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jersey_gray August 3rd, 2011 12:02 AM

Sibling sets in my family
Saw similar post and thought it was fun. These are sibling sets from mine and my husband's families.

James "Jim", Dan, David, Eileen, Eleanor, Thomas "Tommy", Diana Marie-my aunts, uncles and mom

Richard "Dick", Edward "Ed" & Ann-husband's aunt, uncle & dad

Jenny Renee and Michelle Lynn-my sister & I

Nathan "Nate" Allen, Charles "Charlie" Lukus, Jacob James & David Nicholas-my husband being Charlie named after his grandfather & Lukus spelled this way because his father thought that was how it was spelled

Walter and Angela "Angie"-boy named after grandfather, girl named after aunt, husband's cousins

Laura Leigh & Nola Lee-identical twins, Nola's my mil

Zeb, Loria & Chance-Zeb being a nn I'm pretty sure, husband's cousins

The next generation:

Karin (kuh-RIN) Renee & Delaney (dee-LANE-ee) Mae-my daughters, Renee for my sister and Delaney for my dad, no nn's for my girls!

Duncan Melvin and Triston Eugene-middle names family names, husband chose Duncan & Angie chose Triston, Angela's boys

Barrett Leander-no siblings but he's the other baby in the family, middle name family name

Past generations are not impressed with this generation's boys names. They liked Karin though I don't think mil liked it when it was made absolutely clear that she would NOT be nicknamed Corey. Thinking they don't like Delaney since they haven't commented on it other than Angela (my age) who likes it. My mom's response to Delaney was "interesting" so I know she doesn't like it.

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