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Rainbow Momma November 8th, 2013 05:35 PM

My adoption story!
Hi Ladies!

Just saw this board:)

My name is Amanda and here is my adoption story! When i was the 7th grade i met this totally awesome guy, Tyler, he was new in school and i decided to befriend him because he was so dreamy lol We eventually got really close and began "dating" and in 7th/8th grade terms that meant we would find each other and hold hands down the hallway in between classes and have our parents drop us off at the movies on friday night or the skating rink (typically the skating rink lol) we went out all through 8th grade year at the end of the year his mom moved to a different house, one only 3 blocks away from my house. so we started seeing alot more of each other and not in private. he would come over after school and leave before my parents came home and of course once summer hit we spent all day together, which left alot more time to "explore" without getting caught. Needless to say that may of my 8th grade year we both had sex for the first time. looking back now, of course, i was no where near ready. We did it a few more times just to get "the hang of things". Now at that age i really didnt keep track of my periods like i should so i didnt really notice it missing. but at the begining of july i started to feel funny. i was light headed, sick, my boobs hurt. So what does every 14 year old do when they cant figure something out? they google it. so i googled and everything i got was that i was pregnant. i started freaking out, but i had to know for sure, so i walked my butt the mile it was down to Price Chopper (the grocery store here) and stole a pregnancy test ( i was not facing that cashier! she prob knows my mom!). practically ran all the way home and sure enough, i got those 2 pink lines. i just stared at that stick and cried and cried, didnt leave the bathroom until my mom got home from work. i couldnt tell tyler yet until his parents werent around because telling him on the phone he could over hear, so the next week when he came over i told him. he freaked out, walked out the door and ive barely seen him since.

I didnt want to tell anybody i just started acting weird (its what my best friend said). i was sick all the time (morning noon and night and way past the first trimester) and i quit softball (the one thing i loved in the world). But one nght i slipped up, i was about 5 months pregnant and starting to show when i fell asleep on the couch and my shirt rode up to where you could see my definte bump. atleast you cold tell it wasnt fat. my mom came home and flipped! she asked me if i was a told her yes, she set up an appointment for me and got everyting checked out for the first time and found out it was a girl and suprisingly without seeing a doctor the baby was in great health! That afternoon when we got home, she kicked me out. I had no where to go, the only person i could think of was my pitching coach, who was kind of like my second mom. She took me in under her wing. At this piont in time i really hadnt thought about what i wanted to do about the baby, but she had shared with me that her and her husband had been trying for 5 years to have a baby. thats when it hit me that the best thing i can do is place that baby for a adoption. and the more i thougth about it the more i thought Jen and Wendall would be absolutely great parents and they deserve to have their family complete. So i googled once again and found Bethany christian services who helped with everything and got the paperwok all set up ( i highly recomend them), discussed it with jen, who was absolutely delighted. We diceded on an open adoption, since both her and i agreed that keeping secrets would harm the baby more than help.

So on February 19, 2006 i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Macie, then handed her over to her Jen, her mom. That, to this day, is the hardest thing i have ever done in my life, yet the best thing. I still get pictures of her and actually get to see her once in a while, and Jen calls me with updates. Macie is 7 years old now and so beautiful and so smart, i couldnt be prouder!

Lucy S. November 8th, 2013 09:00 PM

Re: My adoption story!
That was beautiful!! What a strong woman you turned out to be!! :heart:

anhoyle November 9th, 2013 03:18 AM

That was such a beautiful gift you gave her. What a blessing! You were one smart girl to be so strong at a young age.

Rainbow Momma November 9th, 2013 07:18 AM

Re: My adoption story!
Thanks ladies! of course i wonder every day "what if?" but then i see how happy she is and i know there is no way, at 15, i could provide that great of a life for her.

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