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FOUR21 February 6th, 2007 02:45 PM

Hi girls :smile:
I was wondering if you could help me with middle names that sound good with these names
Aubrey and Braydon?
I'm stuck on trying to find middle names -_-

Acadia February 6th, 2007 03:04 PM

I like these:

Aubrey Blythe
Aubrey Starr
Aubrey Celeste
Aubrey Elise
Aubrey Leanne
Aubrey Sarai
Aubrey Selene/Selena
Aubrey Yvette
Aubrey Annelise
Aubrey Emmeline
Aubrey Sophia
Aubrey Eliane

Braydon Cole
Braydon Dean
Braydon Judd
Braydon Luke
Braydon Ross
Braydon Shane
Braydon Elias
Braydon Anthony
Braydon Julius
Braydon Theodore

There are a few different styles in there so maybe you will like one ... they're not all just my style but I think they all flow pretty well. :smile:

ladyellise February 6th, 2007 04:11 PM

Aubrey Lynn and Braydon Lukas are cute names :)

suthernWVswthrt February 6th, 2007 05:04 PM

I LOVE the name Aubrey...I prefer the spelling Aubree. I LOVE the name Braydon...I prefer the spelling Brayden.

Here's some suggestions:

Aubrey Brandi
Aubrey Mariela
Aubrey Shreya
Aubrey Aaliyah
Aubrey Danielle
Aubrey Elizabeth
Aubrey Gina
Aubrey Annette
Aubrey Patience
Aubrey Julie
Aubrey Marilyn
Aubrey Diamond
Aubrey Nancy
Aubrey Sierra
Aubrey Jana
Aubrey Mariana
Aubrey Allison
Aubrey Annabelle
Aubrey Marissa
Aubrey Simone
Aubrey Nicole

Braydon Reagan
Braydon Darren
Braydon Walker
Braydon Clarence
Braydon Leon
Braydon Allen
Braydon Peyton
Braydon Layne
Braydon Grant
Braydon Ashton
Braydon Cohen
Braydon Aaron
Braydon Jacob
Braydon Henry
Braydon Christian
Braydon Randall
Braydon Xavier
Braydon Brett
Braydon Sterling
Braydon Anthony
Braydon Cody

FOUR21 February 6th, 2007 05:26 PM

Wow, thanks! You girls helped me out A LOT!

elliebean February 6th, 2007 05:49 PM

i adore both aubrey and braydon.

boy's names that go with braydon: morgan, isaac, adonis, brennan, zachariah, austin, bradley, casey, armani, leo, weston, moses, dallas, christian, joseph, louis, jefferson, graham, edward, kurt, and joshua.

girl's names that go with aubrey: ayla, eve, cora, tracy, maya, treasure, carmen, candace, tyler, jada, nia, ingrid, evelyn, mia, janiya, maggie, molly, rowan, linda, kylie, and cynthia.

jag-mama February 6th, 2007 10:15 PM

I love Aubrey ..... but prefer spelled Aubree.

Aubrey Grace
Aubrey Layne
Aubrey Brielle
Aubrey Renae
Aubrey Jaidyn
Aubrey Denae

I also like Braydon

Braydon Cole
Braydon Lucas
Braydon Cooper
Braydon Jacob

Joni927 February 6th, 2007 10:26 PM

Sorry if I repeat! I like...

Aubrey Brianne
Aubrey Brooke
Aubrey Cheyenne
Aubrey Claire (A friend of mine used Audrey Claire and she is the cutest!)
Aubrey Diane
Aubrey Darlene
Aubrey Elise
Aubrey Gianne
Aubrey Julianne
Aubrey Jenise (prn: Jen niece)
Aubrey Jennae (prn: Jen nay)
Aubrey Jessa
Aubrey Jayden
Aubrey Kate
Aubrey Kaleen
Aubrey Kaitlyn
Aubrey Leanne
Aubrey Loraine
Aubrey Michelle
Aubrey Mackelle
Aubrey Nicole
Aubrey Noelle
Aubrey Peyton
Aubrey Renee
Aubrey Raquel
Aubrey Samantha
Aubrey Skylar
Aubrey Taylor
Aubrey Vanessa
Aubrey Veronica

Braydon Adam
Braydon Alex
Braydon Connor
Braydon Eric
Braydon Elijah
Braydon Gregory
Braydon Jeffrey
Braydon Jack
Braydon James
Braydon Josiah
Braydon Joseph
Braydon Jesse
Braydon Kyle
Braydon Kenneth
Braydon Michael
Braydon Matthew
Braydon Nicholas
Braydon Nathaniel
Braydon Riley
Braydon Randall
Braydon Skyler
Braydon Samuel
Braydon Tyler
Braydon Thomas
Braydon William
Braydon Zachary

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