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jeweluv November 20th, 2012 05:54 PM

19 months old, 19lbs! Tiny but okay???
I'm worried about my youngest dd now who started out between birth and 6 months between the 10-and 20th percentile and at a year was at the 3rd and now at 18months, below. She has met all her milestones, she is breastfed, and generally seems happy and healthy..PRAISE GOD! Right now she has not been eating much but she is literally getting 5 teeth....poor munchkin =( She is not even into smoothies so getting anything into her at this point is hard. Ped didn't seem worried at last visit bc we have crazy small genetics (MIL is 4'10 and tallest woman in fam is 5'4, tallest man
5'8....I was 42lbs at 10.) I don't think I would have been so worried is she had been consistantly below the charts but it is because she decended. He said at 2 if she is still very small, he will run a panel....not sure what he is checking for. That scared me!! She has no digestive issues and right now is nursing much more frequently as she is barely eating this week. she is getting her 18month molars and her "I" teeth. I have tried everything from cold food, to warm food, to liquids this week and all she wants is my milk. I'm okay with that but wondered if perhaps because she was between the 10th and 20th percentile during her first 6 months of life and then decended if perhaps now her TRUE gentic expression is showing? Any thoughts? Thanks!!

bmarti07 November 20th, 2012 08:27 PM

Re: 19 months old, 19lbs! Tiny but okay???
It sounds like she might just be small. If your pedi. isn't worried I wouldn't worry either. I would also continue offering new, various foods to encourage her to eat. She may just not be a big eater. My 3 year old eats like a hoss and is 40 lbs. but my 11 month old breastfeeds and is not into solids and he is only 20 lbs. Totally different appetites.

mgm78 November 22nd, 2012 04:58 AM

Re: 19 months old, 19lbs! Tiny but okay???
My DD has always been off the charts, BUT her growth chart mimics the regular growth chart perfectly. I would look at her growth rather than percentiles. If she is growing, there is no need to worry, imo. DD was 15.5lbs at 1 year, 23 at 2 year, 28 at 3 years and still 28 at 3.5 years old. HOWEVER, her two bf friends (they were all breastfed until 2.5-3yo) are exactly the same size! she is 28, one is 29 and the other is 30!

LessthanThree November 22nd, 2012 10:48 AM

Re: 19 months old, 19lbs! Tiny but okay???
My 1 yr old is around 17 pounds because we had difficulty during the first month of breastfeeding and she lost weight and didn't gain well at first. Now she is gaining on her new growth chart, so our pedi isn't worried at all. Weight isn't as important as staying on the chart and reaching milestones. But when dealing with little babies, it is hard to remember that. Good luck!

Fluga November 23rd, 2012 01:25 PM

Re: 19 months old, 19lbs! Tiny but okay???
My older daughter had great appetite at around 1yr. She went on an almost complete food strike between 15 and 18 months. She had been eating full plates and went on to eat just 2-3 spoonfuls per meal. The food strike ended when all her molars came in. Lesson learned, teething can really mess with eating.

Sounds like you have a smart pedi who doesnt stress over charts.

bmarti07 November 24th, 2012 02:22 PM

Re: 19 months old, 19lbs! Tiny but okay???
Definitely look more at the growth chart rather than percentiles. Jon tends to be lower than average in percentiles but his dr. said his growth chart is beautiful. It's hard not to compare!

LuckyOne November 28th, 2012 10:08 PM

Re: 19 months old, 19lbs! Tiny but okay???
My daughter was born at 10lbs, went down to 8lbs by the time she left the hospital, and then now she's 20+ months and has been weighing 23 lbs since two or three check ups ago? So I think that's like the year mark. She's taller, but the girl isn't gaining weight and she can eat--like EAT! She loves beans, veggies, meat/chicken. When she is sick she does the same thing, reverts to breastmilk mainly and I'm a-ok with that as long as the following week she eats more. I mean she has to be really sick to not eat though. I know I didn't eat when I had braces because of teeth pain, I can only imagine how your sweet little girl is feeling with so many teeth coming in.

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