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lynn_uk August 29th, 2005 11:52 AM

Posted this in another thread, but I really need an answer, Ross is cutting down on milk, but I don't want him to cut down too quickly, I have only been giving him small amounts of veg and baby rice although he would take more. How much is the right amount? the books say that he will turn his head away when he has had enough, but I don't want to give him that much as I know he would full himself up with puree pear and baby rice (also, carrot, sweet potato and parsnip).

He is happily taking plain boiled water from a non-spill beaker (Avent) and also feeding himself if I give him a loaded spoon. He also managed to suck at a rusk for a while this afternoon (I hoped it would make him thirsty - I'm not sure it did).

I'm not pushing him to do too much too soon. He is over 20lb and showing all the signs of wanting solids, frequent feeds, night wakenings, watching us eat (like a starved person). Also he started refusing a normal bottle at 3 mths so is now on a sippy cup and reached out for the spoon almost straight away - he's had Gaviscon from a spoon for reflux since he was 6 weeks old so he's a pro now.

Eaten today:

b/f at 3am
b/f at 6am
b/f at 10am
2 ice cube cubes of puree apple

Small b/f at 1pm
2 ice cube cubes of puree sweet potato
1 ice cube cubes of puree parsnip
small piece of rusk - eaten whole

small b/f at 4:30pm
baby rice: 4x5ml baby rice with 90ml formula milk plus 2 ice cube cubes of puree pear

That was max baby rice and pear, but he would have easily taken more apple this morning and sweet potato and parsnip earlier.

He will have another b/f in an hour or so, sleep till 11pm for his last feed then we start again tomorrow. He's going to be a big boy !!


TylerJ1029 August 30th, 2005 09:35 PM

I wish I could help but I honestly dont remember exactly how much I used to feed Ty. I pretty much just fed on demand. If he seemed more hungry then I would give him more or just give him a bottle (or breastfeeding in your case) to hold him over.

lynn_uk August 31st, 2005 03:09 AM

Mmmm, the problem is Ross is refusing the b/f but will take the solids, he is still taking the milk but not nearly as much.

I managed to stop him having the 5/6am feed this morning, so he took a feed at 9:30am then only half the apple puree he would normally eat, but I know he will be more hungary at lunch.

I know he is meant to reduce the milk feeds now, but this seems to be a lot of reduction in a short space of time. His nappies are now a lot more solid and I don't want him to get dehydrated

thanks anyway, I'll keep working on keeping up his milk feed.

Iris August 31st, 2005 07:25 AM

I always nurse Ryan before I feed him solid foods. I usually give him oatmeal in the morning then vegetable and fruit in the evening. At this point, feeding solids are really just so baby can learn to eat them. At age 6-12 months they should still be getting 75% of their calories from breast milk. Hope that helps.

lynn_uk August 31st, 2005 02:36 PM

I try, but sometimes I offer and he refuses or takes very little, but if I offer him solids he wolfs it down.

He is way past learning to cope with a spoon and swallowing, he's had Gaviscon from a weaning spoon from 6 weeks and has no problems at all, he's even coping with a solid rusk - although most of it ends up on his bib :lol:

Should I give him nothing until he takes a b/f feed?

onefertilemama September 8th, 2005 07:14 PM

try to b/f him first and if he absolutely refuses to nurse, give him ebm im a cup or from a spoon,whichever he takes to more, then give him whatever solids he'll take for that feeding. if you can get a few oz into him at each feeding, wonderful. if he's hungry he will drink the milk. if his stools become hard, pebble-like balls you know you need to dramaticaly up his fluids. if his body couldn't handle the solids he would already be constipated,gassy,fussy,etc. HTH!

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