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3Xblessed February 21st, 2006 09:56 AM

Post your twin/ triplet birth story here. Not only will this help us get to know each other better but it will help those who are preggo since I'm sure they are curious about how a multiple birth occurs. Also post pre-term labor experiances if you had any.

3Xblessed February 22nd, 2006 02:58 PM

Pre-Term Labors:
I had my first pre-term labor at 20 weeks which resulted in a shot of terbutaline (sp) to stop the contractions, being pulled from work way earlier than I anticipated and a short stint on bedrest. Fortunately my doctor believed that as soon as the contractions eased up that I was better of moving around a little. After that I had at least one preterm labor event every month that warrented a trip to L&D and a shot. I determined I was in pre-term labor and not having braxton hicks due to the fact that the contractions were so painful that I had to breathe through them, laying on my left side for an hour did not diminish the number and drinking water did not help.

The Birth of the Twins:
I had my regular weekly appoinment on a Friday night. The doctor made the statement that he didn't think I would make it through the week - but he was known for joking so I don't think dh or I took him seriously. DH and I went out to dinner and went home to bed. Around midnight I woke up really sick to my stomache. Then around 4:30 the contractions started. I tried to sleep but finally woke up dh at 6am. Told him that I thought we should call in. He mumbled and went back to sleep. So I got up and took a shower. Tried to wake up dh agian to no avail. Got my bag packed. Tried to wake up dh agian at which point he told me to call then went back to sleep. I got on the phone with the doctor and he said..."okay come on in ... are you ready for a birthday". That statement did not register with me.

Dh finally got up, we put some stuff in the car to return later that day when they released me (see what I mean about not admitting it was the day) and off to the hospital we went. The entire way I suffered through narely contractions while telling dh I was bummed that we were wasting everyones time with the pre-term stuff agian.

They put me in labor and delievery and saw that I was indeed having contractions that were off the charts. My doctor was on call so he was already at the hospital. He gave me a shot to slow the contractions and scheduled an operating room. At this point it sunk in a dh started calling everyone. We got to the hospital at 8am and I was on the table at 12pm. I don't remember much about the surgery other than them bringing the babies over. I do remember that it took forever (it seems) to hear them cry.

Next thing I remember I was back in my room with both kids - no nicu time despite being only 34 weeks and only weighing 4 and 5lbs each. Right after they took out the kids my blood pressure went through the roof so I was monitored up on the l&d floor for 24 hours. The kids were in better shape than me. DS needed a bottle of formula within 30 minutes of being born due to really low blood sugar but I was able to breastfeed them later that night. Both kids were breastfed and supplemented at each feeding and we were on a strict 3hr eating schedule because of low birthweight. We spent 5 days in the hospital to allow me to recover - although I was almost held longer they released me with blood pressure medicine.

cindymat March 3rd, 2006 01:58 PM

At exactly 33 weeks I was awoken in the middle of the night by the strangest feeling ever. I can only describe it as a pop. I layed there wondering what it was, went to the bathroom and went back to sleep. The babies were busy busy in there! I layed wondering if it was possible for them to kick the other so hard that his water broke. 5 seconds later my water broke.

I flipped on the light and started screaming to my husband to get dressed! (my last labor was only 2 hours and we live an hour from the hospital-so I was freaked out I wouldnt make it).
My dr. was already at the hospital and took me into surgery probably about an hour after I got there, after filling out the paperwork and the nurses asking me questions and taking my vitals and stuff.

Cooper was born first at 3 1/2 pounds. He breathed on his own from the beginning but still had to spend 2 weeks in the NICU regulating his body temp and learning to eat.
Ryder was 4 lbs 11 oz but needed to be put on a ventilator for a day and continued to get oxygen for about 2 weeks. He came home after 3 1/2 weeks in the NICU.

I had no preterm labor or any signs of labor prior to my water breaking.

wonderfullymade March 8th, 2006 08:47 AM

On May 31st, 2004, we went in to B Hospital for a routine NST and ultrasound. The NST came back wonderfully, but, during the ultrasound, they found that Twin 2 had only a small pocket of water under her chin. For this reason, and after attempting to restore fluid naturally and having time to discuss pros and cons of waiting, my doctor, Dr. V, and we agreed on an induction for that day. Calvin took the girls home to call and wait for their babysitter and to get my hospital bag. When he returned at 11:30, they hooked up the hep-lock and began the EFM. At this point, I was already at 3+cm dilation and -1 station. The initial plan was to simply break the bag of waters surrounding Twin 1, but her head was not at a good seal against my cervix and there was a small chance of the cord prolapsing if we simply broke the bag of waters and my body didn’t begin contractions immediately. For this reason, at noon, they began pitocin to bring her head to a good seal against the cervix.

The contractions began within the hour, though I only began to feel them with any intensity at 2pm. At this point, they stopped the pit drip to see if I would take over on my own, I did. Shari and Calvin went to the cafeteria while I took a short nap to gather my strength.

Around 3pm, the contractions were now intense enough that I had to have Calvin coach me through them and have the room silent while contracting. The intensity of the contractions continued to build while they also continued to get closer together.

Right about the time I reached 7 centimeters, I began feeling the slight urge to push. This was around 6:50pm. I was becoming extremely sensitive to the light, so Shari diligently placed cool washcloths over my eyes and forehead while Calvin reminded me to relax through the contractions and rubbed my hand. Doctor Van Slooten came to check me around this time and found Twin 1 to be descending nicely with each contraction. He instructed me to push when I felt I could not resist the urge. A few contractions later marked that time. I was 9 cm when I began the pushing stage.

She descended rapidly and was soon crowning. When she crowned, I reached down to feel her head. Calvin remarked on how much hair she had. I asked if there was more hair than Bri and Kairi. He said yes. I then said ‘great, we’re giving birth to Sasquach’. I have always, with all of my pregnancies, cracked jokes at the pushing stage. We believe it is my coping mechanism. The attendants could not believe that I was cracking jokes at this stage of labor and stood in uneasy silence until my doc began belly-laughing. Her head cleared with the next contraction. They suctioned her nose and mouth and, as I began gentle-birthing her shoulders, she began to cry. Immediately afterward, with no help from me, her body slid free and they placed Twin 1 on my belly, skin to skin, and began to clean her. Charis Nevaeh was born at 7:21pm. She weighed in at 5lbs 13ozs and measured 17 ½ inches long. She was born with dark black straight hair.

Shari clamped the cord and cut Charis free of my body as Twin 2 was coming up quickly behind (thanks Charis for the nipple stimulation). My husband then passed her to Shari so that we could begin birthing Twin 2. Five minutes after the delivery of Charis, I began having pushing contractions for Twin 2. Though the contractions were not very strong, I gave one push and she raced down the birth canal to crowning. Surprisingly, she was head-first (we knew previously that she was breech and were planning on delivering her breech). She must have flipped after Charis was out. With the next contraction, her head was delivered where they suctioned her mouth and nose. I pushed through the next contraction and her shoulder and body slipped from mine, she shot into the doctor’s hands. Again, they placed her on my chest and began to rub her down as she was not breathing well. She made quite a fuss. We waited awhile before my husband clamped and cut the cord. Jocelyn Makena was born at 7:34pm. She weighed in at 5lbs 9ozs and measured 16 inches long. She was born with dark black wavy hair.

The placental delivery was easy, as I was entranced with the sight of my two new daughters. We are pretty sure that they are fraternal. Not really anxious to find out though. Two healthy babies, a med-free vaginal delivery, God has blessed us.

