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Celena September 30th, 2010 12:14 AM

Thursday's Thoughts....
What are some thoughts on any topic you'd like to share for "thoughtful thursday"

Right now my thoughts are, hoping to fall asleep and get some restful sleep tonight without waking up umteen times :)

alethia September 30th, 2010 11:28 AM

Re: Thursday's Thoughts....
yep - my thoughts are totally on sleep too - sleep would be sooo nice :lol:

Celena September 30th, 2010 10:14 PM

Re: Thursday's Thoughts....
LOL ya it's a never ending battle... what do you do to get better rest?

alethia October 1st, 2010 04:52 PM

Re: Thursday's Thoughts....
drink :lol: right now it's mostly my kiddo's keeping me up - but if it wasnt' my medications can do it to ... so i try to take them as early as I can...so they wear off more by bedtime - i also have been doing a turn off the TV and craziness 1 hr before and turning off a lot of the lights to make it darker and more calming. showers really warm sometimes help too.

what do you try?

rebeccabaltimore and more October 7th, 2010 11:12 AM

Re: Thursday's Thoughts....
MS fatigue really sucks when you are taking care of a baby. I didn't really expect this.

(Hey guys!)

alethia October 15th, 2010 08:24 PM

Re: Thursday's Thoughts....
hey! i've been living off caffeine - obv. my body is still exhausted but it's enough to keep my body moving forward and make it through - wofta!

punktart October 20th, 2010 01:03 PM

Re: Thursday's Thoughts....
My thoughts are on pain control. My muscles and joints ache/burn/throb so bad it's hard to move. But not moving isn't an option so I diligently take my meds and pray for the slightest bit of relief.

alethia October 28th, 2010 01:54 PM

Re: Thursday's Thoughts....
mmmmm...my brain is fried today - trying to think what to make for dinner :lol:

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