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Momma2My Lil Js September 19th, 2006 10:11 PM

Cross posted from the Oct DDC

Jared Matthew was born 9/16 at 2:44am, 6lbs 3ozs and 19 inches long!
He is just adorable! I will update this post with pictures when I get home, hopefully on Monday!

I was hoping for a boring birth story but of course that couldn't be! Long and detailed since this is what I wrote for his journal.... (I guess I should add that this c-section was not a like my first one, which other than it being an emergency went perfectly without problems. I don't want anyone freaking out when they read this post.)

I was scheduled to have my c-section on 9/16 @ 10am due to a complete placenta previa.

On 9/15 around 10pm, I called the nurse because I started bleeding again. It was a medium bleed, more than two of my bleeds but much lighter than the one that got me admitted into the hospital. The nurse called the Dr to let him know of the bleeding. He wanted me transferred to L&D. I called hubby to get to the hospital quick since it seemed Jared was wanting to do this early.
Once in L&D I was set up with an IV to quickly hydrate me and a heplock just incase I was bleeding to much during the c-section and needed a transfusion. About 30 mins after hubby got to the room they wheeled me off to the OR to set me up with the spinal. The anesthesiologist doing the spinal wasn't having any luck and called in another one to give it a try. I tried the position of leaning forward with my feet dangling off the bed and trying to curl my back. Since that position didn't work for either of them, I tried laying on my left side on the operating table and curling my back. That was very uncomfortable since my bladder filled so quickly that each time I tucked my knees up I was having a hard time holding it and trying not to move. After warning them twice that I was just going to pee on the table, they stopped and hooked up the catheter. Finally I felt relieved but was told to try another position. Get on my knees and have my elbows on the table tucked to my knees and arch my back like a hissing cat. My response was that I didn't have a tail but did my catheter count? After being back in the OR for over an hour and a half they finally got the epidural in and was numbing me up. It took awhile... When the did the cold test all over my stomach I didn't feel anything until they poured some sterile solution between my legs and I could feel it was cold. They tried clamping my skin and I could still feel everything a little from my belly button down. The Dr said after a few minutes that they were going to knock me out instead. I just started bawling at that point and they tried to put the oxygen mask on me but I was feeling suffocated and kept trying to remove it. Finally they stopped trying to put it on me and let me take deep breaths on my own. After that, the next thing I know the Dr is asking them to send for hubby right away. He tried clamping again and I wasn't feeling it anymore and started operating. When hubby got there I was freaking out because I wasn't feeling any pain but a shooting sensation down in my cervix/vagina area. It was happening more and more as they pushed and applied pressure trying to get Jared out. Finally I remember hearing the Dr talking to hubby, telling him they were going to give me a drug that would cause me to not remember much since they were already so far along they didn't want me to remember any kind of pain. Within seconds I was fading out and can only recall towards the end when hubby was holding Jared next to me and Jared was crying so much but it was wonderful. After hubby left, I kept repeating questions because I couldn't remember them answering me since I was so out of it until I was in recovery. I wanted to know what time he was born, if he was breathing on his own, did my husband take him to the room or was he going to the NICU. After the c-section was done I was wheeled back to my room to recover. Hubby showed up about 20mins later. Jared was doing great, his apgar at birth was 7 and 5 minutes later is was 9. He was taken to the nursery to have his blood sugar tested (it was great... 70)and would be fed there since I had to many drugs to try to breast feeding immediately. The nurse informed me that my bleeding during the surgery was normal and that was great news since that was a risk. They kept Jared in the nursery since it was around 3:30am before I got to my room and they knew I needed to rest. We finally got him around 11am, after we both rested up some.

SandKmommy September 20th, 2006 01:25 PM

Congrats on your little boy!!!

sydney's_mama September 20th, 2006 06:15 PM

Congrats! :cheer:

LJD3Tdance May 22nd, 2007 01:34 AM

The fact that they kept doing things and you kept being able to feel has me all nervous!! No c-section for me please!!!

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