Dr. V tells me 'thanks for the bragging rights' of being the only doc in their office that has delivered twins unmedicated... and one of the few who have delivered vaginal twins. He also told me he is extremely impressed with the unmedicated mother, labor & delivery and to send patient's his way if I have any friends... that the questions and learning together was 'fun'.

Toban March 9th, 2006 09:17 PM

After weeks and weeks of my doctor being surprised that I was still pregnant, my doctor decided to induce me. I know my bp had risen at least once, but I think he just felt sorry for me. I was 38.5 weeks, and could barely move. I shudder when I think of those days of trying to roll over in bed!

I got called on October 18th to go in for my induction at 7:30 pm. By 9:00, I was hooked up to an oxytocin drip, and was having very mild contractions. At 12:15, my water broke on its own, and THEN things got rolling! At 1:00 the anaesethesiologist (how the hell to you spell that??) arrived. It was a student (who had a supervisor with him) who took THREE tries to get the line in! Holy crap that hurt!!! I was still only about 2 cm at this point. I rested but didn't sleep after that - but at least I felt no pain. I did, however feel a squeezing feeling, that I didn't recognize at 4:30 - the nurse checked and I was fully dilated, and the baby was right there!! So, they rushed me down to the OR ( they do that as a prevention with twins) without even pushing in the room, and my doc met me there.

At 5:00, I started pushing, and at 5:22, on October 19, Brayden Stuart was born at 6 lbs, 3 ozs and 19 inches long. They broke my water for Carter and could see a cord beside his head, so they got the forceps (after a bit of a panic), and yanked him out! Carter John was at 5:34at 6 lbs 3 ozs and 19.5 inches. I wouldn't have torn in they didn't use the forceps, but I also had not enough energy left to push out another baby. Both boys scored VERY high on apgar scare (9 for Brayden and 8 for Carter) Many nurses told my how lucky I was to have my doctor, as most other docs would have been scared into a c-section. He is so experienced, and knew just what to do in the least invasive way he could.

The first day was a haze - tests, monitoring me and the boys, IV, catheter, visitors who I was too tired to see, and learning how to nurse two babies at once! Both boys had low blood sugar and temperatures, so I had to try to feed them naked, and frequently on the first day.

On the 2nd night, they had a 3 hour crying fit, so I asked the nurses to keep them in the nursery, telling them that I now have 4 kids, and would like some sleep, as I wouldn't be getting any at home! In the middle of the night, they figured out why Carter was so fussy - his weight was getting pretty low. So, the next morning, we started a routine of nursing for 20 minutes, bottle feed 1 ounce of formula, and then pump for 20 minutes to stimulate my milk. What a lot of work! But, it did work. That night my milk did come in, Carter's weight recovered, and they let us come home on the 21st.

carkayjay March 30th, 2006 11:29 AM

I had been in pre term labor since December 15. My doctor was giving me a shot of terbutaline about 2 times a week to stop my contractions. I was dialated but only to areound 2-3. I went in on a Monday to see the specialist for a NST and it was picking up some intense contractions, so they sent me from there to labor and delivery. The contractions were 4-5 minutes apart. My doctor felt sure that the odds were against them getting them to stop completely. I was given a round of steroids on that day and had to come back the next day for another set of shots. The week went on. I was taking terbutaline by mouth 3 times a day to keep the contractions under control.

I had a doctors appointment that Friday and the doctor checked me and said I was right there. He would probably see me sometime over the weekend. I went home and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day and night. I woke up on Saturday morning in a little pain. Got up got a bath basically moved around a little and the contractions started picking up. They were around 5 minutes apart. I stayed at home and at around 2:30 decided to give my midwife a call. I told her about the contractions but that I didnt think they were any worse than they had been before. She said that there was no way to tell unless they checked me. So we loaded the kids up and took them to mil house. I guess it was around 3:30 when we arrived at L&D. It took about 20 minutes for them to check me in.

Once in L&D they hooked me up to the monitors and my contractions were regular about 3 minutes apart. She checked me and I was b/t 4-5 closer to 5. She went and called the doctor and he said to get me prepared for the c-section. Right before they were about to give me my epidural I told the nurse that I had a strange feeling. She checked me and I was at about 7 cm dialated and that was in about a 30 minute time span. They got worried about the position that Rilyn-smaller twin was in that if my water broke they could have an arm or leg trying to come out.

I called my family who lived about an hour away and told them to get there. They were taking me to the OR about the time my mom walked in the door.
Rilyn was born first at 6:14 and Georgia followed about a minute later.
Rilyn wieghed 3lbs 10 ozs and Georgia was 5 lbs 6 ozs.
Both babies were taken to the NICU and I went to recovery.
Rilyn spent 9 days in NICU due to weight gain and Georgia was in my room by the next night. She only had a slight problem with her suger so they monitored to make sure that it would regulate.

It seems like the first 2 weeks were a complete blur, having to go back and forth to the hospital and having 3 at home. I felt like there was just not enough of me to go around, but the reward was worth everything I endured during the pregnancy and with the birth. They are angels!!!!

