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dalynnrmc February 15th, 2010 11:53 PM

Previous Births - My Stories
I typed all this out for a thread on a different spot here, so I thought I'd C/P it here, just for fun. ;) I promise to post when my current little nubbin arrives too!! :D

A quick recap of my three birth stories (and I'll really try to make them actually quick ) -

Baby #1, 1999. I was 19 years old, and they suspected pre-ecclampsia because of my blood pressure. I'd been in the hospital, then moved across the state to live with parents and of course switched doctors. (This is TX we're talking - I moved 400 miles.)

Pit drip induction at 7am. I haven't slept all night and I consent to iv meds to help me rest between contractions. (I'd researched beforehand and knew what it was, and that it would wear off in about 4 hours.) Nothing happens. Yep, a few contractions, and I went from a 2 to a 3, but that's it. Lunch time, doctor breaks my water. Less than 2 hours and 5 pushes later, we have a baby boy, 7lbs 1oz.

Baby #2, 2003. I was 23 years old, going to a stupid family clinic. I saw the same doc (well, he was a... prego brain fart here.. guy still in school... resident!!) every time I went, but at the hospital for delivery saw the doc on call. By now we know that my high blood pressure is a chronic condition and they have me on meds. This is the time when they overmedicated me and I had a seizure in front of my 4yo. VERY scary stuff.

Pit drip induction at 38 weeks. All. Day. Long. Nothing happened. Spent the night and repeated the next day. Still nothing. Sent me home and repeated at 39 weeks. Still nothing. Doctor is talking c-section, for over 2 hours, when I finally told her if she said it again she'd regret it. So they broke my water. Less than 2 hours and 5 pushes later, we had a baby boy, 8lbs 11oz. His heart rate dropped with every contraction; turns out his cord was wrapped around his neck. He hiccup-breathed for about an hour and was - and is - fine.

Baby #3, 2004. I was 24 years old, and didn't know I was pregnant until I felt the baby move. (This is my third baby, and I'm no idiot - I just had no symptoms!) Found a doctor that actually listened to me and credited me with a brain. I'm hoping to use this doctor again this time, pending our upcoming move.

Pit drip induction at 38wks, 3 days. All day long again, with only a cm or so difference. Next day again, and he came in at noon and broke my water. Then he LEFT THE CAMPUS to go eat lunch and almost didn't make it back in time to deliver baby! In less than 2 hours - and a few more pushes this time, as we had a bit of shoulder dystochia that I pushed past - we had a baby boy, 9lbs 1oz.

Can you guess the moral of the story? :rofl:


I'm hoping to use the same doc this time as I did last time, dependent mostly on our upcoming move. I'm going to try my best - considering this is state mandated because of my bp - to convince him to try other things before strapping me to a bed and jamming an IV in my arm. One of those things is to strip my membranes. Let's use some logic here and try something that might actually work. :rolleyes:

I worry not about my births or my child - I worry that I should get a doctor who has a brain and knows to *shut up* and listen to me because I KNOW how to listen to my body. B) You're here to help me, buddy, not the other way around. ;)

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