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Solveig November 21st, 2013 11:54 AM

Need some help deciding!
We are having twins.

Do you prefer Ruth Annelie or Rita Annelie

Is Thora as a middle name too close to Thea as a first name? I have a daughter named Thea.

Charlotte Thora or Charlotte Olga?

On to the boys:

The boys names we agree on are Peter, David, Jonathan, Gabriel and Leo.

We want Severin as a middle name for the (first) boy:

Peter Severin
David Severin
Jonathan Severin
Gabriel Severin
Leo Severin

And either Oskar or Nikolaus as middle name for a second boy:

Peter Oskar
Peter Nikolaus
David Oskar
David Nikolaus
Jonathan Oskar
Jonathan Nikolaus
Gabriel Oskar
Gabriel Nikolaus
Leo Oskar
Leo Nikolaus

Spellings cannot change. I am Swedish with Danish, Norwegian and German family. My husband is English.

ducksaresnazzy November 21st, 2013 01:17 PM

Re: Need some help deciding!
my choices from your list:
Ruth Annelie (flows better than an "a" followed by an "a")
Gabriel Nikolaus (personally am just not a fan of Oskar, and of the remaining, i love this combination.. it looks good in writing and has a nice ring to it)
Peter Severin (kinda sounds like a first name/ last name combination but that's why i like it)
Charlotte Thora (i LOVE the name Charlotte, and don't think "Thora" is too close to "Thea" unless she was born directly before this baby.. like if there are kids in between them it's okay)

momology November 21st, 2013 01:38 PM

Re: Need some help deciding!
My favorites:

Ruth Annelie (also think it flows better with an A middle name)
Charlotte Thora (I dont think it is too close since it is a middle name and it sounds pretty different when said aloud)
David Severin (I think David flows best with Severin)
Jonathan Nikolaus (I think it pairs well with David and I love the MN Nikolaus)

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