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[email protected] May 8th, 2007 11:37 PM

Liberty Tait
Weight 8lb, 6oz
Height 19 1/2 inches
May 02, 2007
7:02 PM

This is her labor and birth story…
I think labor started around 2AM Pacific time but it didn't really get my full attention until 4AM. I have never started labor without my water breaking first so this was all new. When I realized that I was definitely having labor contractions at 4AM I got out of bed and had a gush of water. It was obvious to me that my water had broken. SO…I was DEFINITELY in labor…FINALLY! I went in to the bathroom and noticed the bloody show and I was losing my mucus plug. I was so excited to be in labor as I was a week past my due date and had been ready to have the baby for so long. I let Mark know that I was in labor and that I was going to go downstairs to time contractions. They were pretty strong one and were roughly 4 to 6 minutes apart and lasting around 50 seconds. I was sure I’d have the baby by noon at that rate. As it turned out I was way off! I spent the morning downstairs while everyone else was sleeping. I made myself some oatmeal for breakfast and drank some of my PREP TEA (a special herbal blend from my midwife/ND that aids in labor and birth). I called my Mother, who lives in the Seattle area and she said she’d be on her way soon. Her plan was to come and stay for a few days to be here for the birth, to help with the children, and to help me, of course! I called my midwife/ND around 7:30 AM to let her know that I was in labor. She asked if she should cancel her 9AM appointment or if she should keep it. I told her there was no rush and to go ahead and keep it. She was cancelling the rest of her appointments for the day and was ready to come over whenever I needed her. All I had to do was call. I figured I’d call her when I felt the labor getting a bit more serious. As long as I was able to get around and do things between contractions I wasn’t worried about having her here. I went back upstairs and Mark helped me to get the bed ready and then he set up the birthing tub. I took a shower and put on my makeup. I went downstairs and made two loaves of banana bread and got them in the oven. I was just trying to keep busy and distracted. I did some light cleaning and picking around the house. The children came down and were so excited to hear that the baby would be born that day. Mark did a good job of keeping them occupied so that I could just “do my thing”. The contractions had spaced out to 7-9 minutes apart and were roughly 1 minute in duration at that point. They were VERY strong and required my full attention when I’d have them. I just breathed through them and tried to release all my tension and just ride the wave but I found it more difficult to do with this labor, but I still handled them very well, considering how strong they were. I decided to go upstairs to lay down for a while and alternate getting my feet up because of foot (not ankle) swelling. However, it made the contractions FURTHER apart and FAR MORE INTENSE! My Mom arrived around noon and took over the job of hanging out with the children. I was so relieved that she made it here before the baby came. I timed a few more contractions and they were back to 1 min., 15 sec. in duration. I didn't remember contractions being this intense...but I'm sure it's because it's one of those things we conveniently "forget" so we'll have more babies. ha ha. I had yet to call the midwife/ND to come over. Mark ran out to Lowes to get another component for the birth tub set up and I decided to call Dr. Frazer to come over upon his return. I was concerned that things would begin to go really quickly. Dr. Frazer arrived around 1 PM or a little after. We had lunch around 2:30. I made myself a delicious steak fajita with lots of veggies. I’d also been drinking a LOT of water all day long. During this time my contractions had spaced out to anywhere from 7 to 16 minutes apart. This was my first labor where they didn’t progress at a steady rate…it kind of went backwards. Things had begun to change a little bit. The baby had definitely moved down really low and I had begun to feel a LOT of unrelenting pressure. Mark and the doctor went up to fill the birth tub so it would be ready when the time came. I still had the weird spacing of contractions but they were super intense. My doctor called her assistant midwife to come over around 3 PM. After she arrived we all just kind of sat around and visited. I checked out during contractions to just close my eyes and breathe through them. As soon as they were over I’d go back to visiting. I found that standing through the contractions made them a little less intense than if I were sitting and WAY less intense than they’d been when I had gone up to lie in bed earlier in the day. This labor was so different from my first two, as I preferred sitting through the contractions on a couch with them. I think it’s because I had so much pressure in my bottom that sitting made it far more difficult! Anyhow…the contractions did begin to get MORE intense and a little longer, though still erratically spaced. I started getting what I would call antisocial just after 6PM and let everyone know I was going upstairs to my bedroom to be alone. I think climbing the stairs did something for my labor because that’s when the contractions started coming really close and I could feel the baby move down. Fortunately my husband had followed me upstairs to help me if I needed it. I decided it was definitely time to get in the tub after a couple of contractions in the bathroom. My midwife checked baby’s position while I was in there and she was finally in the birthing position…just right there, ready to come out!!! She and her assistant went in the guest bedroom to wait until I needed them. I’m not one that likes to have a lot of people just sitting around and looking at me while I’m in the intense part of labor. So I told them I’d call them in when I started feeling “pushy” with my contractions. I got in with a helping hand from my husband then got right back out to use the restroom...empty the bladder. I had SOOO much pressure and was just sure I needed to have a BM (well...all day I felt this way) but I never had it so intensely with my other two labors. Never did have the BM...It was just the baby pressure. Anyhow, I got in the birth tub with my husband standing by to help if I needed anything. The baby was born like 12 minutes later. My first or second contraction in the tub I felt a little "pushy" so I told my husband to let the midwives know and they came on in. The next contraction I did push and felt a little sting so I knew the head was right there wanting out. My husband told my mom to bring up the kids because they wanted to be there when the baby was born. Then on the next contraction the head came out, they checked for a cord around the neck and there wasn’t so on the third contraction and pushing session the rest of her little body slipped out. I got to bring her up out of the water to my chest myself. I hadn't done that with the others. It was so sweet. Anyhow...She was absolutely perfect. She had good APGAR scores and was so alert. She had a perfectly round head…not cone headed at all. LOTS of black hair…with blonde eyebrows, so I’m guessing she’ll follow in her sibling’s footsteps and turn blonde before too long. I was hoping for ONE redheaded baby since I have red hair. Guess I’ll just have to have another! Ha ha. I had no tearing or anything…just a little “skid mark” that isn’t even bothering me. Anyhow it took half an hour to deliver the placenta (I HATE THAT PART). They had already cut the cord because it stopped pulsing and let my husband hold her while I delivered the placenta. Then I got into my bed and got to feed the baby and rest. AHHHH…nothing as wonderful in the whole world as finally resting after pushing a baby out! Anyhow, we had a good night, she ate well, and all of her bodily functions were working properly. She was so alert and making all those cute little baby noises! It was such a wonderful and bonding experience for the children as well. I wasn’t sure initially that I’d want them to see the birth but they both wanted to. We had discussed all the things they might see or hear so they were prepared. Fortunately with a water birth there’s nothing really to SEE like you would in an out of water birth so basically they just got to see the baby coming up from the water to my chest, which was covered with a shirt, by the way. They got to sit with their Papa and adore the newly born baby. My midwife showed them the placenta and explained what all the parts were and what their function was…so it was a learning experience for them as well. They were really intrigued by everything. All in all the whole experience couldn’t have been better for all of us.

That makes THREE wonderful water births for me!!! :cheer:

MrsPil May 13th, 2007 10:38 PM

Fantastic birth story! Congrats mama!

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