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shen7 July 16th, 2013 07:12 PM

crib recs for side carring??
Thinking ahead here a bit :) G is a chart topper even bigger than his sister was, 10.5-11 lbs already. We just moved into the yellow edge GMD prefolds and out of the newborn size! I am certain he will outgrow the full size Arm's Reach cosleeper before I am ready to limit his nighttime breastfeeding or stop bedsharing/cosleeping. So I need to find a crib that can be side carred to a relatively high bed (high sides and/or adjustable height) that won't have a restrictive weight limit or require he be unable to sit himself up or pull up. It is okay if there's a several inch drop off into the crib, he will be big and strong enough by then to handle it on the off chance he rolls away from me.

Ideas? Resources? Info? Thanks in advance :)

ashj_1218 July 16th, 2013 07:34 PM

Re: crib recs for side carring??
We have a Bassett baby crib with a higher back and I think it works great for side-carring. I am not sure about the height of the bed aspect. Could you put it on risers (the specific bed risers) or a platform if your bed is really high? Because mine is just standard height and our crib mattress is on it's highest setting to match up correctly. Ours looks kinda like this one: https://www.google.com/shopping/prod...d=0CI4BEPICMAM

You and you husband grow some big babies :) I adore squishy babies. (He is about the size of Jo already!)

shen7 July 16th, 2013 08:05 PM

Re: crib recs for side carring??
Oooo, a platform or risers is a good idea! And that looks like a nice crib. Thanks Ashlee :) I like to overresearch these decisions so this will get me started! ;) I will look for separate risers and convertible cribs with high sides.

G and Kieran ought to start a big boy club, haha! Jo probably seems teeny tiny to you now after him, even though she looks perfectly average sized :) After all my bones have been through now, I'm sure the next baby (should we be so blessed) will just shoot right out :P

ashj_1218 July 17th, 2013 11:03 AM

Re: crib recs for side carring??
^^Lol. Well.......Jo did sorta shoot right out :D There might be something to that!!

Yeah, Jo looks itty bitty in comparison to Kieran, even as he was at this stage. I feel like she has been in her 0-3 month clothes for.ev.er. When, in actuality, most babies prolly wear them for two months!! She is a 40th percentiler for weight, 25 for her head (poor thing), and 95th for height. Weird proportions. But it makes her seem "frail" if that makes sense. Don't tell her, but I do prefer bulkier babies, they just seem so much heartier...like I won't break them!! I am still holding out hope that she bulks up and gets some rolls. Her cheeks are so chubby that she might stand a chance! Mr. K is still hanging in the 95th percentile area, a bit of a drop from his 99th reign. :giggle: I just love their squishiness. Enjoy Mr. Gs.

Have fun researching the perfect option. I love baby research, so I can relate.

Funnybub July 17th, 2013 01:58 PM

Re: crib recs for side carring??
I have a lifetime heritage crib (can later convert to toddler/daybed/full bed). Our bed is quite high and at the highest setting the mattress lines up to our bed nicely. I plan on using this set up for my next baby right away, instead of starting out with a co-sleeper.

shen7 July 17th, 2013 04:28 PM

Re: crib recs for side carring??
Yes, this would be basically for that time between when he can pull himself up to sitting, maybe 5 months-ish, and when I am ready to night wean, sometime around 9-15 months probably. He'll need a mattress height where the crib sides to be high enough that it's not a hazard for him to pull himself up and fall out accidentally, and enough of a continuous sleep surface with our bed that a. he won't hurt himself if he rolls off and down into the crib, and b. it is easy for me to reach over and grab him to feed him at night. So I am looking for 3 or more mattress height settings on the crib, too, because we would probably need a middle one, not the lowest or highest.

With DD we had more space and when she outgrew the cosleeper, we just had our mattress on the floor with a twin futon next to it for her. Our current place has tiny bedrooms and limited storage and our bed frame is big and hard to break down. We just barely have room to sidecar a crib in our room. Eventually, when he's sleeping pretty well at night, we'll move him to DD's room and they will share the room. With DD I also slept with her on a queen mattress on her floor for awhile when she got bigger, but there's no space for that sort of arrangement now. Who knows though, we may finally find a house to buy and end up moving to a bigger place... but this is my contingency plan :)

MommaTooters July 29th, 2013 03:34 PM

When we had a really tall bed I just bought a cheap crib mattress and put it under the nice crib mattress and it leveled out perfectly. We tried the risers but I felt the crib was too wobbly since its not as heave as a regular size bed to keep steady.

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