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alittlelost March 26th, 2013 07:34 AM

Sick or Unwell
When you're sick or unwell, who helps you with the kids, or do you have to work through because you have no one to help?

crunchywannabe March 26th, 2013 08:50 AM

Re: Sick or Unwell
I think about this a lot looking to the future. Basically unless DH is home I will just have to power through. We are too far from anyone to get other help! Which makes me nervous because I'm a huge sucky baby when I'm sick.

I guess if it were something serious, (like recovering from surgery, or being laid up for a few days for some other reason) dh would take time off work, or my mom or MIL might come out and stay here, but that would have to be under special circumstances.

Twirlbird March 26th, 2013 09:12 AM

I have my mom or sister to help out if they aren't working. If they are, then try and survive.

KMH March 26th, 2013 09:13 AM

Re: Sick or Unwell
I just power through :( DH is a big baby when he is sick and we don't live near family, so I just do what has to be done. Fortunately we seem to be a healthy crew...let's hope that continues :fingerscrossed:

Social Halfwit March 26th, 2013 09:59 AM

Re: Sick or Unwell
If DF isn't working, he helps. Otherwise I just push through. Luckily, the boys are very self-sufficient if they know I'm sick. We have movie days or snuggle days. My mom had a 12" laptop and she just sent it to me for the boys, so now they can play some education games while I mom-sleep (that magic sleep where you can still hear everything around you). Sometimes, if LB's dad isn't working, he will take both boys so I can get some real rest.

breathing for two March 26th, 2013 10:59 AM

Re: Sick or Unwell
If hubby's working, we have what I call a "minimal parenting day" I crash on the couch, we turn on the tv, I cook whatever's easiest. They aren't the best days, but you just have to get through them.

ashj_1218 March 26th, 2013 12:30 PM

Re: Sick or Unwell
Up until now: just power through. If it is really bad, I could get DH to come home. But I usually don't want him exposed more than necessary because he is a huge baby when he is sick too. So I mostly just did what I needed to to get by.

But my parent are moving close next week and that will mean more help for me!! And I know my mom will be a great help when I am not feeling well.

momneedscoffee13 March 26th, 2013 01:09 PM

Re: Sick or Unwell
During the day it's just me, luckily when DH gets home from work he will take over everything and let me rest. We're lucky enough to be a really healthy family and I can only remember a couple of times that I've been that sick since Connor was born!

sareymac March 27th, 2013 06:02 AM

Re: Sick or Unwell
My hubby usually unless hes working, then my mother in law helps a LOT. she has been our savior.

proudMoM26 March 27th, 2013 07:17 AM

Re: Sick or Unwell
Only me,. DH is working overseas,. so I need to go through..

shen7 March 27th, 2013 09:04 AM

My mom will help a good bit. It depends on what she has going on, I try not to impose too much on her. But if she's free I can usually bring M over to her house and crash on a couch for awhile. And on weekends when DH is home, he can pretty much take over. We do end up having those TV/lazy cooking/stay inside days, too, though. I have had a lot of days this pregnancy where I just felt terrible and could not do much, like almost all weeks 8-16 or so :P I am starting to get more tired again now that I am in the 3rd tri too but it's not as miserable. I am more just too lazy to keep house properly lol.

IronMamma March 29th, 2013 01:39 PM

Re: Sick or Unwell
If DH is not around it's just me. I have not been sick though in years so fingers crossed it stays that way! Like, let me think. The last time I was sick, honestly...I think I was 15 or so. So 13 years. Something like that.

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