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Miracle September 9th, 2007 01:59 AM

Welcome to the Baby Names Board!


You are not expected to like every name. But there are appropriate ways of expressing your dislike. Emotively negative words/comments are not constructive and can be hurtful. If you really hate a name and can't think of a polite reply, then don't bother to reply to that thread.

It's ok to post a reply saying that you dislike a name, but when you make a reply please consider whether you would say it to someone's face. Behind every post is a person with feelings.


If you have a complaint about a member or post on this board, you can hit the REPORT button at the bottom of the member's post.

Hosts have no control over disputes on JustMommies, so please PM any complaints to the moderators.


BNS- baby name survivor (a baby names game)
CAC- create a combo (a baby names game)
CAF- create a family (a baby names game)
CAN- create a name (a baby names game)
combo- combination/ a first and middle name pair
CNP- create name pairs (a baby names game)
DB- dear boyfriend
DD- dear daughter
DF- dear fiance(e)
DG- dear girlfriend
DH- dear husband
DS- dear son
DW- dear wife
FN- first name
HTH- hope that helps/ helped
IMO- in my opinion
ITA- I totally agree
MN- middle name
NMS- not my style
NMSAA- not my style at all
NN- nickname
SO- significant other
TIA- thanks in advance
WDYT?- what do you think?

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