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doremi April 20th, 2010 12:30 AM

Emergency C-Section Sept. 2008
I was due with Josiah August 29, 2008. When I went to my dr.'s appt on Sept. 2nd, my blood pressure was high (and had been for the past two weeks). My doctor made the decision that we needed to head to the hospital for induction. They started pitocin at 4pm on Sept. 2nd, and broke my water at 6pm. I chose to labor naturally as long as possible, and made it to 9cm before getting an epi. I threw up right after the epi was inserted. I started pushing 30 minutes later, and things were going textbook perfect. I was fully dilated and a plus two station before I had any problems. Despite the fact that I was pushing really well, Josiah was not fitting through my pelvis. The doctor couldn't even get her fingers around his head to maneuver him. I pushed for 3 hours in a variety of positions, and he would not move. The doctor told me she did not feel comfortable doing a vacuum extraction, because of how tightly wedged he was. She didn't think the vacuum or forceps would be successful, and didn't want to risk having me tear badly and THEN have a c-section. We headed to the OR sometime after 4am on Sept. 3rd. They had turned my epi off when I was pushing, so by the time we headed to the OR, I was feeling all of my contractions again. They quickly started a second epi in the OR, which made me throw up again. I also developed a really bad case of the shakes on the OR table. When they tested to see if I was numbed up by pinching my stomach lightly with forceps, I could still feel what they were doing. This made me really nervous, because I had a huge fear of feeling pain during the c/s. They continued to test for a few minutes, and then the dr. told them that the epi wasn't going to work, and that I would need a spinal. They sat me up, and I was given the spinal. I was told by the doctor ahead of time that if the spinal didn't work, they would need to put me under for the c/s. The spinal worked, and they started the c/s before I even knew it was happening (they had been testing for pain prior to starting it). I smelled a slight smell of burning flesh, and heard a big gush, and then a bunch of "awwwwws" from the nurses followed by a cry. I remember turning to my DH and saying, "We're parents, can you believe it? Oh no! I feel like I'm going to throw up, help me!" I found out later that this was the point at which they quickly put me under. I had hemorrhaged and lost over 2 pints of blood, so it is not surprising that I felt nauseous. I was under for about 20 minutes while they finished the surgery and Josiah got his bath and footprints/weigh in taken care of. The next thing I remember is DH and my nurse standing next to me with Josiah, and taking our first family photos. Then I was wheeled slowly toward my recovery room with my little one following behind in his bassinet. I had a really tough five days post-op in the hospital, but that was mainly because of how anemic I was. If it hadn't have been for the anemia, I could have tolerated the pain of the c-section, and probably would have recovered much quicker. My next baby will be a planned c-section because they told me that my chances of delivering successfully vaginally were only about 20% based on how my labor went the last time. Josiah was born on Sept. 3rd 2008 at 5:34 am after 13.5 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, 2 epis, a spinal, and a c-section. He was 7lbs 5oz, 20 inches long, and totally worth everything I went through!

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