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soImarriedAnerd September 13th, 2011 09:31 PM

Birth of Jordan Capri
About 6am I was awaken due to a pressure wave, I had been having BH contractions on and off the last
few weeks, so this wasn't anything out of the ordinary for me. But when I woke up with one after
another, it occurred to me that maybe I should time them. I grabbed my phone and noted the time to
see if there was any pattern to them. Sure enough, they were about 7-10 min apart so I thought I better
let Troy know that he should stick around that morning. He had a Doctor’s visit planned later that
morning, so he was already planning to take half the day off. I laid down and tried sleeping a little more,
and was able to fall asleep here and there. At about 7:30am I gave up on the sleeping. It felt almost like I
was in labor, but I wasn't sure yet. Looking back, I had a list of things to do for the day and I just wasn't
accepting I was in labor. I told Troy to just keep the doctor’s appointment, and planned to run
errands. I was also thinking that even if it was labor, it was early labor, and it would still be a long
time. (London’s was over 24hrs). To test this theory of possible labor I jumped in the bathtub to see if
the pressure waves subsided.

After I got in the tub, the pressure waves seemed to become more irregular. After a 45 minute bath I
called my midwife, Hillary, to let her know what was going on. She had previously told me to call her at
the FIRST sign of labor because most her BTDT moms go much faster. I told her about my contractions,
but reinforced I didn't think I was really in labor yet. I knew she was in the middle of vacation in Indiana,
and was about 1.5 hrs away. We had the back up midwife in Chicago, that could be at the birth much
sooner, if needed. I told Hillary not to come yet because I just wasn't feeling it. After the bath we
decided to go run some errands and put some friends “on call" to watch London. Just in case labor was
really going to start soon, I decided I needed make my labor-aid (and labor-aid Popsicles) and pack
London's bag and my hospital bag....yes a little last minute!

By that time, it was nearly 10:15, so we piled into the car and drove 30 min to Troy's doctor's office. On
the way to the doctor, he was driving fast and I joked that since we were having a homebirth, he
wouldn't be able to tell the police officer who pulls us over “we are on the way to the hospital because
my wife is in labor!" He pointed out that we got stopped by a train on the way to his doctor's, which
was always one of his concerns if there was an emergency and we needed to go to the hospital. We had
to cross 3 sets of train tracks and Troy ALWAYS seems to get stopped by trains when we are in a
rush. Once at the Doctor's office, the ladies were informed I was in labor and so they should not to
make him wait :D. After a few minutes of waiting, a nurse came out and told us that Troy's doctor was
not comfortable with me being in the office while I was in labor so asked us to leave! I told her (kind of
politely) that we waited weeks for this appointment, and I wasn't leaving until Troy saw the doctor and
then I sat down :D She did "inform" me that if my water broke I would have to leave. After several more
minutes they got us back to see the doctor. Of course, I was having a pressure wave right as they called
us back so I had to walk a little slower than normal since they were hard to walk through. The waves
were somewhat irregular at that point, and I was thinking they would just stop soon. After the
appointment, we got back in the car and headed back to the hotel. We had arranged to meet up with
Caitlin and Matt, some friends who were going to watch London. I called Hillary on the way home and
again told her not to leave because I just wasn't feeling it yet, but the waves were enough to make me
slow down while I was having them.

Once at the hotel, Troy agreed to run to the bank and pick up some food with Matt while Caitlin stayed
with London and I at the hotel. I wanted to go with, but Troy wouldn't have it! While I was home with
Caitlin, I noticed that my pressure waves seemed to be getting more intense and closer together. I
started timing them again and it turned out they were 2-4 minutes apart. Shortly after Troy came back
home and I started eating my McDonalds. After I finished my fries and got half way through my Quarter
Pounder, it kind of clicked...."hey I'm in labor, this is really it!" So our friends took London to their place,
and I decided to call Hillary and let her know she may want to come over. I had Troy start setting up the
room and he inflated the birthing pool while I got in the regular bath tub and took a Ca/Mag pill with
some vitamin water . The waves were now more noticeable, and were making me stop what I was doing
during them but not intense. I started to listen to my Hypnobabies Birthing day affirmations, followed
by the Easy Birthing day, which I have to admit, I slacked at listening to this time around. Since I only did
my daily affirmations and a couple tracks, I'm happy to say it still worked for me!

