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ukmumof3 June 17th, 2012 09:14 PM

I'm devestated
Hi I'm new here my 1st son Kamran was adopted because I was messed up back then on heroin and crack and he was removed at birth by social services i saw him in a family centre for his 1st year I went into rehab and got clean but then broke up with his dad and ended up back on the drugs so social services went to court and got it agreed they could place him for adoption but in court it was agreed that I would receive a letter and photos from the adoptive parents every year and i can send a letter and photos also yearly.
I have to say I can't stand his adoptive mum I have always had to contact social services every year to get them to remind her to send it also always in the letters she goes on about what she has bought him and oh some of his friends at school have famous footballers as fathers its like so what I don't care about that crap I just want to know how he is.
so the letter is due every feb-march I gave her more time this year because I've been busy cos I just had a baby in feb well last week I emailed social services then a few days later I get a reply saying they have moved and not left there new contact details and my letter i sent last year was sent back to social services saying addressee not here.
so that's it, its obvious she's not going to contact them now when its been over a year and I'm annoyed that social services didn't bother telling me last year that my letter was returned.
I have a feeling she will not tell my son he was adopted when he's older so I will never get that chance that I might see him when he's older he has 7 biological brothers and sisters from my family and his dads family to who I'm sure he might like the chance to meet someday.
I don't know how this woman can get away with doing this when it was agreed in court

Alison81 July 20th, 2012 08:03 PM

Re: I'm devestated

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