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tlp2214 September 27th, 2013 01:17 PM

FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Any advice and suggestions from experience!? I wanna try my best when my little girl arrives, to give her the best nutrients and to save some money!

As for pumping and putting into bottles..which bottles are best!? On my registry I scanned some Nuk and Playtex natural bottles, the short, fat ones that seem more like nipples.

I still have a long ways to go but I just want to be as prepared as I can, and I am hoping it works out great!

Thanks ladies :)

mgm78 September 28th, 2013 02:29 PM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy :) I would try to take a breastfeeding class or find a local la leche league, they have a series of meetings to prepare you for when baby comes and is a good little support group for afterwards as well. As far as bottles, i ended up just using avent and the medela ones that came with the pump. There are a lot on the market now and we only did bottles when i was at work, so i know nothing about bottle feeding.

Eleanor-Abigail September 28th, 2013 09:03 PM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Yay! You're doing a good thing. I second taking a class and finding a local LLL chapter. They were a HUGE help to me w/ my DD.

As for bottles, I used the BreastFlow by first years, but I understand those are hard to come by. I pumped into the bottles that came w/ my Medela, poured into Lansinoh milk storage bags (fewer bottles to clean, yay), and then daycare poured into the Breast Flow bottles. Really I think it's more about the nipple than the bottle.

You could also check out LLL's book "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding."

Will you be working? If so then I suggest a double electric pump. If not, then a single pump should do.

Here's something to remember: newborn babies have teeny tiny tummies, and breast milk is easily digested. In those first days & weeks, you will nurse day & night. This is normal. You will only have colostrum the first few days. Do NOT let people push you to supplement w/ formula. Colostrum is liquid gold and the best thing for your little girl!

Another thing: babies cry a lot-newborns especially. Yes, they are hungry all the time. It does NOT mean you don't have enough milk! Even if you're nursing every hour, as long as baby is gaining, and making enough wet & poopy diapers every day, keep nursing!

tlp2214 September 30th, 2013 08:43 AM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Thanks very much ladies!

Yes I plan on going back to work after taking a little bit of time off with her, and my friend just got a super nice pump in the spring when she had her daughter that she barely used, so I'm going to take it to the hospital and get it cleaned and all of that and use it. Not sure the type or the brand, but she said it was pricy. She didn't have much luck feeding or pumping and turned to formula quickly.

I'm gonna try my best. I have some of the Lansinoh storage bags that I got from doctor grab bags, I will have to remember to get more of them. Thanks for the advice! I'm touring my hospital next week and I'm gonna look into classes and stuff also.

mgm78 September 30th, 2013 08:52 AM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
I bought a preowned pump and just bought all new parts, you should be fine.

Going to a place like La Leche, you will have a support network before baby is here, so if things get tough, instead of giving up, you have people who can help you work through whatever issues you are having. Also, when you take the hospital tour, try to find out how breastfeeding friendly are they. Do you need a sign to say you will be nursing and not to give bottles or formula? do they feed infants with formula in a bottle or syringe, things like that. Do they have a lactation consultant on staff? Can the baby stay in the room with you instead of the nursery.

Sugaree September 30th, 2013 09:46 AM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Check your insurance. It's very possible that they will cover a pump and there's nothing wrong with having more than one. I would love to have one at home and one at my office. My insurance also covered storage bags. They'll only cover 150 every 90 days though.

Shea131 September 30th, 2013 11:39 AM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Ok I'm going to be brutally honest because I wish someone would have been with me with my first. In the beginning, breastfeeding is HARD!!! BUT, is soooooooo worth it!! I have 2 kiddos. My first I breastfed for 5 days and then gave up due to lack of knowledge and support. I don't think it's too early at all for you to start seeking out support and information. My second (he's almost 11 weeks) is breastfed and it's going great! I was much more knowledgeable this time around and more determined.

I really don't want to scare you, I just want you to be prepared. The first 6 weeks are the toughest. Your nipples are going to hurt while they are toughening up. Work with a Lactation Consultant to be sure baby has a really good latch so hopefully you can avoid cracked nipples. I had one nipple that did great and never cracked and the other cracked and bled for probably 6 or 7 weeks. It took so long to heal because my son would re-open the sore every time he nursed. We are about 11 weeks in now and it's such a breeze! Like I said so so so so worth it! Just know that if it hurts the first weeks, if baby wants to eat all.the.time (and I literally mean all the time), if you feel like giving up, that's ALL normal! Just keep at it and I PROMISE it will get better.

So about the baby eating all the time. My best advice with a feeding schedule is, don't have one! Don't look at the clock. Don't worry about how long baby is feeding on each side for or how many hours, half hours, minutes it's been since the baby last ate. Basically anytime she cries those first few weeks just feed her. They nurse so much in the beginning because they are working on building up your supply. Wants your supply is established and established well you will notice baby starting to feed on more of a schedule.

I personally don't think one bottle is necessarily better than another. Some babies will only take to one kind of bottle (that would obviously be trial and error) where as some babies will take any bottle. We use Dr. Brown for my son only because that's what we had for my daughter and I just kept them and bought new nipples this time around.

