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LJD3Tdance June 19th, 2010 11:08 AM

Amber Hale's birth story
Version 5.0. Every time I post it I reread it and I end up editing it so this is the 5th place I've posted it now:

Sunday (June 13, 3 days before my due date) I woke up and was having a ton of bh, they were fairly regular, and hurt a little bit, but wouldn't stay regular or stay painful, I felt very frustrated, but was still kinda hopeful they'd start it. I knew Amber had gotten lower yet again because I literally would have to pee as soon as I finished peeing, and I mean like I'd be almost peeing myself. I was thinking this had better not last that many days.
At one point I went out to get lunch and it caused my contractions to become a lot closer together and hurt terribly. Something about the pressure of the seat I was driving in. But they lessened when I got out of the car. They were still painful enough I wondered if this might be the beginning of something so I logged on to JM to ask a question about movement during labor since I've always heard they don't move much and never bothered to remember if my kids did move during labor. Amber was moving so I figured if that was really true then it wasn't going to be labor.
Later that evening at Mass I had a contraction I just knew had to be a labor contraction, but a long time passed before I had another so I didn't declare it to anyone. She also was still moving, which continued for most of the labor, so apparently that rule doesn't work for me.
We went out to dinner I did let other people know that I was contracting during dinner and my mom made me time them because I was in pain from them. I became pretty sure after a while they were the real deal, and this was the first time I had really let myself go there in the pregnancy. At that point they were 10 to 13 minutes apart. We eventually headed home to get the kids to bed and my parents went back to their hotel with the idea they were coming over to stay with the kids while we went to the hospital. My father thought they were coming when I called, my mother told me they'd just come, so I wasn't planning to call.
After we got home I started texting all my mommy friends who had at least 2 kids and had vaginal births because I wanted to know how long they thought it ought to take for me to get to that magic "5 minutes apart" that is supposed to be when you head to the hospital. Because I had always heard a 4th labor should progress quite a bit faster than a first labor (which is the only previous labor that started without pitocin) and I didn't feel this was progressing a lot faster than my first labor. There were a lot of different opinions from the 10 or so ladies I was discussing this with.
Quite some time passed in between the time we got home and started packing our bags since we never had and the time my parents arrived since I did end up having to call them to make sure they were coming. We did have the kids in bed and my contractions had gotten closer together though I was trying not to time them all. I was at like 6 minutes apart on contractions then, for like an hour. I was sure these were real, but knew it was probably too early to going. However, we decided to anyway because as everyone who talked to me in the days before knows I wanted it to end so badly. Also with Courtney I never got to 5minutes apart until time to push, I was at 6 to 8 minutes and 8cm dilated so I didn't want to take a chance of having her in the car.

We got to the hospital just before midnight, and probably about midnight or 12:15am (June 14th) they checked me and I was only 4cm and like 70% effaced. They were going to monitor me for an hour then and decide if they'd keep me or not. I knew from the 4cm I was in labor because I'd never not been in labor when I was 4cm, plus the contractions hurt and were regular (5-6minutes apart) but I also knew they could send me home and I'd just have to come back a little later. I was hopeful it wouldn't come to that and the doc would just decide to do something in an hour to help me along, but I didn't know for sure.
After an hour I had progressed to only a 4.5cm, but now had a bulging bag of waters, but they thought they`d keep me and put on pitocin to help get me a little more regular and get through it a little faster. Sometime in the 1 or 2 o'clock hour I texted everyone and let them know I was being admitted and they'd start pitocin soon. I suddenly became nervous about pitocin. Even though I'd had two inductions and knew I'd never had to have the pitocin raised above 4 (they start it at 2 and raise it by 2 until it gets to where they want it) I suddenly was nervous cuz I had never been in pain when they started it before and now I was.

It actually was more like an hour before they ever started the pitocin, and an hour after that before they even raised it to 4 (which again was as high as it ever got, I'm always shocked when I hear about them raising it to 20 on some ladies!).
I remember her saying I was at 7cm at one point, and they were starting to consider breaking my water. Then a little later she came in and said they wanted me to be pretty ready to deliver when the water was broken so the doctor would be there. Then they changed their mind yet again to they were going to break my waters and now I was was 8cm. Maybe I just looked too uncomfortable at this point because I was also feeling nauseated and my legs were shaking and all that fun jazz. That may also have been when they decided to put the oxygen mask on me though, and that could be why they chose to break my waters as well. The nurse couldn't break them though, she asked the other nurse how you break it when they're bulging. The nurse tried to explain it to her, but she just came over and did it for her since I wasn't the best test case, she later told her she'd find her some patients who were more comfortable (had epidurals) and have her practice.
They checked after a little bit and I was 9cm. Fairly quickly after that I felt the pressure of needing to push, they said I was 9.5cm and needed to not push, the doctor was going to be there in 5 minutes and hopefully by then I'd be 10 and ready to push. They never bother to tell me I'm 10cm, I only knew for sure because my mom asked. The 5 minutes til the doctor was going to be there was actually 35 minutes. I was in agony and dieing to push and they wouldn't let me, they kept telling me to breath when I would say I needed to push. It took 15 minutes of them doing that junk before it couldn't be helped and out came her head, then they let me push her out, which of course at that point is no big deal...I'm slightly bitter about this all actually.
They said then that they'd let the doctor deliver the placenta. A few minutes later they checked and said it wasn't ready yet. And then yet again a few minutes later and it was ready so the nurse delivered that too. They all had said they didn't think I tore when she was born, but when I pushed out the placenta I knew that wasn't true. In the end when the doctor finally showed up and stitched me up I did in fact tear more than I did with any of the other 3...oh joy.
The birth was still what I asked for though, it started on its own and I didn't use any pain meds so I was happy overall. Though I now know pitocin vs. starting on its own really aren't that different for me, except well the labor was twice as long as my inductions, lol. It was shorter than my first labor (non-induction, no pitocin either) but mainly only because I didn't have the 2.5 hours of pushing!
Amber Hale Rowles was born at 4:47am June 14th, 7lbs 9oz, 20.5 inches, a full head of hair and scored over a 9 on the APGARS or whatever that score is, lol. She's wonderful and I'm loving being a 4th time mom though I did for sure have the baby blues for the first few days, they're getting better and she's such a good nurser it is all wonderful :wub:

ChicaChels June 19th, 2010 11:28 AM

Re: Amber Hale's birth story
awesome story!!!! Cant wait to see pictures of Miss Amber!! :cheer: :wub:

LJD3Tdance June 23rd, 2010 09:45 AM

Re: Amber Hale's birth story
I'll go post some now.

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