mommyoffive March 31st, 2006 12:18 PM

I went to get my regular u/s and nst and while at our u/s our tech was impressed to see at 36 1/2 weeks that one of my babies (baby b who turned out to be Quinn) was showing to be 8lbs 11oz. :blink: Dh was with me for this u/s and we were kinda freaking out. I was crying because all I could think was OMG Im gonna ripe open LOL I was not a good pg person at this point. Miserable is putting it lightly.. so anyhow I go up to my nst and run into my doctor whom I tell the results. He of coarse laughs and makes jokes (so not funny) Nst goes well and I have doc appt with doc later that day. He tells me that after reviewing the u/s and talking to the high risk doctor that he thinks we should go ahead and have the babies and how does next week sound? Of coarse I was really hoping to hear " go home and get your bags" did I meantion I was miserable??! lol So he puts me on extreme bedrest for a week and we schedule the date. Day of surgery I am purely exausted because of coarse I can not sleep I am 2 car garage for goodness sake! To make matter worse I have diarrea all morning. Not starting well. Dh's mom comes over early to watch the kids, she planned on bringing them up about 30-1hr before the surgery. Of coarse Dh and mil are snapping all the "before" pics they can of me (which I was not in the mood for) LOL M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E. Ok Im sure your getting the point. So we go and get to the hospital at 10am when we were scheduled, all ready with our bags and even a huge platter of cookies, brownies, etc for the nurse staff (it was our don't hate me offering). Only to find out my room is NOT ready.. it needs to be cleaned so they send me into the waiting room for AN HOUR!!! They are so lucky I already gave them those cookies.... so we finally get to my room and they do their thing, cathetar (sp) and IV the whole sha-bang. I was ready!!!! My surgery was scheduled for noon. BUT it gets pushed back due to emergencies.. so the kids arrive and sit in the waiting room, now at 130 I tell dh to go get them lunch. Of coarse at 145 they tell me "it's time" so I freak having to call Dh to come back to room because it's time. Dh makes it back and I get back to operating room and he waits.. The room was freezing but I got my spinal and that warmed me right up, plus the nurse gave me one of those warmed blankets. The nurses were really nice and were very excited for the twins. It was a bit nerve-wrecking just sitting there. Then I was having a student doctor who was assisting on me and I was his very first twin delivery so he was really really excited!! And very nice. It helped take my mind off all the machines and thought of surgery. They got my screen set up and I started to feel like I was gonna throw up, I guess my blood pressure dropped really low, this of coarse made me more nervous. But after some meds I felt better and I guess my pressure came up. They let Dh come sit with me when they maintained my pressure. Dh and I barely spoke we were both so nervous-excited about the twins our head were in a whirl (im sure you can relate). Then the doctor told me I would feel some pressure as they were about to deliver the first twin, instead I didnt feel any pressure I felt like I could BREATH!!! OMG it felt wonderful. They took Ashton over to examine him and I made Dh stand up to look over at him (he had to look over my open belly) he said he looked small, no hair. LOL he was so nervous. Then they said to get ready here come baby b, quinton was born and everyone commented on how much hair he had. They took him over to examine. Again I made dh stand up and look. LOL He was just like uhhh I can't see anything but nurses. So they said they were doing fine and brought them to show me and off to the nursery they went. Dh followed and I got to be alone. That part sucked. They sewed me up of coarse after my doc asked if I was getting a tubal.. nope! I went to recovery and my spinal was STILL working when they gave me my pain meds. While I was there I of coarse had to check out my belly which was deflated and that left me with loose skin. Even on my legs the skin was loose from being pulled. Dh came into the room shortly after and brought Quinton with him, he explained that Ashton had some fluid in his lungs and had to stay in nursery and that he wanted to go stay with him. I agreed that was best. So he left Quinn with me. The nurse came and took me and Quinn to our room and I called my mil and the kids that they could come back to the room to see the baby. The kids were so excited. I had my brother in law video tape the waiting room with the kids when they got to see the babies come in the nursery!! Sooo cute. My youngest dd was so sweet and wanted to be with me (she missed me) my spinal was STILL working too.. No feeling in my legs. Dh came into the room to show me pictures of Ashton off the digital and to give us updates. He was getting oxygen, just from a breathing tube, and they were watching him. The family left (kids stayed with grandma the night). FINALLY my spinal wore off at 8pm and they let me go see Ashton. He had to stay in the nursery the night for observation but came off oxygen half way thru. Dh stayed with him almost every minute except to come give me updates. Neither of us slept that night really.. in the morning Ashton came into the room with us and we finally were all together again. The kids came up about lunch time and stayed with us for a bit, then Dh took them home and came back up for dinner (while mil watched them) then he went back home and left me alone with the twins. I was so scared to go to sleep I breastfed and had the consultant come in to help. I did not want the nurses to take the boys because they said if hungry they wouldnt wake me but give them a bottle.. and I did not want that. Dh was a saint tho and told me to call him if I was up.. which I did we talked from about 5-9am thank God we have same phone plan and it was free! Then my doc released me that morning so Dh came up and picked us up!! I was on demorol for pain.

Twins1203 April 27th, 2006 11:22 PM

The few days before delivery:
I had a very, very healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, other than being enormous...I often had people tell me to have the doctor check for a third baby. :D
I had an appt. on Jan. 24th and everything was fine; that day was awful...I had two other places I had to go and by the time I got home, my feet were HUGE...which was the first trouble I had with swelling so I immediately became concerned. I rested but I was still swelling and it was getting worse, plus I had a TERRIBLE headache, so I had my Mom drive over and she checked my BP and it was up. I called L&D and they said come in. They checked it and it was still up, so they had me to lie on my side for a while and it went down, but everytime I moved off my side it would go back up. We also discovered that night that Baby A became Baby B and vice versa...they switched places after all that time, which made my baby book situation very complicated as I was keeping Baby A and Baby B separate books, with their individual sonograms and everything :blink: Anyways, they decided to keep me that night and monitor me; the next day they told me I could go home, but the doctor on call told me to make a follow up appt. with my doctor on Friday morning, so I did.

Madison and Gracie's birthday, Friday, January 27, 2006 (35 weeks 6 days)
Despite my best efforts to stay off my feet, I was still swollen and my head still hurt. When I got to the office and they checked my BP on the digital monitor, the nurse said we better check it manually. She did and it was 180/110, but I never had any protein in my urine. My doctor took me and Kris to her office and said, "Melissa, I know you were hoping for a vaginal delivery, but I really think it would be best for you and the babies to do a c-section" I knew she was right so I told her ok and she said, "Go to the hospital and we will have babies in (she looks at her watch and thinks a minute)...in two hours" OMG...2 hours. I had to call everyone and tell them to get their butts to the hospital quick...My mom and Dad both work 1.5 hours away so they flew, but I didn't get to see my Dad before the c-section. I remember looking at Kris and asking him what the docs were doing and he said they are cutting you...I said no they aren't and I really did not believe him until I heard my water break. They showed me Madison Leigh and they blink of an eye I was looking at Emma Grace (which was a surprise for us, b/c her gender was never confirmed during the pregnancy, so we werent sure what we were getting) Kris took the girls to the nursery and didn't realize he would not see me again for 2hours b/c I had to go to recovery. There were 16 babies born that day (in a small hospital) and I didn't see my babies again for 8 hours. They were born at 4:39 and 4:40 in the afternoon and it wasnt until 1:30 that morning that they brought them to us, but they were worth the wait.

Recovery was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I was sore but everyone was really shocked at how quickly I was able to start doing things. Of course, bending and lifting was very hard. The morphine really screwed me up, so I was actually very glad to be off of it. The morphine slowed my ability to process things down and as strange as this is going to sound, I didn't know I had to pee until my bladder was so full that it hurt. My bladder was so full that I couldn't pee. I literally sat on the toilet for an hour and could only pee a little and felt like I was going to pee all over myself but couldn't. They had to do a bladder scan and a normal bladder is supposed to hold like 400mL of urine when it is full and mine had almost 1,000mL's in it. They had to put a catheter in to drain my bladder...and honestly that was worse than recovery b/c they had the hardest time getting that cath in and it hurt SO SO SO bad. My big girls and I got to come home on the following Monday, Jan. 30th. They had no NICU time and I came home with a bottle of Tylenol with Codeine for pain.

There was a set of twins born 30 min before ours were and so we were in the operating room while this set was being brought into the nursery. Someone in the nursery says, "Oh, look at those little twins" My whole family turns to look and everyone but my ditzy mother immediately realizes those are not our twins. My mom starts snapping pictures...they were not only both boys, but they weren't even white...that is right my mom took pictures of these cute little black baby boy twins. She gets so embarrassed when I tell that story.

sunkissed May 30th, 2006 05:59 PM

The story of Aiden and Brandon!

My stomach was aching more than usual at 30 weeks, I was watching Gray’s Anatomy and trying to build a pillow castle around myself and finally went to sleep. About 1am I felt like I was peeing myself, at first I thought I was just leaking urine as the babies had been squishing my bladder for weeks now and I always felt leaky but the strip tests were always negative for fluid, so I stood up and “Whoosh!” I was amazed how much water was coming out and then I got really scared and yelled for Brian and called my Dr’s cell and he said to hurry to the hospital. We were only 30 weeks, I hoped the steriod shots I took a couple weeks earlier did their job and help mature the babies lungs, I just hoped they would be ok so early.

My boys had TTTS and had a successful but very scary and stressful in-utero surgery to close shared vessels a couple months prior. I knew the chances were high we would be delivering early. We were lucky to make it this far!!! We had been on bedrest since week 20!!! UGH!!!

Pulling up to the hospital I felt my first painful contraction. I had a lot of little ones over the past few weeks but this was like WHOA! They kept getting stronger and closer together and I was really scared at this point. I really didn’t think I would go into labor, I knew the babies would be coming early but I figured I would be at an appt and the Dr would say “OK let’s take them tonight, tomorrow etc”. I was seeing a Peri twice a week at this point.

