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irish luck December 1st, 2013 08:50 PM

RadianXT booster with Latch?
Wondering if anyone could tell me when I use the Radian XT as a booster seat can I use the Latch system to keep it safe when he isn't in it? (without using the seatbelt)

We have a 2007 grand caravan

thank you so much for your advice (or direction to where I go to locate this info)

amylynne01 December 2nd, 2013 08:21 AM

Re: RadianXT booster with Latch?
Yes you can LATCH it in when used in booster mode.

Quick note for you. The RXT as a booster has a 50lb minimum and tends to fit for a very short amount of time. Since the belt guide does not adjust any higher than where it is, a child typically outgrows the seat in harness mode AND booster mode at the same time. My almost 6 year old will be outgrowing our Radians in less than a couple months, and she wears a size 5/6 shirt. Just want you to know that this is not a long lasting booster at all even though it's advertised to 120lbs and 57". Those limits are incredibly overinflated. :(

irish luck December 2nd, 2013 06:16 PM

Re: RadianXT booster with Latch?
Thank yoU!

crappy though on it not lasting long!

And on the 50 pound minimum..... Logan isn't 50 pounds yet. (He is only 45pounds)
:( I know some feel that he should stay in the car seat but he is starting to get teased. I figure making it to 6 in a 5 point harness is pretty good.

I got this car seat thinking of it would be great. I could never get the straps tight on my 1 year old (he was tiny) but figured it would eventually be a good booster seat for his brother. My Dh is going to love if we paid that much and never use it!! oops!

I need to read the manual

thanks again!

amylynne01 December 2nd, 2013 07:56 PM

Re: RadianXT booster with Latch?
He definitely can't use it as a booster then until he's 50lbs, and by then he may have outgrown it by height. Any chance of passing it down now since your younger one is older?

The recommended age to booster is somewhere between 5 and 6, typically closer to 6 for boys because they are less mature than girls. So you've done good keeping him harnessed so long! My almost 6 year old has been in a booster for a few months, but we harness her on long trips. We drove from MA to FL this summer, and she much preferred being in a harness so she didn't need to always worry about sitting still.

Let me know if you need any recommendations for seats! Boosters are generally inexpensive - you can get a great fitting one for around $50!

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