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Tam_87 November 23rd, 2010 08:41 PM

My babies :) 2 very different birth experiences!!
Hamish, now 6 years old.

Hamish was born on his due date by induction. I developed pre eclampsia in the last week of my pregnancy so they would not let me go over my due date. I was told his approx weight would be 7lb 2oz, turns out he was born a massive 10lb 6oz. I was given a epidural & had my waters broken. It was painless & i remember thinking afterwards "i would do it all again tomorrow if i had to".

Syrus, now 6 weeks old.

I had the perfect pregnancy with Syrus! No morning sickness, no aches or pains. I was able to work up to 37 weeks. As soon as week 38 hit i was over it. My ultrasound estimated he was already 8lb & after my last babie being 10lb 6oz i was ready to get him out asap!! I tryed drinking a bottle of castor oil.. nothing. Walking everywhere.. nothing. Sex... nothing. & pretty much everything else you can try to induce labour and still nothing! I had my 38 week internal done to see if i was dilated and straight away after leaving the hospital that day my contractions started. I still think the dr ruptured my membranes without telling me. By 7pm that night i was tossing up weather to go to the hospital or not. About 3 hours after putting my 6 year old to bed i was certain these werent braxton hicks anymore but not 100% ( last time i never experianced contractions ), i was waking him up, packing his bag for Grandmas & we were off to the hospital. By 4am the next morning i was ready to give birth & wishing my epidural would hurry up!! Finally it was time to get the epidural, i sat up & Syrus popped out. 1 push & he was out. So i didnt end up having time for the drugs. I was only in the hospital 24 hours before i was allowed home :)

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