Put in a bed and had the monitoring belts thrown on and the nurses were getting blood, getting forms for me to sign, paging neonatologists and other dr’s. The pains kept coming and they really really hurt now, I was clinging to the side of the bed sobbing and groaning holding brian’s hand in a vice grip. I always thought I had a high tolerance for pain, my last few weeks on bedrest were painful with the SPD and other issues, but this pain was off the charts I never knew pain like this. I am in awe of women that can go thru labor with no meds that is for sure. The nurse checked me real quick and made a face to the other nurse in there and said I was at 6-7cm and had this worried look about her and then Brian looked worried I thought we were both going to be sick right there. She said they were going to start wheeling me down and call my dr and tell him to drive faster. I couldn’t deliver vaginally because with TTTS there is a chance of getting the Acute TTTS which occurs during delivery and reverse bloodflow transfusion can occur thru their connected vessels.

I wasn’t in my mind at all, I thought they were going to come out right there. The anesthesiologist showed up and off we went. Once in the OR I was immediately given an Epidural (didn’t feel it) and immediate relief washed over me. I cried over the relief and was calm for the first time since my water broke. I knew things would be ok. My OB arrived while I was being prepped and then the room started filling up, so many doctors and the 2 incubators were waiting. It went fast. I felt them tugging the first baby out, Aiden came out first with a loud scream. The sweetest sound ever was hearing that baby cry. Brian took his pic realquick and followed him over with the waiting neanatologists. Brandon was next, I really felt this tugging, he was up around my ribs and hard to get out. I heard my OB said Here is COMES with a giant pull and immediately I felt my what was once a huge stomach collapse around me, It felt like all my organs were rushing back into their place with relief. Brandon came out with a quit cry but he cried nonetheless. It took awhile to get my placenta out, it was fused around the top near my ribs and it took 4 minutes to get that out. As I was being glued (yea glue!) up they rolled the boys over in there incubators so I could see them before they rushed them off. I wept in awe at my beautiful little babies that made it here alive after being so worried for so many months and felt such love and thankfulness that I am their mother.

Aiden was 3lbs2oz Brandon was 4lbs3oz. They spent 51 days in the nicu with the usual preemie problems and some problems associated with the TTTS. They are home happy and healthy as can be! now and by looking at them you would never know they were born so early and were so little. :inlove: :inlove:

Fern June 26th, 2006 06:57 PM

I love reading all these stories!

We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that we were having twins. What a surprise!!! But luckily we had a very healthy pregnancy. I had one early labor scare but it was just the stretching and normal discomfort causing cervical pain.

I stopped working at 31 weeks because sitting while commuting and then at my desk gave me contractions. I came home and hung out with my poor dd, who had just turned 2. It was probably the most boring summer she'll ever have in her life. I couldn't get on the floor to play with her (because I couldn't get back up!), I could barely stay awake, changing her diapers was a Herculean effort...

Labor started at 35 weeks and we went to the hospital -- I was so miserable that I was actually hoping this was *it*. They confirmed I was in labor but the contractions weren't dilating me, so they sent me home. The contractions continued for the next two weeks. At 37 weeks I went to my check up so desperate. I was SO miserable and told my dr. I knew I was preparing for a marathon once my twins were born, but I was weaker every day the pregnancy continued. We'd been planning for a c-section at 38 weeks but she agreed to do it the next day, at 37 weeks 1 day.

My boys were both transverse so there was no attempting a vaginal delivery, which I'd really hoped for. But we got to the hospital the next day and they checked me and I was at 4! I hadn't even felt the contractions getting any stronger than they'd been the previous two weeks! My dr. said I was destined to deliver that day either way. They did the c-section and my first son, Griffin Pax, came out screaming at 2:55 p.m. on August 27, 2004. My second son, Phoenix Gabriel, was born two minutes later and came out screaming in unison with his brother. Every scream was the exact same length, every breath started at the exact same time. I was freaking out because I thought he wasn't crying, because it sounded like just one baby. All the nurses and drs in the room were laughing and saying it was a good thing they were going home with us! LOL

Griffin weighed 5 lbs 12 oz, and was 19.5 inches long. Phoenix weighed 5 lbs 10 oz and was 20 inches long. They nursed pretty well once we got the hang of it, although we did supplement them with formula at least once a day until they were maybe 5 months old. They were able to come home from the hospital with us when they were 3 days old. The early months were so tough but it is so much fun now!!!

Marie July 9th, 2006 01:17 PM

Okay I don't feel bad now saying my story.
It's not that exciting but here goes...

My contractions started when I was 24 weeks pg.
That sunday I was have cramps and felt tired. i didn't think much of them since
i heard that you can get cramps from your uterus growing, and me with twins I assumed it was really growing. i went to work the next day and I was feeling bloated, tired, and just not myself. i cont thru the day and finished the day. The night before I asked him how was I suppose to know what contractions felt like since I've never felt them before. That night I was on my bed watching tv. My DH came in and told me that dinner was ready. i wasn't hungry and i wanted to be alone. He finally made me go eat. AFter dinner I called my dr and told the nurse what I was feeling and that I was carrying twins. I was told to go to the hositpal right now! I had an awful feeling run thru my body and started shaking. We got to the hospital at 9pm. They took tests, hooked me up to machines, gave me injections, and more. i was finally released at 11pm or 11:30. I was told to make an appt with my reg dr the next day.
The next day i was driving to my appt. During the drive on the freeway I started to have contractions again. i made it to the appt and they had me lay down on a bed. i started to get sick to my stomach and dizzy so they gave me water and a banana. They called my mom to take me to the hosiptal again. My mom took her sweet time so they were planning on calling other transportion but she fianlly made it.

I finally made it to the hospital and hooked up, tests,... the dr on staff was shocked that I was released so early the following day. He thought it would be a good idea for me to stay overnght.
the next morning tests.....
I was released again after I had a painful test to check if i was going in to labor in the next 2 weeks. neg
i took home contraction meds and was put on bestrest until I delievered uggg

okay i went back to the hospital many more times after that that I was put on the contraction meds every 4-6 hours.
Closer to my due date i started to get contractions even on the meds but the girls didn't want to come out.
Natalie was breech so my doc told me i was going to have a c-section. Even if she turned I was still going to have a c-section because it was safer on the babies.

March 27th was my EDD but the girls were born on the 3rd. the c-section was for 10 in the morning. Dh was more nervous than I was. 10 came and they wheeled me in the delievery room and prep me while Dh paced outside until they called him in.
I was numbed from the waist down which felt horrible. i couldn't stand the feeling of not being able to move my legs. My mind told them to move but nothing happened.
When he first took Rebecca out i heard her cry and I said to cry. Just hearing her cry for the first time was just priceless to know I was mommy. They then said that the cord was wrapped around her neck.
2 minutes later Natalie was born. i didn't hear anything. The dr hung her over the net and I noticed that she was blue. They gave her 02 and then her color started to come back. She wasn't breath because she was so far up inside me that the dr couldn't find her.
Everything turned out great!

A few mintues after the girls were born they had jandice and Natalie was getting worse by the day that they needed to have formula. Unfort they were able to go home with me 5 days later.

