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MommyTheresa February 12th, 2007 05:02 PM


suthernWVswthrt February 12th, 2007 05:05 PM

I LOVE this name!!

Niamh ૐ February 12th, 2007 05:28 PM

nms, but I dont dislike it. :smile:

maymay February 12th, 2007 06:31 PM


~Danielle~ February 12th, 2007 07:01 PM

It's ok on someone elses kid.

meanboys February 12th, 2007 07:21 PM

This was almost the name of my second son. I think it's still a cute, original name.

::er!ca:: February 12th, 2007 07:26 PM

I think Harrison is cute, but I wouldn't ever use it. I really dislike the name Harry so I wouldn't want my child to be called by that.

CanuckGal February 12th, 2007 07:28 PM


I LOVE this name!![/b]
Me too! I REALLY love it!

greatmom February 13th, 2007 12:31 AM

I love the name is cute ..... I loving it ! :inlove:

chlodoll February 13th, 2007 12:33 AM

I like it.

*PurpleMidnight* February 13th, 2007 01:18 AM

its ok

alieygater February 13th, 2007 01:27 AM

I lub it alot

Elysia February 13th, 2007 01:54 AM

not really my kind of name but I dont hate it

irishxrose February 13th, 2007 04:17 AM

It's cute, but I wouldn't use it.

Katherine Sarah February 13th, 2007 04:39 AM

Love the name Harrison, and i Love the nn Harry even more.

Jen25 February 13th, 2007 09:18 AM

I love it!! It was my top choice for this baby (had it been a boy), but it was dh turn to pick the boy name. But the only nn I like for it is Harris, dont like Harry at all, lol.

Hey There February 13th, 2007 10:11 AM

Love the name Harrison but ditto Erica. I really don't like Harry. If he was going to be called only Harrison or Harris or you don't mind the name Harry ~I'd use it!

balmom February 13th, 2007 01:14 PM

I just have to tell you that I have a friend who has three boys and one of them is Christian and one is Harrison. I thought that was funny since you also have a Christian (which I LOVE by the way).

When I first heard Harrison, I wasn't so sure, but it grew on me and I like it now. I think if you always call him Harrison, it would be rare for people to call him Harry.

Good luck!

Melanie. February 13th, 2007 04:41 PM

I dislike it.

homemakermommy February 13th, 2007 05:25 PM

Such a cute name!

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