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Kelley July 28th, 2006 09:43 AM



MamaBx3 July 28th, 2006 09:44 AM

I love this ! Lainey *

~*kath*~ July 28th, 2006 09:45 AM

I like it only as a nn

suthernWVswthrt July 28th, 2006 10:10 AM

I really don't like this name...prefer it spelled Laney.

Azlynn July 28th, 2006 10:16 AM

I love it as a nn prefer spellings Lainey/Laney

t!mar!e July 28th, 2006 10:47 AM

i LOVE this name, spelled Laney or Lehnny (weird spelling!!)

oklamomof4 July 28th, 2006 11:08 AM

I love Lainey!! :smile:

ladyellise July 29th, 2006 09:05 AM

I like it and I like it spelled Lainey

jayjay July 29th, 2006 02:56 PM

i don't really like it b/c i've never heard it as a fn. i knew someone whose last name was Laney..

nbbang July 29th, 2006 03:49 PM



I think Laney sounds like a nickname for the name Lane or Delaney.

I like it spelled either Laney or Lainey best.

I think the name Delaney is cute & then use Laney for nn.

Heather1628 July 29th, 2006 05:29 PM

I love Lainey!!

beckii July 29th, 2006 07:49 PM

I think its really cute for a nickname, but I'd go with Alayna, Delaney, Elaine, etc for a first name instead.

Bow2thePrincess July 30th, 2006 02:04 AM

I think it's a sweet name! :)

rollopodio July 30th, 2006 08:09 AM

i LOVE!!! Laney. i sort of like it spelled Laynee but i dont know. i think it is a beautiful name. i would love to use it but so far dh doesnt like it. maybe by the time we have a little girl it will grow on him.

dkthe06 July 30th, 2006 10:55 AM

i love that name spelled Lainey!

JuneBug2006 July 30th, 2006 11:15 AM

I think it is very adorable but I think something I would use as a nickname for sure though...

Just because it might seem a tad "immature" to someone who is in their 20s or 30s!..lol

FamilyShorty July 31st, 2006 09:17 AM

It's OK.

carlyheartsphil July 31st, 2006 01:28 PM

i love it. I like it spelled Laney, Lainey or Laynee. I also like Delaney!

Kierasmom July 31st, 2006 02:06 PM

Laney is very cute.

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