Rebecca Ivy 5lbs 6oz and Natalie Elizabeth 4lbs 12oz


SuperTwins August 12th, 2006 01:26 PM

I had been having random contractions for a week. I went to my weekly appointment on Monday August 7, 2006. We had a NST (no contractions), an ultrasound (both were head down) and a cervix check. Well, when my doctor was checking my cervix he asked me why I had not called him over the weekend. Confused, I said because nothing happened and that I had maybe 4 contractions a day but nothing worth bothering him about. He then told me that I was 4 cm dialated and that we were going to be having the twins today. I was completely shocked! I was so convinced that there was no change as usual that we left all the hospital bags at home even! So we drove the 12 feet to the hospital and got checked in. We called everyone! By 10:30 am I had my pitocin drip started. I started having uncomfortable contractions, not painful, so I called for my epidural. I was already 4 cm dialated and contracting so no problem. At noon, I got my epidural and then my doctor broke Braden's water. It was wonderful from that point on. So family kept coming in and watching my contraction monitor in anticipation. About 3 pm I was 8 cm dialated and told it would be soon. Adam started getting nervous, basically spazzing out. LoL! Braden's heart beat kept dropping so they rushed to start delivery. Doctor got set up, told me to push, Braden's head started coming out, they told me to stop pushing. The nurses came over (4 nurses on stand-by per baby) and got ready. They told me to push again an all I heard was a sweet little cry. Braden Christian was born at 5:00 pm. He weighed 5 lbs and was 18 1/2 inches long. He was breathing on his own and maintaining his body temperature perfectly. A nurse was pressing on my uterus to keep Aiden from flipping. My doctor then broke Aiden's water and had Adam help me push during contractions. I gave one big push and felt all this pressure leave my stomach along with another delicate little cry. Aiden James was born at 5:21 pm. He weighed 5 lbs 6 oz and was 19 inches long. He too was breathing on his own and maintaining his body temperature perfectly. No time in the NICU, they stayed with Adam and I until we were discharged two days later. They were born at 34 weeks 6 days gestation and not a day too soon! :wub:

momof3monkeys August 30th, 2006 08:30 AM

Here’s my story.
My DH and I had been married for 15 years when I got pregnant for the first time.
I went to the doctor, he says I am bigger than I should be for 10 weeks, so they
do an Ultrasound. Well there was twins but they didn't have a heart beat.
I went back a week later for another Ultrasound. Still no heart beat. I miscarried a week later.

That was in Feb. 2005. I got pregnant again in March (2005).

I went to the doctor at 6 weeks, everything looks good.
They did an Ultrasound and we saw THE baby, heartbeat and all. I am 38 years
old at this time so I went right into the high risk group because of my age.
So I had to go back for another Ultrasound at 10 weeks just
to make sure everything was still OK. Well there is your baby, wait, twins,
no wait triplets. I almost fell of the table.
Everything was pretty normal (for a triplet pregnancy). I worked till week 24.
I had no energy, I could not sleep. I think I moved to the couch at about 20 weeks.
I could not get up off the bed without some help. I went into the hospital at week 28,
I had only had a few contractions, but it was a 2 hour drive to the hospital with the NICU.
My doctor was more nervous about this than I was. I was there for 37 days before the babies
were delivered at 34/35 weeks. I had an ultrasound that morning, just like I had been doing
2 to 3 times a week since I had been there. They could see Abbie and Andy really good.
But the only thing of Levi they could see was his face. The tech told my doctor
she could not say that he was OK, and there was no room for them to move any more.
So they decided to do an emergency c-section then.
11/11/05 Abbie 5 lbs, Andy 4 lbs 12 oz and Levi 4 lbs 6 oz.
They were in special care for 11 days, to learn to eat and hold there body temp.
They were 9 months old on 8/11/05,
Abbie weighs 19 lbs 6 oz. Andy 20 lbs 14 oz. and Levi 20 lbs 6 oz.
They are very healthy little ones. Abbie and Andy are crawling everywhere.
I hope Levi joins them soon. He is working on it.

http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n279/AAL-3/004_4.jpghttp://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n...evi8-27-06.jpg http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n...ndy8-27-06.jpg http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n...bie8-27-06.jpg

mummyof8boys November 9th, 2006 11:15 PM

Caleb Latham Joshua 2/8/93 We fell pregnant on our honeymoon after being told we couldn't have kids. Caleb's pregnancy was full of problems from the beginning, we almost lost him at 8 weeks but the Dr's. couldn't figure out why, then again at 16 weeks again no explaination, then at 30 weeks we had a big bleed (bigger than the other 2) & my hubby was told he had 10mins then if the bleeding didn't stop he would have to make the decision about who he would save, me or the baby, he told the Dr. that he couldn't make a decision like that & he would have to decide on the operating table. Fortuantly the bleeding stopped & the rest of the pregnancy was uneventful. I went into labour the day before our due date, it started with a severe headache so I took some panadol & promptly threw that up & because I didn't keep anything down for the first 3 mths of the pregnancy we went straight to the hospital. They hooked me up the monitor that measures the contractions & the babies heartbeat & the midwife said it would be a couple more weeks but when the dr. came in he said it would be 12-24 hrs. We went home & called my in-laws as they were taking us to the hospital when the time came. At 10pm the pain was starting to get to me but my FIL said that he wasn't going anywhere until the motorbike race had finished (he had 5 kids & knew we were going to be a little while longer), so at midnight we made our way to the hospital & Caleb was born 5:38am on his due date with no drugs & an episiotomy as he had the cord around his neck, I was flat on my back (YUK). We came home 2 days later. The reason for the bleed at 30 weeks was his placenta had started to shut down & the Dr. said it was a miracle he lasted for the last 10 weeks. I breastfeed for 12 mths.
6lb 14 1/2oz