The tracks made me really get into myself and notice what was going on with my body. Last time, I felt
I wasn't in tune enough so this time, I really wanted to focus on how everything felt. During labor, I was
way more aware of baby moving around and down and HOW things felt. I really enjoyed "grasping" my
labor! We also kept a short blog, and Troy took a moment to read me the comments that were coming
in on the blog---I forgot how amazing it is to know you have village of women “with” you during the
journey of labor <3. While in the tub I got 3 phone calls....first from Gymboree to let me know I missed
our last art class, second from Hillary to let me know she was on the way and that Tera our back up
was also on the way, and third was Shannon H. calling me to check in and let me know that my friends
Shannon E just had her baby!!! I was able to talk to all of them but had to kind of cut it short with
Shannon because the pressure waves were more consuming.

Within a minute of getting off the phone Tera, my back up midwife, arrived. Tera was the back up for
London's birth 2 yrs ago, so it was nice to have her back again. I got out of the tub and she checked
me. She told me "you’re at 7". I was a little confused and said "oh, I'm 70% effaced?" She followed up
with "no you are 7 cm dilated!"to which I replied "SHUT UP!" I was feeling GREAT right then, tons of
energy that I was so far along and yet so comfortable. I just HAD to get on FB and share with my mama
group how AWESOME that was! :D Troy got a cute picture of me lying in bed smiling from ear to ear
while on my computer! I just couldn't believe it---at SEVEN!

Tera had Troy fill up the birthing tub with water since I could get in at any time. While the tub was filling,
I decided to stay out of the bath and do a little "land" laboring near the bed. I found myself flipping from
a squat to on all fours with each pressure wave. I just followed what my body was telling me, as I was
really trying to listen better this time. That was about the time Hillary showed up, and my body must
have just known that because my waves got more intense about then. I should point out here that last
time I was in the tub for hours and they had to keep adding hot water to it. So this time Troy felt he
needed to make it hotter so that it would stay warm for me. Sounds nice right?! Well he got it so hot I
felt like I burned my leg when I tried getting in. The thermometer put it at "high," meaning it was over
106! While they were trying to get the temp down for me I got back in the bath tub because the waves
were starting to get stronger. Troy was dumping ice and dumping out hot water and adding cold to the

pool to get it cool enough. Finally they told me it was ok to get in...I tried again, NOPE! still to hot...back
to the tub I went. This time I needed Troy to be with me so the midwives took over the pool.

Up until that point, I just kind of wanted to zone into myself and didn't need/want anyone around.
But now I needed him to be near and he even used the "peace" cue a couple times when I was having
a strong wave. I also tried out one of my labor-aid popsicles which I loved! While in the bath I felt a
touch pushy so I decided to get into the pool. I got out of the tub and made it about 5 feet till I had
another wave...they were very close at this point. After that one, I started to get in the pool. I say
started because it was still so hot to me that I had to slowly adjust to it to get in. I could only get the
water to my tailbone, that seemed to slow me down a touch since I was worried that it was to hot for
baby-so I took that little bit of time and started another labor-aid popsicle. In between bites I would
whisper “Preston” to Troy - I was still trying to convince him that Preston should be our boy name (at
that point Collin was our agreed to name). After a couple more waves, I had no issue getting all the way

