was fine and that we would manage. From the very beginning I had strong feelings that I was pregnant with a boy, and at 19 weeks we found out it was!! Sooo our boy was not planned, but definitely the greatest surprise God has blessed us with!
I did not have the greatest birth experiences with my girls and really wanted to enjoy my birth this time since I knew it would be our last. After 6 months of fighting with the messed up health system of I decided to find a homebirth midwife. That’s when I found Nichole. She was so nice and actually listened for a change! She was more of a friend than just a midwife. So even though we were a bit nervous we decided that a homebirth was the best decision for us. It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.
It all started on Saturday the 20th. I woke up feeling some period cramps in my back and thought it was just from sleeping the wrong way, then when I went to the bathroom I found some (tmi) brown tinged discharge when I wiped! Lol Only other mamas will understand why I was excited about this. I was happy at least something was happening with my body that might mean labor was coming soon. I got up and got the girls breakfast and started cleaning. Hey if I was going to go into labor I wanted to be able to relax in a comfortable, clean house lol. Soon after I woke up the cramps went away and I was a little disappointed. Little did I know I would feel disappointed quite a bit in the next 24 hours.

We had a wedding to go to that day and I decided that we should go because I knew if I sat at home waiting for labor it would be my luck that it would be nothing and I wouldn’t go into labor for another week. So we dropped the girls off at my mom’s (I packed extra clothes for them in hopes I was actually going into labor that night) and headed to the wedding. Well leave it up to the back roads of Susquehanna county to throw me into labor lol. I started having contractions every 5-10 minutes that lasted through the very hot outdoor wedding and reception. Ben had no clue I was in labor even though I was checking the time on my phone every time I had a contraction. I’m pretty sure the ladies at our table knew what was going on though ;).

So I texted my midwife about what was happening and she called me when we got home to laugh at me for texting that I was in labor and told me to call her if I wanted her to come. I told her not yet because as soon as we got home the contractions spaced out to 20 minutes apart. I tried to go to bed at 8:30 and get some sleep before they started up again. I slept for maybe an hour and a half before ben came to bed and of course fell fast asleep. I laid in bed till about 2:30 and got up because it was too uncomfortable to lie down through contractions. I decided to time them with an online contraction timer and sit on my exercise ball to try to encourage the baby to come down more. I tried watching TV but at 3 in the morning there is not much on. The contractions became pretty consistent while on the ball but I was still doubtful that I was in active labor.

At about 4:30 I got ben up to fill up the birthing tub and mostly because I wanted some company and didn’t want to deal with the contractions alone anymore. He filled the tub and of course the contractions spaced out again. I was so tired and frustrated that my body was playing games with me. I called my mom at about 7 to see how the girls were and told her to go ahead and go to church. I called Nicole and told her I still didn’t think that I was very far dilated and she told me to call her if I decided I needed to get into the tub.
Ben and I decided to go for a walk to try to get the contractions closer together. We walked on a dirt road with only a few houses. As tired as I was it was surprisingly refreshing and very relaxing. The walking did its job and I had to stop every few minutes to squeeze bens hand and hum into his chest. When we got back I wanted the tub and got in and it felt sooo good. I felt weightless in the water and the pain was much more tolerable. We called Nicole and my best friend and told them to come. Ashley was at the store getting more stuff for Bentley and flowers for me lol. I told her to hurry up which I found out later of course freaked her out haha .
Everyone arrived and I got in and out of the tub as I was trying to get comfortable. Of course that was impossible since I was in transition and feeling like I was going to throw up. As I got back in the tub I felt a pop and a “warm spot” lol between my legs. Nichole recognized the noises I was making as time to push and after a few contractions I told ben to get in to support me because it was time for our son to come. The lights were dim and everyone else in the room disappeared as I concentrated on bringing my little man into the world. After a few pushes I reached down and felt his fuzzy little head between my legs. I made myself open my eyes and reach down to lift my beautiful little boy out of the water. He opened his eyes after only a few seconds and looked right up at his mommy and daddy. He gave us all a cute little cry which of course made everyone “oohhh and awe” at him. Finally after 21 long and frustrating hours of labor Bentley Reese was born into this world the way nature intended….warm, quiet and in the arms of his loving mama.

A friend told me a couple months ago that there's something a little boy does to his momma's heart that only a momma of a little boy can understand. Now I know exactly what she was talking about. I can’t imagine life without my baby boy and am so happy that our little surprise turned out to be him. I cannot thank God enough for all the blessings in my life. My heart is so full and he has blessed with more than I could have ever hoped for!

HippyMomOf4 September 2nd, 2011 10:47 AM

Re: Our Beautiful Homebirth (long)
beautiful story! WTG mama, congrats on your little man and homebirth

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