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Eka09M June 9th, 2006 06:27 AM

With the names given on each CAF post (on Baby Name Games), I created these combos... WDYT?

Dad: Hugh Michael
Mom: Cecilia Denise
DD: Ella Rose
DS: Asher Jamison
DD/DD twins: Callie Jade / Karmen Alaine
DD: Hailey Brooklyn
DS: Liam Xavier
DS: Kai Jackson
Dog: Polly
Cat: Molly
Hamster: Oliver
Gold Fish: Lucy

1. Grace Harper
2. Channing Elyse
3. Ireland Brielle
4. Ainsley Rose
5. Campbell Joli
6. Talynn Grier
7. Avarie Jade

1. Elliot Jaxon
2. Maddox Beckett
3. Mason Brady
4. Brayden Izaiah
5. Jacen Zander
6. Kieran Drake
7. Ashton Reid

suthernWVswthrt June 9th, 2006 11:37 AM

LOVE Grace...prefer it spelled Grayce. I've never liked Harper...

I don't like Channing at all...Elyse is cute...prefer it spelled Alyse.

Ireland is really cute...so is Brielle.

I really like Ainsley...and Rose is cute.

I don't like Campbell at all...and I really don't like Joli...prefer it spelled Jolie.

I don't like Talynn for a girl...prefer it spelled Talon. Grier is really cute.

LOVE Avarie...especially this spelling. I've never liked Jade.

I don't like Elliot...prefer it spelled Elliott...Jaxon is cute...prefer it spelled Jackson.

Maddox is really cute...but I don't like Beckett.

LOVE Mason and LOVE Brady.

Brayden is okay...and Izaiah is cute...prefer it spelled Isaiah.

Jacen is cute...prefer it spelled Jason...I don't like Zander.

I don't like Kieran...sounds girly...and Drake is too harsh.

I don't like Ashton...but Reid is really cute.

MamaBx3 June 9th, 2006 01:12 PM

I like .. :

Ella Rose
Callie Jade - prefer Cali
Liam Xavier

Channing Elyse
Ireland Brielle - Prefer Irelyn

Avarie Jade - I prefer Avery

Eka09M June 9th, 2006 09:37 PM

Grier is really growing on me.... but only as a middle name!

ladyellise June 9th, 2006 10:32 PM

I like these names:

Callie Jade
Hailey Brooklyn
Liam Xavier
Kai Jackson
Mason Brady
Jacen Zander

jayjay June 9th, 2006 10:45 PM

i like:

DD: Ella Rose
DD/DD twins: Callie Jade
DD: Hailey
DS: Xavier
DS: Jackson
Cat: Molly
Hamster: Oliver
Gold Fish: Lucy

1. Grace Harper
2. Elyse
3. Brielle
4. Rose
5. Campbell Joli
7. Avarie Jade


2. Maddox
3. Mason Brady
4. Brayden Izaiah
5. Zander
7. Ashton

gee102 June 14th, 2006 04:29 AM

1. Grace Harper - nms
2. Channing Elyse - Elyse is okay but prefer spelling Elise
3. Ireland Brielle - I like this one :)
4. Ainsley Rose - very pretty
5. Campbell Joli - Campbell seems too much of a boys name to me and Joli I prefer spelt Jolee
6. Talynn Grier - I like Talynn but not Grier
7. Avarie Jade - nms

1. Elliot Jaxon - love this one
2. Maddox Beckett - nms at all
3. Mason Brady - Mason is okay, but Brady I don't like
4. Brayden Izaiah - Brayden nms but Izaiah is cute
5. Jacen Zander - very cute
6. Kieran Drake - Kieran is very cute but Drake isn't the best name for a baby in my opinion
7. Ashton Reid - cute

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