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emsketch August 14th, 2011 01:25 PM

Boy names
Ok, take two. Hopefully this will work this time.
I am throwing around some boy names. I am not one who thinks names have to "go together", but if you are, Dd is Stella Lenore.

girlggc August 14th, 2011 02:02 PM

Re: Boy names
I voted for Eli.

huntersaunt August 14th, 2011 02:27 PM

Re: Boy names
LOVE COHEN! Goes so well with Stella. Stella and Cohen, they just sound so nice. I love the name Cohen too...different, but not wierd.

Aillidh August 14th, 2011 03:51 PM

Re: Boy names
I voted for Eli Marshall. Very, very cute.

SandyBeachSomewhere August 14th, 2011 03:55 PM

Re: Boy names
I'm gonna go with Duncan.

Cohen is a Jewish surname, and I find it weird on non-Jewish children.
Toby is a nickname, but Tobias would be fine (though not my personal style, not that it matters)
Eli is okay, but I've never been able to get on board. 1) it sounds like a nickname to me, for Elijah or Elias (even though I know it stands alone) and 2) it means "ascension" which always struck me as rather odd to stick a child with. Denotes rather high expectations.
Marshall is fine, I just like Duncan better. =)

P*to*the*ORTIA August 14th, 2011 05:55 PM

Re: Boy names
I voted for Marshall Tobias.

Cassie.S August 15th, 2011 08:07 AM

Re: Boy names

Originally Posted by huntersaunt (Post 24619395)
LOVE COHEN! Goes so well with Stella. Stella and Cohen, they just sound so nice. I love the name Cohen too...different, but not wierd.

Ditto! I think Stella and Cohen sound really cute together. Duncan was a close second for me.

Adrienne214 August 15th, 2011 12:06 PM

Re: Boy names
I think Cohen sounds really cute with Stella too :)

My2miracles August 15th, 2011 12:52 PM

Re: Boy names
Voted for Duncan. Liked it best of all of them & I think it sounds good with Stella --- Stella & Duncan.

joonzgurl August 15th, 2011 03:35 PM

Re: Boy names
I voted for Marshall. You obviously like it since it is the middle name for all the others.

I like Eli, but did not vote for it as it is a predominately Hutterite name where I come from.

emsketch August 15th, 2011 04:22 PM

Re: Boy names
I had to google Hutterite to see what it meant!

Marshall was DH's father's middle name. That is why we are set on using Marshall in the name. Tobias Marshall would be my favorite name, but DH does not like Tobias.

carlyheartsphil August 15th, 2011 07:03 PM

Re: Boy names
I love the name Toby!

MommaOnCloud9 August 15th, 2011 10:06 PM

Re: Boy names
Duncan got my first vote! Everyone has heard it, seen it, knows how to spell and pronounce it, must it's rare! It's smart, strong, and masculine. And, Duncan and Stella go so well together in a sibset.

Cohen is my 2nd fave but I don't think it goes nearly as well with Stella.

Gaby&Emmy'sMama August 15th, 2011 10:19 PM

Re: Boy names
I love Eli

LittleLucy August 16th, 2011 12:42 PM

Re: Boy names
Cohen <3 Totally cute.

Shades of Grey August 16th, 2011 05:49 PM

Re: Boy names
I love Cohen!

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