Amos Philip James 20/8/97 After Caleb we had trouble conceiving & found out I had Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) so we had hormone treatment to fall pregnant. The pregnancy was fantastic, no morning sickness until the 3mth mark & it only lasted 3 weeks. I went into labour 6 days before his due date, my waters broke at 6:30am & the contractions started an hour later we made our way to the hospital at 10:30am, I had a shower & 1hr later I was on my hands & knees fully dilated & ready to push. He was posterior, my hubby Stuart delivered him (midwife standing nearby) & Caleb was present for the birth & he cut the cord. Amos was born at 12:05pm, 6 days early, no drugs & we were home the next day. I breastfeed for 12 mths.
7lb 15oz
Christopher & Rueben Tobias Nov 98 & 2/1/99 We found out we were pregnant with twins & were over the moon as I had always wanted twins. But it was not to be, Christopher was a disapearing twin at 10 weeks gestation (being that young we of course don't know the sex but I just feel he was a boy & Christopher is not a name we would have used if he had been full term). We had our 18 week ultrasound with Rueben & found out that his skull had not formed (anecaphalic) & that every baby that had this would die. It could take anywhere from the day he was born to 4-5 weeks. So we decided because of the risks to me that we would deliver him early, when I was 20 weeks we were induced at 8:45am & after a emotionally painful labour(I felt him die as he entered the birth canal) we had him at 8:45pm that night. Caleb, Amos, my mum & our pastor & his wife were there after he was born & we had him dedicated. The boys, mum & the pastor & his wife held him & we had photos. The funeral home director came & took him to the home as we didn't want him in the morgue & Stuart & I went to see him by ourselves 2 days later. We had the funeral at the end of the week & my milk came in the same day. After he was born the midwife covered his head as I didn't want to see him like that, I also didn't want the other boys to see him without the top part of his head either. We came home that night.
Elisha & David 27/11/99 When we found out we were having twins again I said oh no not again. Everything went well & we had a hassle free pregnancy but I got real heavy real quick. I went into labour at 9pm & went straight to the hospital because that's what the dr. said we had to do, we paced most of the night & nothing seemed to be happening so I rested & at about 3am we called our babysitters as Caleb & Amos were going to be there for the birth. I got up to go to the toilet at about 4:30am & when I got off I leant on the edge of the bed waiting for Stuart to finish talking to the babysitters, when I felt a gush, I thought it was my waters breaking but Stuart told me not to look & went to get the midwife as it was blood. I was put straight on to my back on the bed & at 6:12am Elisha was born, I only saw him for 2 secs & he was taken to be worked on, David was born at 6:25am & again I only saw him for a couple of secs. I had no drugs & they were both head down. They were 6 weeks early & spent 2 weeks in NICU in the low risk section. I breastfeed for 12 mths.
Elisha 4lb 10oz
David 5lb 12oz
Peter & Malachi 8/1/04 We were planning a home birth for this last pregnancy but because of a shortage of midwives & a few problems along the way it didn't happen. Everything was going great until about 21 weeks & then 2 of our homebirth midwives had some family issues that had to be sorted out so they wouldn't be available to deliver our babies & they couldn't get replacements, so we went to the hospital we booked into earlier in the pregnancy incase of emergancy & went through the rest of the pregnancy with a local GP & 2 of our homebirth midwives but we had to deliver at the hospital. At the 30 week ultrasound everything was great but at the 37 week ultrasound twin 2 was a bit small & they were both breech so we had to have a more indepth ultrasound the next week. At that ultrasound they were both the same weight but they were still breech. As I wanted a natural delivery we saw a Dr. who was willing to do it only if they were bottom first(they were) not feet first. She did an internal & found I was 3cm dilated so she talked to her team to see if they would be willing to induce & deliver them. On the 8th of Jan we were induced at 9am & my waters were broken at 9:30am by 10am I was ready to push so the Dr. put me on my hands & knees & Peter's bottom was almost out & the rest of him slipped out quicker than the Dr. intended, he was taken & looked at while I got back onto my back, everything stopped so I was flipped back on my hands & knees & Malachi zipped out, again faster than intended. From start to finish it was 2 1/2 hrs with no drugs & we were home the next day. They were born at 38 weeks 2 days. They are now 2yrs & I breastfeed for 15mths
Peter 6lb 1oz
Malachi 5lb 5oz

I am proud of all of my children's births & Amos' was my favourite,
but to have breech twins with no drugs in 2 1/2 hrs is my best
accomplishment so far.

mom2my3boyz January 7th, 2007 11:25 AM

I went on bedrest at 24 weeks. My OB is conservative and puts all his patients carrying multiples on modified bedrest at 24 weeks. I went into pre-term labor for the first time at 28 weeks. I was in the hospital for 2 days on mag sulfate. It basically made me feel like I had the flu. However, it stopped the contractions. I was sent home with medication to take to keep me from contracting. I went into pre-term labor again at 32 weeks. I was scheduled for a NST that day which they did in labor and delivery. So I just went in for that. They kept me there and gave me fluids which stopped the contractions. I was really glad I didn't have to go back on the mag sulfate. I had a c-section scheduled for 38 weeks. However, at 35 weeks I was out eating lunch which I really wasn't supposed to be doing. I started having really sharp pain at the site of my previous c-section incision. I had some pain the day before as well but when they did an ultrasound they hadn't seen anything abnormal. My OB was concerned about a possible uterine rupture so he decided to go ahead and deliver the babies. I was worried about the possibility of them having to stay in the NICU. Luckily they were both perfectly healthy. Gavyn "baby A" weighed 6 lbs. 3 oz. and was 18.5 in. Kendric "baby B" weighed 5 lbs. 2 oz. and was 16 in. They were both able to room in with me and we all went home 4 days later. I was able to breast feed. They had no problems what-so-ever. They have been a little behind in some aspects but they are starting to catch up.

debdeb January 24th, 2007 12:15 AM

The birth of Jada Rose and P eyton Lilliah
This story begins long before 11/20/05. It actually begins at 20 weeks when my first real preterm labor episode started. For weeks I had been having lots of pressure. My OB would shurg it off, "your carrying 2 babies, your tiny of course your gonna feel pressure!" I had a cerclage put in, and we had a scary several weeks, between 21 and 28, on bedrest and medication to stop preterm labor. I had weekly appts and at 28 weeks 6 days Jade broke her water!

I was admitted about 4pm that day my cerclage was removed and labor started right away. I was contracting and hard! As soon as i was hooked up to monitors they realised i was in full on labor. At some point my dr checked me and i had dilated to 4cm.

I called my husband, my sisters, my mom... noone knew how long it would be, but by this point i was 6cm dilated and my dr wanted me to go ahead and get the epidural because waiting for the pain to get worse may be too late. (and if they had to do a csection i would have to be knocked out, which I didnt want that, but I diffentally didnt want the epi) so stubborn me, turned it down.

I labored throughout the day, resting, chatting with dh and occasionally my mom & her best friend. My contractions continued but werent as strong as before. I was okay with however long it took. I figured the longer it took, the better for the babies.

About 6pm the dr on call from my OB's office came in. This woman is amazing to me. I have always been "start struck" by her, as she is considered the top maternal fetal specialist in the office. Suffice it to say, I was very happy to see her. I trusted all 3 of the dr's in the practice, had a good relationship with all 3, but this one - well, even the other 2 dr's would tell you that she's the BEST. I couldnt think of anyone id rather have deliver my babies than her.

She checked me and I was 8 cm dilated, but the contractions just werent strong enough. Baby A's head was "right there" but would move up if pushed on. DH talked to the girls at this point, telling them it was time to finally meet us, that they didnt have to wait any longer and everyone was waiting for them.

About 45 minutes late, I felt the urge to push. We waited a few more contractions, to be sure it was real. It was! Things happened very quickly after that. I was checked, ready to go - a full 10cm. The nurse made eye contact with me and said "She's ready!" (in reference to Jada, our baby A, being ready to deliver). I started to cry. She was ready!

I was moved to the operating room, moved to the operating table. Baby A was head down and ready. Baby B (Peyton) was footling breech. The plan was to deliver baby A and then the dr would do a breech extraction of Baby B. The sound of this scared me, but again - i fully trusted my dr.

Once things were ready to go in the operating room the said i could push when i wanted. I immediatley had that urge... 1 contraction with 4 pushes later and Jada Rose was born. It was 2.35am on 11/20/05. She weighed 2 lbs 14 oz and was 16 inches long. The dr handed Jade off to her nicu team and started working on Baby B. They did a quick u/s to see Peytons position and she had turned. They little bugger she was. 3 minutes later, with only a tiny push from me, and Peyton Lilliah was born. It was 2.38am on 11/20/05. She weighed 2 lbs 6 oz and was 16 inches long. After Peyton was born I reached down and touched her precious little head. I couldnt believe how much hair she had (which might I add-neither of them have anymore!)! Then we noticed she was peeing on the dr lol. It was realy funny The dr handed her off to his NICU team and she promptly peed on one of the crew! The dr finished up with me as i watched my babies being taken care of.

The babies were aready to be moved to the NICU and they let me hold Jade for about 30 seconds. Then i held Peyton for about 10 seconds. I couldnt believe how beautiful they both were!! and how *tiny*.

