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AMiner86 June 11th, 2010 06:41 PM

DSS sick all week
So I'm running on very little sleep for the past few days so forgive me if I start to ramble or don't make any sense...

So it all started Tuesday afternoon. My stepson's bio mom decided that she wanted to keep him a little longer than the weekend since she had a few extra days off from work. She got him Saturday and wanted to keep him til Wed evening. Fine. Well Tuesday afternoon my BF calls me at work and says that he's picking up my DSS to take him to the ER because he's been throwing up for a day and a half and can't keep anything down. I'm of course worried, but know that there's a flu bug going around and just figure that's the problem. Well the ER takes too long so my BF decided to just bring him home and get him into the doctor the next day.

Well when I get home from picking my DD up from my mom's after work, I see that Meyson is outside playing and seems fine so I think that it must have been one of those 24 hours bugs or something along those lines and he's getting better. So we go about our nighttime routine and everything is going ok and then shortly after DSS lays down, he's up puking. I can instantly tell that it's not at all the flu and the puking is coming from his allergies. He's always had extremely bad allergies and when he doesn't take his medicine when the allergen levels are really high, which they are right now where we live, he coughs a lot at night and ends up getting sick because of all the mucuous and phlem in his throat gags him.

I conclude from this that his bio mom hasn't been giving him his medicine since she's had him, but I don't jump to conclusions just yet because he may just need a different dose since the levels are higher and what not. Well the next day my BF calls her and she has in fact NOT given him any of his medicine the whole entire time she's had him. And to make it even worse her reason for not giving it to him is because "she was out". :confused: Well sorry, that just doesn't fly with me because I know for a fact that Wal-mart is open 24 hours here and they sell his allergy medicine so she could have picked it up at any point in time while she had him.

So now because of her mistake, DSS is paying dearly for it. It takes a few days for the medicine to start kicking in full force and manage his allergies so he's been up sick every night this week and for such a stupid reason. It's so infuriating that because she decided that it wasn't important enough for her to go get him some more medicine and now he's miserable and not sleeping well during the night, which in turns makes for some bad days for him because of the lack of sleep. Yesterday my mom watched the kids while I was at work and when I picked them up, he fell asleep in the car and it wasn't even 7:00 yet and he NEVER goes to sleep that easy anymore.

Sorry for the long post, but I just needed to vent a little bit...

Daisyfields June 11th, 2010 08:47 PM

Re: DSS sick all week
Oh my dear, this story is SOOOO familiar. My DSS (when he used to spend the night w/ us), would become sick all of a sudden but when things were going to be fun, he would have a miraculous recovery. :mad: I also used to see the whole medication/hypochondriac, from him due to his mother who goes off the deep end on EVERYTHING! He got a small cut from a playground...she took him to the ER. Same w/a sprained ankle, that wasn't swollen, just tender, we're in the ER. Grrrr...

Not sure about the whole thing on his bio-mom not giving him the medicine.

I do want to share something w/ you. My DS decided to STOP his Rx w/ out telling me, he just stopped it & eventually caved & told me the truth. Which was scary, the Rx he is on, if you stop w/ out slowly decreasing the dosage, can result in seizures & death. I freaked out! We (doctor's & I) explained the seriousness in that choice he made, although he was influenced by one that is close to him that stopping his Rx would be a good idea. That's another story.

My DS recently decided to throw away another Rx at his dad's house. His dad called me w/ in a few days & asked me what the Rx looked like & we figured out which Rx he didn't take. My DS said he had forgotten to take the Rx and decided to throw it away. Again, I explained that he is to NEVER throw away Rx's (expensive). We also said "no more taking pills on your own, from now on we watch you take it & swallow it!" He used to be trustworthy on taking his own Rx's but the last 2 incidents I had to take over & go back to treating him like my 4 year old & administering the Rx's myself. Not that I think my 9 year old can go into the medicine cabinets to take an Advil w/ out asking, that never happens, but he has his inhalers (allergies, seasonal & bad), then another for MH & a few OTC supplements. I never had a reason NOT to trust him, but now I've had to go back to basics.

Perhaps he isn't taking them on his own? That's just a thought, b/c that happened to me & my DS DID get sick, upset stomach, headache, diarrhea & those were all withdrawal symptoms. I thought he wasn't well for the allergies (outdoor) but after discovering him not taking his Rx's, it all made sense.

Not sure if this helped, I hope you figure it out. And I have to say, unless the child is not peeing (which would indicate dehydration), a child w/ an upset stomach shouldn't be in the ER, at least not from what you're describing. I'm sure he was exposed to more illness' being there than prior. Plus, the co-pays for an ER visit (in my case $100.00) is insane! My child better be VERY sick to go to an ER, also...why waste 6-10 hours in the triage or an uncomfy hospital bed to get a doc who says "you're fine, follow up w/ your doctor in the morning & if it gets worst, come back"... DUMB! Waste of money, time & no child should be in an ER like that unless they are truly needing ER care.

Hope you get to the bottom of it all.


AMiner86 June 12th, 2010 07:41 AM

Re: DSS sick all week
Well my DSS is 4 and cannot take his medicine on his own so it is up to the adults to give it to him and she admitted to not giving it to him so I do know what happened as far as why he hadn't been taking it. He actually will ask for his medicine and is GREAT about taking it. He's like that with any of it though, even if he hates it, like some of his cough and cold medicine, he will still ask when he can take it or remind us throughout the day that he hasn't taken it yet. It's most definitely not any fault of my DSS on him not getting the medicine.

And I know that he's not exaggerating or faking anything because I know the pattern of what happens when his allergies are bothering him. The doctor explained to us over a year ago that the reason he is puking at night is because he's not in an upright position the mucous drainage is worse and then when the coughing starts, all the mucuous and phlem that is there, triggers the gag reflex, which causes him to puke. I never would have thought that allergies would cause stomach issues, but after she explained it to us, it made sense.

And I totally agree with you about the ER. I didn't want him to go for those same reasons, but my BF insisted on taking him because that's what his ex wanted him to do. :confused: She was so dead set on him being deathly ill and needing to go to the ER, but she hasn't even called one time to check on him to see if he's ok. I'm not even going to try and figure that one out!

My2miracles June 12th, 2010 08:36 AM

Re: DSS sick all week
I can't understand why a mother would let her child suffer like that! Insane!

AMiner86 June 13th, 2010 01:02 PM

Re: DSS sick all week
That's what I was thinking! All she has to do is give him this medicine one time a day, right before bed, not that difficult, especially since he likes to take it.

Good news is that the medicine is really kicking in now and his allergies are leveling out and he's gone two nights now without throwing up and today he has been in an awesome mood. :cheer: I'm so relieved that he's finally feeling like himself again and able to really get outside and play since it's been so nice out and he HATES having to be cooped up all day.

GinaOfAllTrades June 14th, 2010 06:14 PM

Re: DSS sick all week
I hate that she was like that. How hard is it to seriously give the child his medication! :rolleyes: Glad he seems to be better.

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