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Trish36 April 11th, 2010 12:43 PM

My birth stories
#1 - My water broke at 6pm 2 weeks before my EDD. I was really excited that things were finally going to happen. DH was a bit freaked out, but I assured him I felt great and we ended up going to BIL's house for dinner. I decided to go to L&D at 2am to get checked, even though I was only having some contractions. They checked me and I wasn't dialated at all, so they sent me home and told me to go to sleep and call them in the morning. I did just that and when I woke up in the morning my contractions were gone. I called L&D at 8am and they told me to come in. I did and was admitted because they wanted to give me antibiotics. My OB also came in and said that he was going to induce because I have had no progress so far and they didn't want to wait too long. I agreed and was hooked up to Oxytocin at 9am. It took 3 nurses to try and get the catheter IV into my hand and it hurt like heck! The contractions hit me pretty quick and hard. By 2pm I couldn't take it anymore. I would get one contraction on top of the other, without any breaks. I started to pass out in between contractions and finally gave in and begged for the epi. It took the anasthesiologist forever to show up and I was in and out of conciousness between contractions, just couldn't relax my body. Finally got the epi at 4pm and went from 2cm to 10cm in 1 hour. I guess my body needed that. Just as I was starting to feel better the nurse checked me at 5pm and said "you are ready to push, let's turn off the epi". I was like WHOA...no don't turn it off! They did end up turning it off and I started pushing just after 5pm. pushed for almost 30minutes and DD was born at 5:32pm - 7lbs 3oz. I felt the pain and burning but luckily had only a small tear...2 stitches.

#2 - I went in for my 39 week check up and my bp was up. Nurse told me to lie down on my left side and she would re-check in 15 minutes. It was still high, so the dr. stripped my membranes and told me to go to the hospital the next day to be induced if nothing happened on my own. I walke and walked all day, but had no contractions at all. So the next day I called the hospital and they told me to come in at 12pm to be admitted. We came in and was hooked up to oxytocin at 2pm. At 4am I felt a huge 'pop' and knew my water broke. It was actually kind of painful. Broke down and I got my epi at 5pm. The epi didn't work for me so well this time. My left side was okay but I could still feel everything on my right. I was yelling at the anasthesiologist that it still hurt, so he made me turn from side to side. Finally after 30 minutes I felt better.
I was fully dialated by 6:45pm and ready to push. This time they did not turn off the epi, which I was afraid of and DS was out in 3 pushes. I was even laughing with the Dr. and she was saying that I would laugh the baby out. DS was born at 7:05pm - 8lbs 1zo and I didn't tear at all.

#3 - at my 37 week appointment I was already 1cm dialated. Have been having some contractions on and off for a couple of weeks, but nothing significant. I woke up at 4am (2 weeks before my EDD) and my water broke on the toilet. After a few hours of no contractions I called the hospital and they said to call them back at noon and update. By noon I still had no contractions, so we went into the hospital to get checked. I was 1 1/2 cm dialated and was told to walk the hallways for a few hours. It was a crazy busy day and a lot of women were in labor. At 6pm I was checked again and was only 2cm and have had barely any contractions all day. The dr. decided to admit and induce. I had to wait for my room because there were 11 women in labor that night. Finally got the oxytocin started at 9pm. I asked for the epi right away, because I knew what was coming and it's so much easier to hold still when you are not in pain. I got the epi at 12:30am and was able to sleep. I felt pressure but no pain and it took me much longer this time to progress. The nurse kept checking me and making me turn from side to side, because with each contraction the baby's heart rate would drop, but then it would to back up again. At 4am I started to vomit and felt like the baby was making it's way down. I knew this must be the transition period. By around 6:30am I was fully dialated and the nurse asked me to do a trial push, which resulted in the baby crowning. She yelled for the dr. and because my OB was delivering another baby at that time a resident dr. came in and it took 2 pushes for DD to be born at 6:55am - 7lbs. She had the cord wrapped around her neck, which was scary, but that was why her heart rate kept dropping. Again I had absolutely no tears.

ChicaChels April 12th, 2010 08:23 AM

Re: My birth stories
great stories!! I'm amazed the hospital sent you home with #1 after ROM! You can totally tell that's not a US thing! :notworthy: your kiddos are so cute!

smithwillsam September 11th, 2013 03:05 AM

Re: My birth stories
I completely know this sinking feeling as I realize. You are sharing good things, And you're totally right.

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