They were moved to the NICu, dh went with them. After the dr wasd done with me i was moved back to my room. DH came in a little bit later with their birth weight/length info and their little hats and a crib card for each baby. At this point it was just a "wait a few hours" game for the Neonatologist to come tell us we could see the babies. DH made a few phone calls to spread the word of the birth of our twins.

About midnight or so the neonatologist came in and told us the babies looked good for being so early. And we could go see them.

My nurse got me up and did the neccesary post partum stuff with me to get me out of the LDR room, had dh take all our stuff to the post partum room, then we were ready to head to the NICU.

I cant even describe how amazing it was to see my little babies. They were so small, but so perfect. We were all about to touch both babies. Even though it wasnt allowed.

They had their ups and downs in the NICU but my girls are healthy and happy now. Jade came home on Janurary 22, 2005 and Peyton followed on Janurary 30, 2005

Jara July 25th, 2007 09:52 AM

Pre-term labor
With my pre-term labor I was around 27 weeks. I woke in the middle of the night to some mild cramping ( I don't know if it was the cramping or if I just needed to go to the restroom) I got up, went to the restroom then went back to bed, but could seem to get comfortble or fall back to sleep. But I still has some cramping so I started looking at the clock everytime one started and the seemed to be coming pretty regularly maybe every 10-15 mins. Not anything painfully just uncomfortable.

Around 2ish I woke up DH and told him what was going on and we talked about what we thought we should do as it's a 45 min drive to the Hosp. We decided to call the ER, and talked with the Nurse to then transfered my phone call to the OB Nurse that was working that night. (Thankfully they were VERY familiar with me). I told her what was going on and she thought I had better come in but was going to call my Dr to make sure then call me back. About 5 minutes later (if even) she called back and said that my Dr. wanted me to come in. So we woke Kaeden and got loaded up in the Van and headed over to the Hosp.

When we got their the Nurses OB and the ER (thankfully ER wasn't busy) (VERY small Hosp, only 28 beds total) got be all hooked up to everything and my Dr arrived. Come to find out I was having contractions every 3 minutes. Thankfully my cervix was closed but was effected (I don't know how much) So I recieved an IV with saline in it for Dehydration and was given a shot of Trebutaline(sp?) which did nothing after 2 more shots my contractions started to slow down and they send me for an U/S first thing when the Tech arrived for work. Babies were great and cervix was closed. But I continued to have contractions so I was to stay in the Hosp. overnight for monitering. During the day they switch my from Treb to Procardia as the Treb made my Blood suger sky rocket ( I had GD) Those seem to help much more then the Treb.

My contractions finally stopped after they me off the saline, they think that the added fluids was causing my bladder to get to full which was why my contractions where stopping like they should have.

Anyways, I stayed over night and when home on Modifed Bed Rest. Kaeden when to my MIL's for a couple of days and I was NOT to be the primary caregiver for him, pretty much I was to sit on the couch and vegg out until my appt with the Peri.

I stayed on the Procadia, 1 pill every 6 hrs, up until 34 weeks. I had them at 37.5 weeks


I went in on Monday July 16th for my scheduled induction. Which actually started around 9:45am, after about an hour of the nurses trying to put in an IV.. ( it took them 7 tries!!) After that they started then IV then up the Pit every 15 min. I was already contraction on my own and was at 3 cm so they just wanted to make them stronger.

Around 1ish the Dr came in and broke my water and I was at 5 cm.. things seemed to become much more painful after that.. I'm not for sure what time I asked for the drugs.... I want to say around 3 ish... they gave me something in my IV that made be feel drunk.. then about an hr later I got an epi ( which I will never have again! if I can help it) I felt awful!!! From the time I got it until about 1ish the next morning I was very nasous. With any major movement, like rolling from back to side, etc.. I would throw up.
And I hated not being about to do anything. I was numb from chest to toes.. my arms and fingers were tingly. I could move them but I really had to think about it.

Anyways... around 6ish I was dialated to 10cm so we headed to the OR, it took about 7 nurses to move be from the bed to the OR table... (I couldn't help at all, it was awful! and I vomited again!) Once I was one the table and ready then nurse told me to go ahead and push , so we could start getting Wyatt more into postion before the Dr showed up.... I started pushing and She immediately told me to stop.. He was already ready.. so as soon as the Dr showed up.. 2 pushed later at 6:49 pm Wyatt Charles arrived into the world weighing 7 lbs 5 oz and was 20 3/4 inches. AND.. I vomited again.. (nice to know that shortly after I brought my son into the world I vomited.. even have it on tape!.. ) After that the Dr said that Emerson didn't seem to want to come down. he could feel her arm and her cord, so he didn't want to break her water yet.... She also started to not recover from the contractions.. SO the Dr decided it was time for a C-section.. from there I don't remember anything. Jason and my sister got kicked out of the room and I was put under.. apparently it was an emergancy.. and I was cut vertically ( 40 staples)..
Emerson Lavonne arrived into the world at 7:14 weighing 6lbs 3oz and was 18 3/4 inches long.

I don't recall what time I wake up.. but I was back in the labor room and Wyatt was there but Emerson was sent to the nursery for observation. Some time later they took us Upstairs to the post partum rooms where I got to see Emerson in the nursery as they wheeled me by. Wyatt came up with us too.

Shortly after that Emerson was sent to the NICU. She was having a hard time breathing. She was there until Tuesday evening around 10:30. I knew that she might be coming up but it all depended on how Her feeding went. Jason went down there around 9:30ish just to see how she was and when he came back up.. SHE WAS WITH HIM!!! What a wonderful moment!

We finally came home friday(6-20-07) about 4:30. Wyatt is home on a Bili Blanket and Emerson has slight Jaundice too, but hers was already starting to go down she she didn't have to have one..

gregorystwinsisters August 3rd, 2007 09:03 PM

I have to say, I had a very boring twin pregnancy. Even my OB said that my pregnancy was less eventful than some of her singleton patients.

At 35wks I started feeling really crappy. I was tired and just huge and just wanted these babies here. I went in for the weekly appt and I wasnt dialated or anything. I went for an ultrasound later that night and the tech was surprised I was even still pregnant.

At 36wks, still not dialated. Still no contractions. I asked my OB how much longer and she said one more week.

At 37wks, still not dialated. Still no contractions. I asked my OB how much longer and she said she was going to schedule me for a csection. I was scheduled for a c/s for Wed Dec 13 at 11:15am- during my 38th week.

So that Wed finally rolled around. I was extremely nervous of the c/s since I had my son with NO drugs and vaginal.

I went into the check in area and checked in. They put me in the labor room to start prepping me. They asked me a bunch of health questions. They tried to convince me not to get my tubes tied. They came in and drew some blood. Then they had me drink some nasty acid drink that was supposed to help with the nausea of the c/s meds..yuck!

I was taken into the OR. I remember it being very cold in there. I sat up on the table and they gave me my spinal. They laid me back on the table. My husband was able to come in now. Then two of the doctors from the OBGYN office came in. They started the c/s.

At 11:36am and 03 seconds, Deanna Terrae was born. 6lbs 12oz 18 3/4 in long.
At 11:36am and 42 seconds, Danielle Elizabeth was born. 6lbs 3oz 19in long.

The nurses cleaned them up and wrapped them and then brought them to me to kiss. Then they were wheeled up to the newborn nursery for a bath. After a few hours they noticed that Deanna was having trouble breathing. She was taken down to NICU for two days where she was put on a round of antibiotics. It was hard with just one twin being in NICU as I had to send Danielle back to the newborn nursery everytime I wanted to go down to NICU. I was in a lot of pain from the csection too. Everything was easier once Deanna was brought up to the newborn nursery with her sister. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. I was able to take both babies home with me.