I started pumping once a day when Jax was about 3 or 4 weeks old to build up a stash for when I go back to work (this week boo!). I just picked a time of day where I knew I would be home at that time everyday and pumped then. For me it worked out to where after his first feeding of the day, sometime between 6-8am, I would pump whatever he didn't drink and freeze it.

Ok I'll quit rambling now! Haha! Ask any questions you have!!

Rachel October 1st, 2013 03:08 PM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Welcome! The best advice I can give you is to avoid booby traps. Here is some info on that:

What are the Booby Traps? | Best for BabesBest for Babes

tlp2214 October 2nd, 2013 11:39 AM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Thank you everyone!!! I just met with Wic for the first time yesterday and got lots of info on BF as well. I'm touring my hospital next week, unless I end up switching to a midwife in which case I will have to switch hospitals. But I'm looking forward to seeing everything and getting more info. I'm gonna print these responses so I have some encouragement when its time!

mgm78 October 2nd, 2013 04:21 PM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
great!!!! WIC is very pro-breastfeeding and should have a pump for you as well.

paula96 October 9th, 2013 12:11 PM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
That's great that you are preparing yourself for breastfeeding. As pointed out by many moms above, it can seem daunting in the beginning but everything gets resolved on its own, you just have to be persistent.

For sure, take advantage of any breastfeeding classes in your area. There are also many tricks and techniques you can use to get your lo to latch in the beginning. You can use this latching guide for new moms and see if these tips help. Finally, do not hesitate to ask for help if you think you need some. Lactation Consultants can be great help at these times!

juleeannk October 10th, 2013 06:44 AM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
I also wanted to point out the bottle nipple you referenced about. Short and fat like a breast nipple is not what you want to look for. I know it seems strange because that is what your nipple looks like before going into the baby's mouth, but it stretches and elongates in the baby's mouth and a teat cannot do that. I would recommend a teat that is long and skinny like the Soothie teat. If you do look into buying a used pump, look for one that is a closed pump system. Medela pumps are open pump systems and even if you buy all new parts, the milk from the previous owner, could still cross with your milk. They are also more prone to bacteria and mold growth in the motor. If you tell me where you are from, I can point you to a good lactation consultant.

Kalia20 October 12th, 2013 03:50 PM

Re: FTM, gonna try best to BF, any advice?
Breastfeeding can be very hard to start, both mother and baby are learning. One of the first thing my midwife asked me was if I have flat nipples. I dont. You can get shields if thats the case. I wish I knew that nursing bra's were a godsend instead of waiting until she was a few days old to get some and a BFing pillow is awesome too. Doesnt HAVE to be a BFing pillow but the curve helps. And pads!! I tried Lily Pads at one point too, they were ok but wouldnt recommend if you have lots of leaking like I did at first.

Not a bad idea to keep cabbage on hand, it helps with engorgement pain. Never did it myself but have heard good things. Look up thrush and mastitis, learn the dfferences and what pain is normal and what is not. Not all women get engorged, but those like me that do? It HURTS. My boobs got so big they were shiney lol. I remember pacing waiting for the baby to wake up to give relief.......and you can hand express to relieve some pain, wouldnt recommending pumping as BF is about supply and demand and your body will make more than needed. Just enough to relive pressure. It WILL even out. See what works best for you. And as a FTM it amazed me that the milk sprayed out in a bunch of different directions, honestly never thought of how it worked before lol

BF babies do eat a lot, and ITA don't schedule, feed on demand. First big growth spurt is about 3 weeks and that can be a killer. As long as there are plenty of wet diapers, all is well. I was told to change baby first then feed, I learned quite quick not to do that cause eating caused her bowels to move so two diaper changes? Nope. There WILL be times where your baby doesnt poop even for up to a week, dont worry about that, it's normal for a BF baby!! That just means their bodies are using everything they are eating. I think thats after a few months though?

"Feed on one side for ten mins then switch". That advice drives me nuts. Dont do that. The more fatty milk is at the back of the breast and the baby will eventually get to it, and when done on the one side, no matter how long it takes, then switch if the baby wants. Go by your babys cues not what a book says.

Ive heard that you can tell how much you are making by using a breastpump. Dont go by that, a baby is more efficient than a pump is. Also dont make the mistake of comparing how many ounces a BF baby vs a FF baby eat. It's very different, your baby will eat what is needed and your body will accommodate that.

For bottles, from my first I read a lot of recommendations to wait approx 6 weeks before trying a bottle with your baby to prevent nipple preference. Some babies can decide they get their food so much easier with a bottle and give up. Mine saw them as torture devices, and I tried every kind out there so I dont have much more to add this time. She wouldnt even take it from a cup when older she only wanted it "straight from the tap". Im sure this baby will be different.

Don't let anyone discourage you!! Your baby, your choice. Ive heard the excuse of not being able to bond due to not being able to feed the baby cause of "a selfish bfing mom", but theres A LOT more to raising and bonding with a baby than feeding. And only mom doing it doesnt last forever!!

For storing breastmilk in a freezer theres different amount of times you can store it depending on your freezer. I dont remember how long I have to relook that up. I used a manual pump and got the most in the longer stretches of time that she slept cause she was good with just the one side per feeding most times by a certain age dont remember what exactly, but sometimes she wanted both.

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