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docsmomma May 25th, 2005 01:28 PM

Ok, my son just turned 3 this month. He calls my DH daddy (his own choice, never encouraged previously) and knows that some little boys are very special and get 2 mommys or 2 daddys or 2 mommy's and 2 daddy's. But his bio dad has been telling him that he is not allowed to call anyone but him daddy (and DS being strongwilled yells "you my daddy and he my daddy! i say so!"). Well recently bio-dad has been telling him he HAS to call his GF (of less than a month) mommy. DS tells me the other day "i don't WANT 2 mommy's! You my mommy!" I told him it's his choice but he is loved no matter what he chooses and I won't be mad either way. He tells me "I mad at daddy with nana" (his way of explaining which daddy). I asked him why, he tells me "he say she my mommy and you not". I don't know how to handle that one, so I asked him what he though, and he says I'm his mommy. I said that's right. and left it at that for now. Any ideas?

Also, my parents (who DS adores and is close to) just seperated this month. DS thinks he's never going to see poppy again because poppy moved out. So he has told poppy and gramma he's mad at the (which we've told him to tell people how he feels). Well he told me yesterday that poppy moved because he didn't love him anymore. I never had to explain mine and his fathers divorce and I'm not sure how to explain this to him. he is VERY angry right now and won't talk to either poppy or gramma except to say "I mad at you" or "you don't love me!"

magilatuzzi May 26th, 2005 02:23 PM

wow.. that is a tough one! Sounds like your ex is just plain being an ##### to me... trying to get you going. As for your parents, maybe check your local library to see if there are any books to help young children understand a little.. sorry i cant be of more help!

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