Here are a few pics.

minutes after they were born:




Their first Christmas- they were 12 days old. How sad, I cant even hold them like that anymore... :cry:

CrystalMay October 18th, 2007 09:39 PM

Oct 10th

Sitting here surfing JM.. I know big suprise right? and my lower back/lower abdomonal began to kill me... So I veiwed a few more post.. And decided to lay on the couch... After attempting to lay on the couch about 20 mins worth of flipin and flopping I returned to my computer.. Began to speak with Alex and ALison on Yahooo IM.... Then I had my last moment of pain and decided to go to L&D... I decided not to tell a soul cause I have been to L&D a few times in the past.... got up there about 10:30am they kept me on the monitors and such... I watched TV along with rocking to help the pain... Then the nurse came in and stated they were going to redo the Fetal Hemaglobin test that I had last week... This is when I text Nikki whom has no clue I am even up there....IT came back 2.0 which last week it was .5 so they wernt to worried about it... They sent me for a u/s to make sure the neither placenta had burst or a hole.. The u/s came back fine.. The doctor decides to keep me over night and retest the level the next morning....

Oct 11th

The nurse walks into my room... takes my glass of water and poors it down the sink in front of me... WENCH!!.... Then I realize ummm something is not right.....My fetal Hemaglobin is now at 9.6 and I am told the babies will be born today at 1:15... I FREAK out!!!! Nikki rushes around and comes up to the hospital... I hadnt had anything to eat since 7pm the night prior... So I was drink less at 6 am and foor less 7pm... DH is in NC and isnt even close..... Nikki gets her paper clothes on... They lift my bed up and BAM there is another nurse.... NOPE we have to wait we have another emergency c/s come in.... Hmm ok ....... I think it was about 5pm when they told me we are going to wait until tomorrow.... it was 22 hours of no food... I looked at the nurse and said.. "I want 2 slices of Pizza and a Pepsi"....... She got this for me cause she felt so bad... While waiting for dinner Nikki and I were eating these saltine crackers and graham crackers like they were our last meal... It was kinda scary.... Nikki goes home and my DH shows up about an hour later....

Oct 12th

Ohh its baby day again but I am not allowing myself to get all excited.. DH brings the boys to see me... They decide to go to the cafe... Nikki tells me she will be back up at noon cause my c/s was scheduled for 2.... About 11am this nurse walks in and takes my stats... Tells me they were ready for me in the surgery room but she told them no.. Cause my husband wasnt here... I was like HUH?? He is in the cafe AND he isnt even going to be in the birth!! So she says ohh and goes down the hall... This is when CHOAS begins seriously it ran sooooo smoooth ... I called Nikki and asked her if she was busy... She told me what she was doing I said well umm you have to come up now... I think she might have drove a tad fast lol.... DH walks back in with the boys and I tell him its go time now...

We go to the prep room... DH walks in and the people take me to the other room... I turned to kiss him and he was gone.... They told him he had a min he was in the hall talking to a friend to take the boys... He walked into the room and I was gone.. I stood in that room and CRIED cause I didnt get to kiss my husband good bye... I sit on the table they do the spinal... everything was going soo fast yet very very smooth.... They make the first cut ... That is about the time they allow Nikki into the room... They are talking I am kinda paying attention to them.... Nikki is rubbing my arm... and STARING at my guts lol

Then that magical moment happens....... Alyssa CRIES.... OMGOSH I began to ball!!! SEriously snot running down my face tears flowing forever... and not even a full min later there is my lil man crying.... It all happend sooooo fast... They brough them to me and allowed me to touch Alyssas cheek... and I was able to see Zander... then poof theya re gone..... (I am sure you all know Nikki's exciting watching my insides story)

They glue me together.... and wheel me away... Then in the recovery room Nikki and I are on our phones like high school girls.. We are waiting on the stats of the babies and such.. I thought the nurses went down and got DH and took him to the nursery.. NOPE ,....buttmunchs!! So Nikki gets DH he comes and checks on me then off he goes to see his lil ones...

Once I am abl to move both toes I am wheeled down this hall way.. to this little button... The nurse presses the button and music plays.... then she says Thats for Alyssa... Then she pusshed it again and says Thats for Zander... I guess this lullaby plays thru the hospital and people know when babies are born... Which in my 27 years of life I always wondered what the sound was....

Welcome Alyssa Nicole... and Zander Jack Lee


crowdreamer October 30th, 2007 01:11 PM

My pregnancy was normal, and no complications at all, until 28 weeks.

In late July 2007, at 28 weeks, at 2:30 a.m., I woke up to find a wet spot on the bed. It was my "water" leaking. My amniotic sac had broken. I went into the hospital that day and was admitted to the hospital on bedrest until labor began. I was not in labor at that time, so they hooked me up to IV's with antibiotics and gave me steroid shots to mature the babies' lungs.

On the second day in the hospital, I got pneumonia from all the fluids. I could not get out of bed, but had to lay elevated or I could not breathe. I was on oxygen for several days.

After a week I finally went off the antibiotics, and had all the IV's out of my arms. I was even allowed to take a few wheelchair rides outside at the hospital. Then a couple of days later, my water started leaking even worse, and I started bleeding. I was moved to the L&D area, and put on constant fetal monitoring. This meant strict bedrest, except to go to the bathroom, so I had to lay flat in bed, which was miserable. But I kept thinking that the longer I stayed in the hospital, the less my babies would have to go through in the NICU.

After 2 weeks in the hospital, I was bleeding pretty bad so my OB decided to induce me. The babies were head-down and I planned on having them vaginally, but my OB insisted on an epidural and I had to deliver in the operating room, "just in case." I labored for almost 24 hours, but with an epidural so I didn't feel it. On August 3, 2007, at around 11:00 a.m., they wheeled me into the OR to push the babies out because I was fully dilated. I pushed for a few minutes, and then both of the babies' heart rates dropped WAY down and stayed there, so they prepped me for an emergency c-section.

Well, they didn't give enough time for the anesthesia to work, and I felt EVERYTHING. It hurt so bad. I kept telling the anesthesiologist, and he would up my meds, and then DH said my heart rate would drop way down and even stop, so the anesth. would add something to bring me back "up". I almost passed out several times, and I thought for sure I was going to puke.

They got the babies out, and took one of them (Aidan) straight to the NICU. They were working on the other one (Connor), and I asked if I could see him. They held him up for a second so I could see him from across the room, and he was so little and precious.

Connor and Aidan were born at 11:30 and 11:31 a.m., respectively, and weighed 2 lbs. 12 oz. and 2 lbs. 13 oz. They were born at 30 weeks, and were in the NICU for almost 2 months. The whole time they were in there I was worried about them, and there were days when I was not even allowed to touch them. There were many days when I left crying. They had IV's, and CPAP, and blood transfusions, and eventually feeding tubes. But they were fine, just premature.

On September 25, 2007, we got to take them home. They went home on apnea monitors, which we just got rid of yesterday. They are a whopping 7 lbs. 11 oz. and 7 lbs. 12 oz. They are doing great, eating well, and are perfect little babies except small for their age.

We are so greatful to have the boys here, because we spent almost 2 years trying to get pregnant. In fact, I spent much of my time at the TTC boards, and you can read my journal under TTC 6 months plus. And it all happened naturally, no fertility drugs.

They are our little miracle babies.

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