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SPinkD April 16th, 2007 02:13 PM

We are going to learn this:

Make sure you have done Blinkie School lesson 1 for photoshop before attempting this tutorial.

1. Start with your 150 x 20 blinkie or 21, whatever you prefer.

2. Choose your #3 square brush. Do not change any of the brush properties.

3. (optional step) Create a new layer and draw lines around all of the edges of the box, so you have basically outlined it. Remember shift helps you make a straight line.

4. Stick with you #3 brush, but we are going to mess with it a bit. In your brush palette, go brush shape tip and change the roundness to 25% and your spacing to 201%.

5. Create a new layer and start at the top left corner to make your dots like you would normally. You can always move the lines around with your move tool if they don't appear to be in the right spot.

6. Duplicate this layer and use your move tool to move the dots to the bottom of your box.

7. Create a new layer and we will do the dashes down the side the same way, but in your brush palette under brush shape tip, change the angle to 90 degrees, all other setting same as above step 4. For some reason the dashes don't always show up at first, but just keep on and they will eventually show. I would just save the finished product here as your template, so you don't have to do it everytime.

8. Notice in the picture above that the dots on the right side are a little too "long". You can use your eraser to trim up the top and bottom. Duplicate this layer and move them to the left side. Now, just continue on as you would to make the 2nd set of dots as you learned in the first tutorial.

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