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Effervescence January 26th, 2010 12:54 PM

Found a Local Group!
I got an email from a friend of mine in our playgroup. It was an invitation to a "Signing With Babies Meetup Group." Apparantly, Meetup Groups is a website kinda like YahooGroups, where you can find local interest groups.

Anyway, this group meets at least once a month to talk about signing etc. Their next meeting is tomorrow! I'm taking Jonah. I'm pretty excited about it!

A&C's_Mom January 27th, 2010 07:56 PM

Re: Found a Local Group!
That is great! Did you two have fun?

Effervescence January 28th, 2010 08:20 PM

Re: Found a Local Group!
I was meaning to update on this yesterday, but my mom came to visit and she arrived as soon as we got back.

It was a good meeting, as far as being able to go and talk to a few other parents about signing, and just our babies in general. But the actual meeting was kind of bleh. The meeting description said we were going to play Zingo, which is like picture bingo. But I thought we would only be doing that for a few minutes, not the entire meeting. It was actually a good idea, and one I think really helped parents and the babies/toddlers learn signs. We all got our Zingo card, which had nine pictures on it, and the lady drew a tile and did the sign for the picture. If we had the picture on our card we had to shout out really fast that we had it, and we got the tile to mark our card.

This game took FOOOORRRREEEEEVVVVEEERRRR. First of all, only one person at a time could mark off their picture/sign if it was on their card. If two people had that sign then the one who called out last had to wait until it was drawn again. Also, she played it so that the whole card had to be covered, not just a row. About ten minutes into the first game, all of the children lost interest, completely. They were all over the place, not getting anything out of it anymore. And the parents couldn't really participate either because we were all running after the kids LOL

We played this game THREE times. It was really strange. You'd think she'd notice that no one was playing anymore. But I did enjoy seeing the other families, and there was a familiar face there from Jonah's music class as well so that was great. I'm really trying hard to get out and be social. It's so hard when I have lived my whole life in one little town to suddenly be uprooted to a brand new area. I think we'll go again next month.

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