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MerinSun May 9th, 2013 09:35 PM

Which car seat to install FF outboard?
My Radians will not install RF behind the driver/passenger seat without the seat being pushed too far forward. So, our solution is to flip the car seat around and do FF behind the passenger seat for my 2 year old to ride in. Even with the angler I cannot see how it would give us enough room in either our Toyota or Jeep. We're going to wait to try it with the angler to be absolutely sure that we can't use the seat RF, but in the meantime I need to figure this out:

Which seat would be better for FF and outboard? I already have the Evenflo Symphony 65 e3 and it will install FF behind the passenger seat with the Radian in the middle RF. Which one has the better rating for SIP?

amylynne01 May 10th, 2013 11:33 AM

Re: Which car seat to install FF outboard?
There is no standard for SIP. Manufacturers can say they tested their seats and have the highest SIP, but they could throw a car seat against a wall and call it "tested". Since there are no federal standards for SIP, we can only assume that all seats have equal SIP.

Why not use the Symphony RFing until you have the angle adjuster? I am 95% certain the Radian will work with the angle adjuster in your vehicles. When you install it, push the front seat all the way up, and have two people available. One should be behind the car seat (between the car seat and the front seat you moved up), and the other should be tightening the belt/LATCH. The person in the back should be pushing the car seat towards the back of the vehicle, and the person at the belt should be putting weight on the car seat where the child's feet go. The Radian can go as upright as a child can handle. Some manufacturers put an upper limit of 30-35 degrees, but Diono does not have a restriction. It just has to be less than 45 degrees.

Have you also considered other seats besides the Radian? The Graco MySize/Size 4 Me/Headwise (same seat with different names at different retailers) is actually 4 inches taller than the Radian and sometimes fits better in tighter spaces. The Chicco Nextfit is 2 inches taller than the Radian and can fit better too. Both of them are available at Babies R Us and Target.

(I stalked your posts to find your vehicles: 2004 Jeep Liberty and a 2005 Toyota Corolla).

MerinSun May 10th, 2013 09:01 PM

Re: Which car seat to install FF outboard?
The Eveflo will also not fit RF behind a seat, only in the middle where the majority of the back of the seat fits between the front seats, lol.

We tried the Graco My Size and it also would not fit behind a seat. The other issue was that it was too wide to fit in next to our Evenflo. Our cars are RIDICULOUS. We bought the Toyota 2-3 years before we were even married and the Jeep we actually bought the year before I got pregnant. I thought the Jeep had PLENTY of room to hold a car seat. Now I know better.

We bought the Radians because they were the only seats that I could find that were narrow enough to fit next to our Evenflo and infant car seat in the middle seat. Otherwise we would have to install one behind the driver (see pushing seat too far up issue) and one behind the passenger seat.

Very. Very. Irritating.

I haven't had my second baby yet so we're still using the Evenflo RF in the middle seat for our toddler. I love my Evenflo! :)

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