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Sugar+Spicex3 July 9th, 2006 08:59 PM

We are going to make a Hello Kitty blinkie that a JM member requested. I know this may seem like alot of steps, but it honestly will not take this long as you use the process over and over.

We will be using this image so please copy and paste this into PSP. There's no need to save it to your computer, just copy and paste.

Its not the right size, so we will have to resize it. I use a height of 20 for my blinkies and this image will be resized to that height. Width does not matter.
-- go to IMAGE/RESIZE. Make the HEIGHT PIXEL SIZE = 20. Also, make sure that the aspect ratio box is checked or your image will look distorted.

(#1) we're going to change the background color to the color we want for our blinkie. I like baby girl pink and its html code is FFCCFF. But you can choose any color you wish.
(#2) we're going to use the FILL TOOL. Click that then click the white background of our image and it should change to your chosen color. If the face changed, click UNDO and try again.

Now that our image is the right size, we need to make our blinkie size. A really simple way to do this is to go (#3)IMAGE/CANVAS SIZE. Make the (#4)WIDTH PIXEL SIZE = 150, HEIGHT PIXEL SIZE = 20. This blinkie will have a center image, so check the boxes (#5)CENTER VERTICALLY and CENTER HORIZONTALLY.

Click OK and your blinkie canvas with a pic should appear like this.

It would be a good idea to save at this point as well. Also, empty your clipboard. Do this by going to VIEW/EMPTY/CLIPBOARD.

Now we're going to add our text. We'll be using font SUBWAY size 12 . You can use any color you like, but I'll use white with stroke color off (using just the fill color makes the font easier to read in small text). I like to zoom in by 5 (VIEW/ZOOM) or 10 when doing this to ensure that the text doesn't "dance". Text "dancing" is when the text is not in the same position in each frame of the animation and I use the grids to prevent this. You can access the grids by going to VIEW/GRID to turn them on. You can change the settings at VIEW/CHANGE GRID AND GUIDE PROPERTIES. I also change my grids to these settings.

We'll have to do HELLO KITTY in two seperate steps since the picture is in the middle of the blinkie. Do "HELLO" for the left side and "KITTY" for the right. After your text is where you want it (Use your grids to guide you for the proper positioning), merge all layers (#6: go to LAYERS/MERGE/MERGE ALL(flatten)).

Here is what mine looks like zoomed in by 5...

Make 2 or 3 copies and paste them anywhere in PSP.

To put a blinking border on this, we'll use the (#7) PAINT BRUSH tool. Make sure you have your TOOL OPTIONS PALETTE (go to VIEW/TOOLBARS/PAINT BRUSH PALETTE) visible and your grids are still on. Use your (#8) DROPPER tool to choose your colors for the paint brush. I like my blinkie to be color coordinated, so we'll take the dropper tool up to the kitty's bow and left click, right click in the red.

Click the PAINT BRUSH tool again and go to the TOOL OPTIONS PALETTE. Change your settings to these (#9) and begin to mark your border at the upper left corner of the grid (#10). Continue in this pattern all the way around the blinkie.

Minimize the red border blinkie and bring up one of the copies. Turn the grid on and make sure the settings match the 1st blinkie. Get the DROPPER tool, left & right click a dark grey area of Kitty's bow. Go to your PAINT BRUSH tool and begin on the left side of the blinkie, (#11) one space below where you started the red border. When you're finished, make a copy and paste in (#12) ANIMATION SHOP.

Go back to the red border blinkie, make a copy and (#13) PASTE AFTER CURRENT. You should have both red and grey border blinkies side by side in Animation Shop. If you want to change the speed of the blinkie, go to (#14) ANIMATION/FRAME PROPERTIES and change each frame.

Save your blinkie in ANIMATION SHOP and you're done!

<div align="center">CONGRATULATIONS!</div>
<div align="center">http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e2...hellokitty.gif</div>
<div align="center">You've made your first blinkie with a picture in it!!</div>

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