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Sam914 April 29th, 2013 08:54 AM

On the market for a new convertible seat
I've been out of the carseat game for a couple of years - whats the latest and greatest convertible seat? My son is 3 years old and FF is a Complete Air which i love but we were caught up in the recline confusion with that seat so i'm not sure if i want to go that route again or get something different. I need something pretty thin though since we are 3 across (CA, TB and SR right now). I could also give my daughter the CA and get something new for my son but i'm pretty sure the CA would expire before my daughter was done with it anyway so i dont know if there is any point in that.

Sam914 May 4th, 2013 06:05 PM

Re: On the market for a new convertible seat
well, ok then

amylynne01 May 5th, 2013 06:45 PM

Re: On the market for a new convertible seat
Sorry. This board really isn't active anymore. There aren't many people answering posts at all. It's not personal.

Who are you buying a new seat for? What are all three kids' ages, weights, heights, and shirt sizes? What vehicle? Do you have a budget in mind?

Sam914 May 6th, 2013 03:41 PM

Re: On the market for a new convertible seat
I know, hate how inactive it is! I either want a convertible seat for DD or i'll get a Nautilus (or Argos) for DS and give her his CA. The way i'm thinking though, passing down doesnt make sense... DS got his CA in Jan 2011 so i assume it was manufactured in 2010 (will check that of course just to make sure) - if it expires in 2015 DD will only 3 and ds would be 5 - i plan to keep ds harnessed until he's at least 5 so i would need another harness seat for DD so it doesnt seem logical to pass his CA down right? Just want to make sure i'm thinking right there... $150ish would be ideal but definitely less then $200. I've seen a lot of CA's on sale is there any reason for that does anyone know? I have a 2001 Buick Lasabre but we are looking into getting a minivan soon.... though just in case i need to plan for 3 across

Anyway, the kids are

SDD - almost 9 - low back TB - dont know her height or weight but shes really small - i want to say around 4 ft and 50ish lbs... she wears size 7.

DS - 3 years old - FF Complete Air (RF'ed until almost 3 but had to turn him when the baby came home from the NICU for space reasons :(). At his last Dr.'s apt he was 32 lbs and i believe about 37 inches. He wears 3T

DD - 8.5 months but was born at 25 weeks so her adjusted age is about 5 months - Rf (obviously) in a snugride. Shes approximately 15lbs and wears 3-6 month clothes.


amylynne01 May 6th, 2013 06:52 PM

Re: On the market for a new convertible seat
Does your baby even fit in the CA? At that size, she might not. Babies are usually wearing 9 month onesies before fitting in it properly. You might be able to find a Diono R100 under $200, and she will definitely fit in that.

A Nautilus is not a good choice for a three across. It doesn't play with others. What about a Harmony Defender if you decide to buy for your DS? It has the same weight limits as the Nautilus but it's as narrow as a Radian. It's $99 at Walmart. Even a Evenflo Maestro would be good for your DS since he's light.

Sam914 May 7th, 2013 09:32 AM

Re: On the market for a new convertible seat
Good point, i havent tried her in it! I can hold off a little longer on getting it for her i'm just getting tired of the infant seat. Do you have thoughts on 2 CA's and a TB? The TB is only part time so it can be removed most of the time.

amylynne01 May 7th, 2013 05:44 PM

Re: On the market for a new convertible seat
It should work. The CA's are not super wide, and I think the Le Sabre is fairly generous. You can go to Babies R Us, take a second CA out, and try it. Try it in all combinations - booster in all three positions, CAs in all three positions RFing and FFing.

Actually, do you have a headrest in the middle seat for the low back booster? If not, booster must go outboard.

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