The waves were getting stronger, and here and there I had to "push" a little. I was getting cold rags on
my neck and head, popsicles, and Tera ran to the front desk to get a ton of more ice (perk of living in a
hotel----non-stop hot water and all the ice you want!). I was pushing by the time she got back so they
didn't add the ice (I don't think). This time I was more in a squat/on all fours position while in the tub.
Once I was full pushing (about 4 min after getting into the pool) my water broke. I didn’t really feel it
but I did see it... up to this point I had NO bloody show or anything. When my water broke there was
a huge plug followed by Meconium. They broke out the pooper scooper and cleaned out the floating
meconium and my poop - the not so pretty side of birth. About that time, my hands contracted. I say
contracted because they weren't cramping up, there was no pain, but they were contracted like arthritic
patient and I couldn't move them. I pointed that out and Hillary took one and Troy took the other and
they massaged them, which seemed to help a touch. The next wave after they were doing that I put my
hands down to feel baby's head already RIGHT THERE! I was shocked again that this was happening so
fast yet I wasn't really in pain.

Well that was a nice thought, because the next contraction baby was starting to crown! Yep that still has
quiet a sting (to say the least). I did pull my body up as if to run from the pain, which I did with London
and I know added so much time to my pushing phase. I really felt like I "woman-ed up” at that moment
and decided to own my labor and I made my body squat and I zoned into every movement of that baby
and of my body. I really look back and felt like that MOMENT I really grabbed my woman-mama-hood.
Sounds tacky I know but I just was so empowered that I could take that moment and really "own" it. I
pushed through that pain while noting everything at the same time and by the end of that one wave I
had delivered baby's head. And right then my wave stopped. It drove me crazy that baby's head was out
and I couldn't push (I tried!) I had to wait for the next wave...which I loudly complained wasn’t coming
fast enough! A few seconds later, even though it felts like minutes to me, I got another wave and was
able to pull baby up to my chest (my hands were still slightly contracting).

I instinctively flipped onto my back to get baby's head above water. Due to the fact my hands were still
not in my full control I was holding baby very hard so not to drop them. I didn't realize I was doing this

until Hillary strongly told me to relax. Baby was wrapped 4 times around in the cord. I was trying to
check to see if baby was boy or girl and they were trying to unwrap baby at the same time so that why
I got "scolded" a touch to relax :D Once baby was unwrapped, I looked and was able to announce "its a
girl!" Of course next thing to ***** was earlobes, but she didn't have them....darn that gene! Also she
seemed to have red hair also, although not as intense as London’s. Luckily, our girl name was picked out
for years so there was no debating.....Jordan Capri Small was here <3 I cuddled with her while Troy got
some pictures and we waited for her cord to stop pulsating so Troy could cut it. APGARS were 9 and 9.5,
there was no meconium in the nasal cavity or mouth of Jordan so luckily she didn’t seem to get that in
her. I think it was about 15 minutes before the cord stop pulsating. Once the cord was cut I wanted out
of the tub... it was still hot! However, we agreed it was probably best to deliver the placenta in the tub
for easy clean up. So I hung out a few minutes longer until the placenta was out. Once it was delivered, I
got out of the tub and into bed while Troy held our Baby Jo skin-to-skin. Next the damage check.... I was
thrilled to hear that I only had one very small skid mark and nothing else!

Once that was done, I got to hold Jordan again. While I was holding her, she started to root and head
bob for my nipple - it was amazing to see how natural she was at it. She was a nursing champ right from
the get go. After nursing for a while, it was time for me to give her up and have her checks...which
were done right next to me in bed. It was so surreal to see Troy do the scale the exact same way against
the same looking wall with her as he did with London 2 years earlier. We got her stats.... 20.5 inches,
7lbs 6oz wt. After a bit, we made a couple phone calls...first to Matt/Caitlin to get London back and see
how he did - he was awesome of course! Then, I called my mom and then Troy’s parents to announce
Jordan’s arrival. I snacked on pretzeles and hummus while Troy talked to his parents. Everyone was
thrilled, and we are excited to have a healthy, beautiful baby girl!

lovemama September 24th, 2011 08:51 PM

Re: Birth of Jordan Capri
Beautiful birth Mama!!!

HippyMomOf4 September 25th, 2011 10:28 AM

Re: Birth of Jordan Capri
what a beautiful birth story:) congrats mama

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