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MommaDucks August 14th, 2006 09:00 PM

tuesday, sept 6th 2005, i started having contractions @ 2:30am woke up, pooed, back to sleep same at 330am at 430 same thing but i stayed awake and posted in my DDC until around 9a when the contractions were about 3-7 minutes apart, tom then called the dr. (i was too busy pooping :lol: ) he told me to come on in, well i get to the drs office (9:30-45a), he checks im already 5-6cm!!!!!! they tell me to go to the hospital by the time every thing is set up and all, it was 10:30ish and the contractions were pretty painful but still not too bad, i kept thinking i could still be home, this is going to take forever LITTLE DID I KNOW! around 12:00 i was 8-9cm and everyone was trying to convince me to get the epidural i was really in pain, and screaming with each contraction at one point i did throw up, grossest part ever! by 12:45pm it was in LOL i couldnt do it anymore, at 1:15 i was at a 10, (i was thinking wth was the point of the epi then) then the lovely nurse i had let me rest before i began to push, at 1:50pm i started pushing, while pushing, all i kept thinking was DO NOT POO ON THE TABLE! :lol: and i didnt i think i was more focused on that than pushing the baby out, since pushing literally felt the same as going poo at2:43pm, little thomas came with a few little cries, he was place on my stomach and looked directly at me, i was in shock! the nurse took him and within a few minutes my dr was getting the placenta and stitching me up (i had a small epesiotmy{sp???}) while he was doing that i was taking pictures of tom with the baby LOL! his apgars were 9 and 9, the pediatrition said he is absolutly perfect, he has had a few issues with latching on, but nursing is going great, but OUCH! my nipples hurt LOL, during his bath, he trying punching the nurse when she wet his head so i have been calling him slugger LOL he is so perfect and amazing, i still dont find it real! oh! and the nurses looked at the paper i was keeping the times of the contractions on, they say labore really started arounf 7:30am so that means i wasnt even in labor for 8 hours!!! i am so proud i stayed home so long, and everyone around me cannot believe this is my 1st child because i did so well! (had to brag LOL)

Thomas Harold, Jr.
September 6th, 2005
7lbs 6oz

caprice_808 August 14th, 2006 09:54 PM

hey just wanted to say that our little boys are born on the same day!!!

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