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scubagirl80 February 8th, 2007 10:40 AM

I think I'll get some flack for this ;) , but I really like the name "Dylan" for a girl. I used to like it for a boy, but it became so overused...Opinions?

MamaBx3 February 8th, 2007 10:44 AM

Hey !

I've heard it over and over again on girls .. I don't think it's awful but I don't like it .. However , I don't like it on a boy either !

If you love it then use it ! :smile:

***Andrea February 8th, 2007 10:48 AM

It is very popular right now, but like Britanie said, if you love it than use it. I personally only like it for a boy.

scubagirl80 February 8th, 2007 10:51 AM

Hmmm...I really didn't realize that it was so popular for a girl. I have never come accross a female Dylan (watch me meet her tomorrow :) )

Bre+Will=Reid February 8th, 2007 11:14 AM

I really like it!!

blessedmommy February 8th, 2007 12:08 PM

I've never heard Dylan used on a girl either, but I think I like it. Of course you are talking to the girl who named her daughter Peyton and caught her own share of flack over that! If you like it, use it!

Melanie. February 8th, 2007 12:08 PM

It's okay, not the most masculine name.

I used to like Hunter and Drew for girls. :o

::er!ca:: February 8th, 2007 12:39 PM

I don't like Dylan for either gender, but I prefer it on a boy.

bebe-v-j February 8th, 2007 12:58 PM

I like it for a BOYS name & thats it! Not at ALL feminine sounding to me ...

alieygater February 8th, 2007 02:13 PM


~Danielle~ February 8th, 2007 03:36 PM

I dont like it for a girl.. only a boy.

Christababe85 February 8th, 2007 03:48 PM

I've met a couple Dylans who were girls, I think it's cute but not a name I would use.

suthernWVswthrt February 8th, 2007 05:03 PM

I don't like this name for either gender...but I do prefer it for a boy.

nbbang February 8th, 2007 05:25 PM

I don't really like the name Dylan. I'd prefer it on a boy.

I think there's lots of prettier names out there for girls anyway.

meanboys February 8th, 2007 06:06 PM

I don't care for the name in general and I've never heard of a girl with the name.

Angelica81 February 8th, 2007 08:11 PM

NMS but I think it's cute for a girl. Definitely don't like it as a boys name.

Mom2DyJessAva February 9th, 2007 07:36 AM

i agree i think there r alot of better names for a girl..being that said my sons name is DYLAN!! lol i love the name just not on a girl!

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