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ashlynsmom January 30th, 2006 06:58 PM

I have a 6.5 month old daughter would is eating stage 1 baby foods and still nursing. I still don't know how much she should be eating and nursing! It's hard to tell how much breastmilk she's getting but when I pump to go to work, I'll thaw out about 15 ounces of milk for her. She usually drinks it all throughout the day and sometimes leaves an ounce or two left over. (Keep in mind that I nurse her twice before I go to work). She's been eating baby food twice a day--at lunch then dinner. That routine usually goes like this: for lunch, she'll eating about 3 tablespoons of rice or oatmeal cereal and a half jar of stage 1 baby food. She poops about every 2 or three days and she had normal wet diapers. She's not skinny either--her 6 month well visit revealed she was 16 lbs and 11 oz and 26 1/2 inches long. Is her regimen adequate or do I need to encourage more food? She eats to hunger, I guess I'm just paranoid. Any input would be great.

Twinkle January 31st, 2006 06:36 AM

I think you are doing just fine!! Up until a year old the primary nutrition for an infant comes from breast milk or formula. You could try giving her cereal and fruit in the morning as breakfast, then cereal and veggies at dinner, then cereal fruit and veggies at dinner. But if you don't do it thats ok too!! She seems to be a good weight and eating well.

I think you are doing a great job!

Ashes78 January 31st, 2006 08:16 AM

I agree with Christine. She sounds like she is growing good and you are doing a great job.

ryansmama February 14th, 2006 09:51 AM

Don't stress too much about the food issues, it sounds like your baby is doing great. Nurse her before meals because at this age breastmilk is still the best food for her, then feed her according to her interest level. She'll let you know when she's satisfied.

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