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pmdc5286 August 4th, 2013 04:22 PM

Ugh! I just can't win! (whine to follow)
OK. We got Robert back. Dani was scheduled to go to her dad's this weekend. Our schedule for the month of July got all messed up with her being Baptized. Sean said he was bored and wanted to do something. I did some research work and we decided we were going to go up to the mountains and go tubing. Sounds fun, right?

Wrong! I loved the tubing part. It was very relaxing. The part I did not like was when we stopped on the river to go to the water slides. Something happened and I stood up, slipped and in the process of regaining my balance I managed to twist my knee really good. It is the same knee that has been operated on before. We got finished with the tubing and went to the hotel where we were gonna stay and I propped my knee up and iced it and took Advil. It got worse and worse and we ended up in the ER with me barely able to walk. Preliminary Diagnosis is tendon and ligament damage to the already damaged knee. I have to call in the morning to see my orthopedic. I am now on crutches and in a knee immobilizer!

Why does something bad have to happen EVERY time we try to do something fun?

Now, Jonah starts back to work on Tuesday, Robert starts school in the morning and Sean and Dani starting on Thurs, plus open house for Dani Tues. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that while Jonah is training at work, I have to manage to finish getting Sean and Dani ready for school. It looks like Sean will be my chauffeur this week!

I should add that while Dani was at her dad's he took her to the lake swimming. She told him she was ok without sunscreen! Dani is a very pale white little girl and she is 10. He did not make her put on sunscreen and now her sunburn is so bad that she has water blisters on her shoulders and arms and the back of her neck!

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