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ohnicole March 28th, 2013 03:26 PM

I found the perfect shopping partner...
Just thought this was so funny... today I stopped into Old Navy with Eleanor because I still don't have anything to wear for Easter. So we went into the changing room, and totally unprompted, out of the blue, I put on a dress, and she says, "Oooooooh! Piddy (pretty) mommy!" I laughed and said thank you, and moved onto the next dress, and she actually took a cracker out of her mouth to say, "Green one! Piddy!" Then we went back out to look a little more and she said, "Piddy hair!" I asked her who had pretty hair and she said, "Everybody!" :lol: Somehow she has learned how to give compliments.

And it's a good thing she was being so cute then, because we went grocery shopping afterward and it was tantrum central :lol:

P.S. We also found out today that we're having another girl :)

KMH March 28th, 2013 05:07 PM

Re: I found the perfect shopping partner...
That is a really sweet story :wub:

Congrats on Girl#2! I bet Eleanor will be an amazing big sister.

alittlelost March 28th, 2013 06:36 PM

Re: I found the perfect shopping partner...
That is so adorable!!! And congrats on the girl :)

shen7 March 28th, 2013 07:25 PM

Awww that is so cute!!!!! :) M has recently started picking out shirts for me and DH to wear and getting picky about her own wardrobe too. She likes her "kitty cat pants" and "ball pants" (they have polka dots). She likes very bright colors, stripes and patterns, and so we are starting to have interesting outfits :lol: It sounds like Eleanor is a great consultant ;) M does not give compliments, only orders, so far anyway.

And congrats on another girl!!! :cheer: That will make hand me downs very easy!

ashj_1218 March 29th, 2013 09:19 AM

Re: I found the perfect shopping partner...
Aw! How cute! She sounds like a great self-esteem booster right now :)

Congrats on a pink bundle! How fun for the two of them to be so close in age.

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